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  1. Rob Baillie

    Sold-Michelin Pilot Super Sport 255/35/19

    Hi Tom. Did you sell these? thanks. Rob
  2. Rob Baillie

    1M price

    Hi all. Can anyone shed some light on the current 1M pricing. How much are they? cheers Rob
  3. Rob Baillie

    BMW Rechargable Glovebox Flashlight

    Hi. Do you have the rectangle shaped charging socket inside the glove box?
  4. Rob Baillie

    BMW Rechargable Glovebox Flashlight

    no longer fits my current car. The battery is flat, but I will find someone with a suitable car to charge it. $50 ono Thanks for looking
  5. Rob Baillie

    New Genuine BMW wheels for F30

    I've got a mate in Tauranga with a used set of F30 M Sport 18". May sell them if you're interested.
  6. Rob Baillie

    FS OEM BMW 19 225 Wheels

    Hi Eric. Yes, SOLD. cheers
  7. Rob Baillie

    M3 E9x OEM 19" Alloy Wheels

    Hi. please see trade me listing # 873021959 $1200 or $2500 with conti sport rubber. cheers.Rob. 0274773340
  8. Rob Baillie

    WTB: E92 4Door M3 / F30 335i

    how about blue. Check out mine on TM. Mint car. cheers
  9. Rob Baillie

    NEW Msport iPhone 6 case $20 - not available on TM

    Hey Richard. I will take that. Rob. 0274773340. Cheers
  10. Rob Baillie

    M3 V8 E90. Individual Monte Carlo Blue

    sold to a great guy in Christchurch.
  11. Thanks for that. What is the ETD. I had better get on flee bay & find some wheels.
  12. That sounds fantastic. I'm after a set of M359 19" M3 competition alloys. What do think the freight would be? cheers
  13. Rob Baillie

    M359 alloys for 1M & M3 Comp. Pac.

    Hi. Looking for some of these for my E90 M3. 19" . Copies may be OK. thanks. Rob. 0274773340
  14. Rob Baillie

    WTB: E92 Front Licence Plate Holder

    Hey Krish. I saw one on Trademe this morning. check listing # 789613962 cheers
  15. Rob Baillie

    FS: NGK Spark Plugs (Iridium or Laser) 15%-25%-50% discounts!

    Hi. quote please for 8x NGK LKR8AP Platinum for 2011 BMW M3 4.0 or upgrade to 8x NGK LKAR8AI-9 Iridium. thanks. Rob