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  1. Family Wagon

    Group N oil restrictor s50b30

    +1 - I've been meaning to get one for my S50B30 for a while too. if not available locally we could maybe look at a group buy from overseas?
  2. Family Wagon

    Remapped 550i anyone?

    When you move your shifter to the left into manual mode that puts it in sport mode. It should say DS in your dash display, and it'll be sport auto. That makes it hold gears for longer (and keeps it out of 6th gear), quicker kick down and throttle response and seems to sharpen steering. If you're manually shifting it stays in sport mode but locked in whatever gear you pick. My E61 has active steering option so I'm not sure if that increases sport mode effect on steering.
  3. Family Wagon

    Remapped 550i anyone?

    Yep +1 on Joe @ EuroSurgeon, he did Bluetooth and iPod interface on my E61 550i and it works well. I already had NZ Satnav from dealer but I could use a newer maps DVD (I guess I need to talk to Joe). Re performance, I agree about the tune, possibly not a lot to gain, if anything, if local tuners like Gavin aren't playing with them much. The N62B48 headers look ok to me and not much space to do much with in there. Most people seem to just do cat back exhausts, for sound as much as anything. One thing I've found annoying is the ultra sleepy throttle response (for economy) when not in sport mode and a lot of guys put interceptor modules on the drive by wire to sharpen it up - like Pedal Booster or Sprint Booster. It'd feel great but you'd probably end up using heaps of gas.
  4. Family Wagon

    70's BMW 2002 Wanted

    I've PMd
  5. Family Wagon

    WTB Manual E46 M3

    Ok, yes you never know. Sometimes when the buyer digs into finance + insurance the offer turns to custard. Good luck!
  6. Family Wagon

    WTB Manual E46 M3

    I noticed a white one in Tauranga with manual - listing 1112506942
  7. Family Wagon

    10mm wheel spacers e36

    I have 10mm spacers on the M3 track car currently but they are flat and don't have the hub centric ring so don't leave a lot of hub exposed to support the wheel. I suspect they won't pass upcoming cert inspection (and not good for track work) so I'm looking for a set with hub centric ring. Geoff, can you PM me about costs / etc for your 15mm spacers?
  8. Family Wagon

    E36 Track Splitter

    Looks really nice Daniel, Any idea what this setup weighs? Do you use it with the factory motorsport front lip or will it fit with or without that lip?
  9. Family Wagon

    Ultra Racing Strut Brace

    Sorry for late comment, just noticed this thread. I have Ultra Racing Bars fitted to front and rear struts in my E36 M3. Fit was good in E36, and they are stiff and I found them good value IMO. Seem less flexy than the common three piece aluminium ones. I also have X brace (subframe), which like gjm said arguably has more impact. I think braces are most important for track work and particularly if running semi slicks and uprated suspension and loading up the struts. Not sure they'd be as noticeable for street.
  10. Family Wagon

    WTB: E36 LTW rear wing (replica is ok)

    Wow, that's cheap Hans. Does that include the steel mount brackets or does it bolt into the standard lip? Also does it arrive unpainted so you'll just need to throw some paint on it?
  11. Family Wagon

    WTB: E36 LTW rear wing (replica is ok)

    That wing looks pretty good Daniel, thanks for the info. The Abrahams is Polyurethane I think, so do you know if there's any weight difference? Hans, I've been told it's the MSNZ regs now and I believe it may mainly relate to airbag delete cars. I've taken out the airbag of course for race wheel etc. An 8 point is good practise in any case, but attaching to the front strut does make things more fiddly around fuse box, brake booster and also heater box for the cross bar under dash. No problem if you are doing a bare bones race car but not so great if you want to retain some street car comforts and do things cheap.
  12. Family Wagon

    WTB: E36 LTW rear wing (replica is ok)

    Ahh nice. Who's doing your cage? I've found it to be less straight forward than I expected due to needing to go 8-point for regs and having to move and/or delete some stuff I was hoping to keep standard. Can't wait to get it done though!
  13. Family Wagon

    WTB: E36 LTW rear wing (replica is ok)

    Mmm some nice stuff there and those LTWs look nice. I have some other items to fund currently (including roll cage) so my LTW will have to wait. Good luck sourcing yours. I'd love to see some pics when on!
  14. Family Wagon

    WTB: E36 LTW rear wing (replica is ok)

    Hi Hans, I'm looking for E36 LTW too, though its not urgent. Where were you planning to bring one in from and what approx cost have you found?
  15. Family Wagon

    WTB: 325i/328i manual E36

    I notice there's a manual 328i with basic track prep on Trademe for 4.5k. Not sure if it is Connor's. My link insertion is not working sorry... listing # 1000106173