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  1. Tradies who charge both a mileage rate AND an hourly fee for the travel time. You can have one or the other, not both.
  2. EVO32i - got it first try ? Spotted Jerry in his freshly painted 635csi this arvo, looked pimp on the Alpina's and the exhaust was very purposeful.
  3. The one with the red leather interior? Was for sale about six months too early for me, but yea, early 30’s and went quickly. Another steel grey one on KW V3’s and factory 18’s went for early 30’s too, also well priced.
  4. OOooooo that sucks. Rear 3/4 damage will push it over the edge, p/n 41217152663 isn't a small piece of metal!
  5. It's a bit of a weird one - the car is a 10/87 build, but has every option the kiwi MT2 cars ended up getting, like maplight mirror, slippery diff, sport seats etc, except for the spoiler pack, obviously. The first kiwi MT2 car I know of had a 12/87 build, so maybe it was an assessment vehicle for BMWNZ? You also couldn't actually buy a non MT2 325i coupe in 89/90 either, so maybe it just occupies the time line between MT1 and MT2 being available. I guess if it's got a black headliner then it counts as genuine?? It just had the front and rear MT2 bumpers when it had the 2.8.
  6. Now that's a throw back! A bs member used to own it way back when. Wonder if it's still got the 2.8 in it? Mileage is probably closer to 360K than 260K as well.. It's not technically an "m325i" though, and the kit wasn't added until around 2005 or so.
  7. This one was in Chch... The white 323i is for sale in France, the Black 323i that got upgraded to a 325i (#23) is in Australia and the black 325i (#25) is in NZ.
  8. 18 10 0 443 576, 18 10 0 208 802 was the supersession.
  9. leichtbau


    Wayback machine worth a check? Fairly savvy of them to delete the thread wasn't it.
  10. leichtbau

    E46 330ci Manual

    Yep, that interior looks a special place to be! The gear knob matching the piano trim looks awesome. Have you thought about caramel boots?
  11. How much was the amp and wiring Matt?
  12. That top photo is awesome! The style 32's look bloody good at that width on an E36.
  13. Mildly off topic, but did any one pick up that 118d absolutely dripping in BMW Performance fruit? Had the wheels, full bodykit, carbon interior trim, steering wheel, gear lever and handbrake.
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