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  1. Same, Paypal generally just sides with the buyer right away so I can't see it being a problem for you.
  2. Installed my coilovers today. Decided to go with the Solo Werks S1 coilovers. They had many good reviews, basically labeled the best of the cheap "entry-level" coilovers so decided to give them a shot. I was quite happy when I received them, they included lubricant for the threads and an instruction manual was that specifically for the e36. For $500usd coilovers I though that was a nice touch. While there I also installed new top mounts and installed the reinforcement plates front and rear. Here is how it sits after a quick 10 minute drive. I've got a track day next weekend at Pukekohe so going to be driving it a bit until then to make sure everything is good. Will report back on how the coilovers feel.
  3. I recently did some diff bushes using some exhaust tube, some thick metal plate and a threaded rod with nuts. Worked perfectly. I don't imagine it should be any different for the control arms. Let me know if you want more details.
  4. Agreed, purple tag makes a massive difference.
  5. Looks like it might be the same size. I'm happy for you to take it and then just throw it away if it's no use, otherwise I will probably do the same. I am in Auckland.
  6. Is it the same as a 328i one? If so you can have mine for free.
  7. Thanks Dave, I can appreciate that.
  8. Since I live my life a quarter mile at a time I decided to upgrade my neons. This new setup uses led strips with 60 leds per meter, as opposed to my old setup which used 30 leds per meter (now twice as bright so twice the street cred). The led strips are addressable meaning you make make then do all kinds of stuff not even seen in the new Need for Speed. I put together the whole thing custom including the wiring harness (and no, I won't sell you one because I don't want anyone stealing my thunder (or should I say lightening) at a car meet). The end result is this: NFS-final.mp4 Also a final shot showing off the interior lights as well which are hooked up to turn on when the doors open.
  9. I am super keen to see this come together. Will be following.
  10. Seatbelt Solutions on Industry Rd in Penrose. Roger who runs it is a good guy, will tell you everything you need and has all the brackets, doubler plates etc. Otherwise I also have a pair of e30 buckles I can sell you for $30 (what I paid) if you want to go that way.
  11. Probably just down to the classic open to interpretation/no universal standard approach that is so common here.
  12. I thought so too but both certifiers I spoke to said no.
  13. Thanks but that's actually a bit sloppy. I've been out of practice for about a year. But lucky it was as fast as it was huh. Yeah I did. What actually happened is I was thinking "He should be in front by now" so I decided to check, next thing I know I see red going across my interior mirror. Put me off a bit and I ran a 15 something time, haha. NZKW as well. Just be aware if you want to do this and want to certify it, you will also need to get new web clamped seat belts with matching buckles, and mount the buckles to the tunnel using doubler plates.
  14. I agree, I couldn't ask for better fitment with the stock arches. I'm going to try achieve the same look with the 9s and the arches I'm going to make.
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