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  1. Few people at work muttering around the e-bikes and whatnot, one got a 6k pedly, might be a few L to pay off that! Motorcycle tipped over the 40$ mark to fill this week, still gives two weeks of commute though, not the greatest in the rain though... Brand new ranger at work, still felt like it was years behind my e70... Sales pitch must be like, 'is ute, is ford, sold'
  2. These are strange economic times we live in. Seems like pricing on so many different things is getting so far distant from what the cost of said thing is. The oligopolies and taxation seem hard at play for fuel pricing. But in contrast to many things, incentivizing less driving is of benefit to wider society, reduce congestion on the road, free up our time from commuting, help the polar bears. I don't see much likelihood of what has driven the pricing up being reversed either, sure there might be some reductions in the overall upwards trend, but as Julian said, $1000 per tank is probably on the horizon, sh*t I'm a quarter of the way there already with the X5.
  3. I haven't done the suspension on mine yet, done wheels and manual conversion though (would recommend LSD too). Wheels are Style 194s powder coated bronze, 17s with a bit of stretch on the rear to account for the staggered widths. Gearbox is a G220 with a single mass flywheel, it's a cheaper box but seems good for the stock M52b28 engine, clutch I got is a bit heavy so might be something to watch for.
  4. Like others, I see the main environmental challenge to Hydrogen in its production, not its distribution and consumption, but the private car market is massive so I'm sure it's prudent for technology to develop on the other aspects of the problem. Also worth noting, just because it is Hydrogen, and electric motors, doesn't mean it's all about the environment. Hydrogen power density is huge, as are electric drivetrains, batteries let down the system. 100kg gets you 250kW out of the fuel cell, add another 150kg of motors and drives gets you a good megawatt of power to the road, another 100 for supercaps and battery buffer to hit the motor peak power, 50kg for a hydrogen storage tank and you probably got 1000km of range. 1:1:1 kw to kg to km-range? Pretty sure there's a market for that despite hydrogen being the fuel, hell, if you had to juice dolphins for the tank I'd expect there'd still be a market... Is it any more of a disaster than other ship fires? I get that lithium fires are pretty hard to put out, but do they release more harmful gases etc than anything else?
  5. Be interested to see how you get on, bought a very similar 95 328 about 6 years ago for 4.5k. One of the bugbears I've had with mine is it is OBD1 rather than OBD2, so that could be a selling point, as is the nice wing, rims, msport suspension/seats and paintwork.
  6. tawa

    M54b30 Rebuild

    Haha, I'm still a ways off it yet, gotta clear out a few other projects, and save up some coin...
  7. tawa

    M54b30 Rebuild

    Good stuff guys, I have an M54B30 in my garage awaiting a rebuild so shall watch for any tips and trick here
  8. I think it's the potential fatigue of the top mount chassis steel. I wonder if you'd get further with a cage that mounts to the shocks, to spread the load away from the thin chassis steel.
  9. I've found the Rheingold ISTA to be fairly easy to instal and such. But I haven't done heaps in ISTA, I mostly use NCSexpert and INPA to be more useful for the detailed stuff on E series.
  10. ARM seems fairly overkill for this sort of thing? I'd expect a keypad to get very tedious very quickly, I'd prefer a normal key over a keypad...
  11. I haven't found the arduino gear too bad for simple stuff, probably be more trusting of that than my coding and wiring and put a bypass in just in case! Yeh I can see how the prox stuff would be preferable, I have it in my X5 but I wouldn't recommend that particular system it as it is more complicated and expensive than most. Haven't had any experience with modules etc. For the Prox stuff, my X5 does it all with just one button and it seems to work really well. Door handles have a switch on open (pull handle to unlock it, then again to open) and a cap button to push to lock them. One push to start car if you have a foot on the brake If foot not on brake, one push to turn on ACC, second to turn on IGN Turn off requires two presses, one to turn the engine off and another to turn off car - this is probably the one I'd change to just turn everything off I think for my projects I'd like the ACC and IGN outputs, along with a general purpose one to run a small motor to open a door, for inputs it'd be the switch/button and brake/clutch pedals, and maybe one more for a mode switch.
  12. I have a bunch of bits sitting on my electronics work bench, plan is to do pretty much the same on my bikes and e36 as well. They're PN532 breakout boards and Arduiny Nano's, works with common passive tags, just reads the Tag ID, that can be used for the security part. The Nano can be programmed for whatever digital outputs are required. My plan was to have it in the drivers door as well, and run different tags to open and lock it, similarly for the ignition one tag to start and one to turn it off (figured I'd tap into the brake and clutch sensors, ie, if clutch is in it runs the starter, if brake or clutch it turns on the ignition, if none it just turns ACC on). Anyway, keen to collab on this if you want to do the electronics... I can send you some hardware and tags with an example program if it is what you're after?
  13. It's done, working mint with the extra space, though maps are ongoing since I didn't have working maps to start with, more details in the thread below.
  14. Regarding infrastructure, it could be of benefit for Distributed Generation, having potential storage at point of consumption and possibly generation there too, or at least having controllable loads to smooth the consumption curve and charge direct from DG during surplus production. Just managed to get mine within 5km (by walking trail), now the buggers are planning to shift it an extra 20km away through major traffic... Now what? Build new again, look for other employment? Hopefully I'll get some working from home options...
  15. Purchased a E70 xDrive35 last year, $200 to fill will comfortably get me 600km... So I've been considering this very issue frequently, and using my motorcycle where possible, which gets about twice the km/L. I think the reducing the kms travelled is the biggest difference you can make. Not an option for everyone obviously, but with working form home options becoming more of a thing after covid that certainly helps, and just planning trips wisely...
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