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  1. Ah okay, thanks for that. There must be something in the AC waters, Simon van Velthoven from Emirates Team NZ has got a black 635csi on a nice set of BBS alloys. Will have to snap a pic next time it's at the base.
  2. The E87 shape lends itself well to Japanese wheels. Car is looking M I N T.
  3. Oh my lord, the perfect E87! 135i front bumper is a really nice touch. She a keeper Ray?
  4. Nice one! I've really believed in gearbox and diff ratio massaging ever since seeing the Mines R34 GTR absolutely molest Tsukuba with "only" 600hp, there's tangible real world benefits to shifting away from the galactic ratios BMW offered from factory.
  5. Meisterschaft GTC or Eisenmann Race are god tier noises. Akrapovic Titanium if your pockets are deep.
  6. Back for sale https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/bmw/m3/listing/2981127711
  7. Spotted Gerry in a Fiji Green 318iS that wasn't his racecar. Greedy!
  8. A range of open source information, and far too much time spent collating the data.
  9. Bronzit over brown 4dr with a 4spd(!) and keep-fit windows. Hold me back! Edit: This bronze bomber represents superior value https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/bmw/318/listing/2976494409
  10. Criminal! Are your seat inserts the same "over the top" shambles? You've already got new material (from ASC?) so why not soak it in some solvents like acetone or dry cleaning fluid and see what happens. Of the five F2AT cars I know of in NZ, none survive. Yours got a re-trim, another was retrimmed to red(!) one is a racecar, and the other two have been written off. Such a shame.
  11. Did some digging on the LSB hard tops, further to what @M3_Power said; 2x NZ new cars, 2x Japan cars, one of which was the 14th ever E46 M3 produced - a 08/2000 build pre-production example, and another 2x cars that might have had a "respray." Think the rarest colours in NZ would have to be the sole Oxford Green example (RIP) and the Estoril Blue one.
  12. Are E81 door cards compatible with E82/E88 versions?
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