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  1. Dave@nz

    Badly written off E46 M3 Cab

    I Like it how they have supplied a pallet with the for sale, just pity the pallet is also broken.
  2. Dave@nz

    E30 M3 EVO SPORT

    Hi John, Yes interesting like it has fallen off the radar haven’t herd a peep about it since it sold (confirmed) just hope the new owner is in NZ and gets it out and about.
  3. Dave@nz

    E30 M3 EVO SPORT

    Hi, Does anyone know what happened to this car did it leave the country like the last Sport Evo.
  4. They look real nice in real life and they did a good job of the leather seats, just a shame the 2.3L did not turn out to be collectable in comparison to the Sierra Cosworth or the M3. The 2.5 Evo2 is just sublime. https://mercedesheritage.com/mb-heritage/3546 http://www.autozine.org/Archive/Mercedes/classic/190E.html
  5. Dave@nz

    87 M535I E28 Stalling/Idol issue

    I would start at the battery terminals make sure they are tight. Doubt scanning will reveal anything probably the computer system will most likely not have the capability. If you manage to get it running at home and it is missing dying connect a timing light to any plug lead and watch for light going out momentarily when missing to indicate electrical problem, if it is dying out and light still steady strobe then worn out fuel pump would be my pick.
  6. Price seems to be going up, doesn’t look like any thing else has changed. The front seat bolsters have been replaced which is unusual would expect them to last 200k plus.
  7. Hi, I would like to buy the black and grey Houndstooth front door cards in mint condition for an E30 coupe. Thanks.
  8. What surprised me is the seat bolsters have been changed possibly worn out. Plenty of patina under the engine bay does not have the refreshed anything look, a jolly good clean would make a world of difference.
  9. Dave@nz

    NZ AFM rebuilders?

    No need to pay someone follow this video can not go wrong did mine works like new now.
  10. Dave@nz

    E30 M3 values?

    The last one I seen on trade me early last year was 1987 Diamantschwarz 50K straight off the boat from Japan and had standard e30 rear seat and it sold quite quick, so that would be around the minimum price would be my estimate. Seen one sold at auction in Japan recently for 42,000 usd and had xx on both front guards and bonnet indicating previous repair work, and from what I have seen of the prices 42k usd would be a good average of the auction price.
  11. Dave@nz

    E30 M3 sport Evo 1990

    Having all the original parts to return it to its original condition is where the money is, that way being L/H drive again makes it desirable to world wide market.
  12. Dave@nz

    Getrag rattle?

    It seems to have some sort of exhaust issue, possibly some is leaking out and not making it out of the tail pipe. as for rattle over filling with oil helps.
  13. Dave@nz

    Who knows about air-con?

    Hi If you don’t have orings I use a kit like this in the link from ebay, you will also need correct r134a oil to lube the orings. I would treat it like replace every accessible oring in your system, replace the R/Dryer add about 20 mills of new oil in to the system while you have the pipes undone. Best practice would be add some R134a then about 250 psi of nitrogen in the system and leak check it with a leak tester or paint brush and dish washing liquid bubbles. Other wise recharge as normal and leak check it, unless it is a large leak it won’t show up while vacuum the system, the slow annoying leaks never get found this way and always require filling to locate them. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Assortment-Green-Seal-F12-NBR-R134a-HNBR-O-ring-Set-for-A-C-Repair-220PCS-New-/261634709271?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_15&hash=item3ceaa4d717&vxp=mtr http://www.ebay.com/itm/SANTECH-PREMIUM-VISCOSITY-ISO-PAG-100-FRIGE-OIL-UV-DYE-8oz-COMPRESSOR-R134-A-C-/371355831467?hash=item5676884cab&vxp=mtr
  14. Dave@nz

    Sport Evo - E30 M3

    Hi, What happened to this M3, just hope it remains in NZ.
  15. Dave@nz

    Sport Evo - E30 M3

    In theory converting back is not to difficult mechanically and electrics but trying to get it legally registered back on the road in l/h drive that would take some doing.