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  1. As an aside, it's very obvious as to who has and who hasn't worked in the panel trade whenever "repaired" cars like this come up for sale.
  2. @KwS made four posts on the first page actually, and only one of them could be construed as conjecture, the rest were excellently raised points in the context of a "for sale" thread on a forum, especially when the information given by the seller was less than crystal clear.
  3. I heard a similar thing in the High Court of New Zealand once, the presiding judge described council's argument as "very deleterious to your case."
  4. lol wut? The all alloy 1UZ is widely regarded as a brilliant V8. 6 bolt mains and oversquare bore further cements its credentials.
  5. E28 looks STUNNING on those Typ2 splitties! Can't wait to see the kit on as well.
  6. It's all the same part sharing really, see https://www.bimmerworld.com/About-Us/F30-M-Sport-Brakes/ Genuinely surprised to see that the retrofit kits run a differently sized disc and pad for the same caliper though, but you can run the same larger discs and pads in the S2NH option blue calipers, as the caliper and mount is the same. I'd be shocked if there wasn't multitudes of off the shelf pads on offer if you ran the brembo caliper part number past a competent brake specialist, some proper two piece rotors and not bmw pads would be a great option instead of getting tucked for stock garbage at the stealership, but that's a thread for another day.
  7. Not an isolated event with the F30 "blues" unfortunately, a friend had exactly the same experience.
  8. M539 on youtube should be essential viewing for anyone taking the plunge.
  9. Would be keen to hear some real world experience from owners of the post 2009 N47's with regards to whether the timing chain / EGR / wastegate issues are over inflated or not.
  10. The description on the trademe mobile app differs significantly from the desktop version.
  11. Top 10 photos taken moments before disaster.
  12. Good, so we're all agreed. We should return to the gold standard.
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