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  1. it was necessary because 99.9% of people a lot of them on these forums have far from realistic expectations of such vehicles and if you don't say it has such wear and tear people tend to think its some form of bargaining tool. It is hand on heart the most complete near perfect example i have seen in NZ and i challenge anyone to show me better
  2. http://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-832982702.htm
  3. MY bad it is a range not tolerances i just couldn't think of the word at the time. I will do a bit of homework over the break, most of the springs i have come across don't lower the car enough for me hence why i thought perhaps a coil over maybe a better option. I have got a few guys who race fairly seriously and are always tinkering and fine tuning with Suspension setups so i may have a talk with them soon and see what they suggest
  4. Hey guys, iv already done all the bushed throughout and put in adjustable sway bar into the front had the wheel alignment done 3 times finally right after the 3rd attempt as the guy seemed to think a 318 coupe and an m3 had the same tolerances lol. It handles well but still slightly soft for my liking it has fresh bilstein shocks and springs i got made in Chch. Maybe I'm expecting to much from doing a bit of circuit racing previously in. I do like things Low and fairly firm in happy to sacrifice a bit of comfort for that. Maybe i will try get it up on the hoist again and see if theres anything ov missed
  5. Wanting to get some coil overs for my m3 get it handling a bit better, wanting to get your feedback on the good/bad etc etc looking at BC or Yellowspeeds at the moment. Any help would be appreciated
  6. Hi guys was talking to another bmw enthusiast during the week he has a Z3 m coupe and just purchased a black e39 M5 he's mean to have a meet up somewhere one day and go for a run
  7. be a pretty tight squeeze on a e36?? would look sick
  8. What sort of bank for the style 5s
  9. Yea I'm lucky enough to have had the opportunity to drive many M cars and lots of e46 m3 and yes your right quite amazing how unique each individual car is.
  10. Hi there, no its a Hong kong new car 1 nz owner previous to me
  11. Yea she's a pretty good car, Took that phoenix yellow 46 M3 for a drive from marcs cars, its a pretty good car, good history etc etc but something just didn't feel right with it, Felt flat compared to others iv driven.
  12. Im in Dunedin, Yep they are staggered look great, few we bits of minor kerbing but still look tidy
  13. Hi guys considering selling my e36 m3 sedan in Dakar yellow, 3 Litre only travelled 57800 genuine kms recent work includes All new bushings in front end and new whiteline adjustable sway bar new cobra lowering springs, Immaculate interior and exterior very well kept and sure to appreciate in value, only considering selling to get a E46 m3 would love to keep both but not realistic at the moment. looking for $21K. Thanks Jarred
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