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  1. Feel free to explain further.
  2. Southern Specialists have sold M cars in the past for the Chch dealer principal, I'd just ask them if he used to own it. They're usually cost no object cars when he owns them, so a fairly low chance of finding any demons if that's the case. Just my experience with another M5 that they sold. DCH would be the go-to in chch I believe, there's usually plenty of M3's and M5's parked out the front.
  3. Wow what a spec! Congrats.
  4. Are you considering buying it to flip? I want the wheels and diff…
  5. The Macca GT3X ripping past the Flint Wall was absolutely epic, reminds me of Rod Millen's mad run in the Tacoma Pike Peak way back when. I reckon the Sauber C9 probably could have gone 3-4 secs quicker, but massive risk v reward there. Most impressive might have actually been the dirty old HRT Commodore?! Any excuse to post Kenny Brack in 19R:
  6. Extremely well priced imho… Anyone got an S62 and 6spd lying about 🤔
  7. leichtbau

    E46 330i Touring

    Big improvement! I think 68's are the lightest 17" wheel BMW ever made.
  8. Must be something in the air, I was following a slammed Silverstone one on SH1 this morning (hilariously sh*t picture attached). Edit: @balancerider did you take a picture 3km up the road..?
  9. What is the Fxx 4 piston area compared to the e8x 6 pistons, mm-wise? I've got a free day tomorrow to do some brake bias calculations wrt the 135i 2 piston rear.
  10. Will be doing the big banana upgrade on my E87, just so I'm getting this correct: F - 135i calipers / rotors / pads R - 135i calipers / BMP 130i rotors / 135i pads Plus coding for brake balance. I remember mucking around with the BMWP 6 piston brembo caliper in 2011 and wondering what the weights were for; run them on the calipers or not? Has anyone weighed the calipers out of interest?
  11. Sounds like @martyyyn has purchased.
  12. @Ghost Chip suddenly has one spare…
  13. Just some intel for everyone's reference!
  14. Now THAT is a survivor! Really cool to see this car still around - that's a Pfeba "Aero" kit, was an aftermarket accessory available from the BMW dealer parts department back in the day, pre m-technic E36 bumpers.
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