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  1. robmartyn

    Another 335i Coupe

    Took it for a drive around Auckland. This 650s is still on Trade Me. Friend of mine had black 12C before (you can see it on my other posts) and ordered 675LT. Should be arriving in Auckland in December.
  2. robmartyn

    Another 335i Coupe

    We took this puppy for a drive few weeks ago.
  3. robmartyn

    Another 335i Coupe

    Few more shots of my 335
  4. robmartyn

    Another 335i Coupe

    Best color as well i think.
  5. robmartyn

    Another 335i Coupe

    Picked up from Team McMillan in Auckland.
  6. robmartyn

    E60 Touring, E36 & McLaren :)

    haha no. the wagon is mine, Mac belongs to a friend of mine
  7. robmartyn

    E60 Touring, E36 & McLaren :)

    Yeah. I will be tinting windows and thinking of putting spacers in the wagon as well. Bought it 2 months ago so still few things to do, got the wheels and black grills straight away tho
  8. robmartyn

    E60 Touring, E36 & McLaren :)

    Little road trip
  9. few more pictures that i found of John's e36. Real bargain guys, super tidy, well look after example.
  10. robmartyn

    Looking for M5 19" wheels e60

    i know they're not cheap. but can't find anything i like at the local mag shops and not many originals on trade me either.
  11. robmartyn

    Looking for M5 19" wheels e60

    Hi. I'm looking for M5 19" wheels for BMW e60
  12. Yeah i live in Bayswater so you would see it around Taka
  13. Austrian brand Ta-Tehnix, fitted and wheel alignment done by Platinum Wheels on the North Shore.
  14. Thanks. not sure where Monsoon Poon is but yeah i was in the City Saturday Night. Parked under the bridge outside Carpark Bar. is that where you saw it?