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  1. Jeez those goal posts were moved so fast I'm starting to suspect you handled Eden Park's transformation for the Six60 gig.
  2. I get that you're lampooning me, but seeing as the 130i/6 was literally the last atmo inline 6 with a manual gearbox that bmw produced, I don't think I'm wrong in saying that kiwi new versions of the format will be highly prized in future.
  3. I raised the NZ new point because there were only so many kiwi new manual 130i's (17? Ask Jacko), so it stands to reason that they're going to follow the stratospheric rise of similar cars as they age - may as well get in early. Bimmersport members in 2040 will be shitting themselves that they didn't pick up this bargain before they were worth 64K 😂
  4. You've got the wrong attitude when it comes to the stuff comments section. Roleplaying a former Gloriavale church member in the comments section got me through a deskjob 2009-2013.
  5. Picked up my new seats... And bought some Throwing Stars 😎
  6. Pros: Full PDC / Kiwi new / no iDrive. Cons: No xenons / 223000km / silver.
  7. Any ideas on what year the seat heating buttons got integrated into the climate control?
  8. leichtbau

    3 Pedal 130

    Bloody hell, didn't even see that for sale, would have snapped it up. I can't stand the shape of the factory one, so the ZHP or MPerf knobs are the ticket - just comes down to your preference. A left field choice would be the illuminated 6spd E60 M5 knob. Drill a hole through the plastic gear boot locating ring and thread the wires through, then tap into the brown and blue wires in the centre console.
  9. How much for the shocks and muffler?
  10. leichtbau

    1998 Alpina B3

    Paint those lower panels or I'll paint them for you. I was seriously against removing the M3 mirrors, but I actually quite like it! Go wide M3 door trim to match the bumpers as well.
  11. Rear head rests were an option. Code 498. The rear stop light is an interesting issue - the E30 parcel tray with integrated stoplight was introduced for the 1990 model year, but cars registered in New Zealand after Jan 1990 had to have them, so you've got the '89 build date cars without the parcel tray light, like the Alpina M325i on trademe, which was an 04/89 build, but wasn't registered in NZ until 01/90, so required the dealer fit high stop light. Recent mt2 cars up for sale - CLZ241 - parcel tray light / no dealer light LIV3 - no parcel tray light / no dealer light PR6499 - parcel tray light / dealer light RM5295 - no parcel tray light / no dealer light PY7742 - no parcel tray light / dealer light PA3330 - parcel tray light / no dealer light
  12. Black headliner is all you need to see - everything else M325i specific could be optioned or dealer retrofitted.
  13. One of the first four M325i's into NZ, all of them Polaris Silver 1986 models. Note the 14" weaves they all originally came on. Of the other three, we all know Hybrid's car, another of them lived in Melbourne with a sister tec-1 UK 325i Sport (now since sold and replaced by an E30 M3 (s14m325i on instagram). The third is coming up to 550xxx KM (!).
  14. Wow that's stunning!
  15. The last 3.8 for sale was up at $70K, no chance you're getting one for less than six figures now.
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