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  1. So, acquired this 316i compact this time last year to use for autocrosses, and to slowly build into a clubsport car instead of using the m3. Havent really done much with it over the last year, apart from sorting a few wee issues for a wof and picked up some e46 15” alloys with new tyres for $150. But last week that changed to have it ready for an autocross in the weekend,. So was a mad rush to get everything done, but managed to pull it off after a few late nights. First thing to address was the rear end as it was horrible to drive at 100kms and all over the show. So got a replacement rear end from a z3 to refresh while keeping the car movable, and to replace the rear drum brakes with discs. So ordered poly bushes all round, raised subframe bushes to dial out some camber, weld in brackets and ecentric bolts for adjustable camber and toe, and some reinforcing plates for diff mounts and trailing arms mounts, and braided brake lines from garagistic. So after getting a mate to weld them in, I removed the old bushes, new ones fitted and subframe painted it was ready to swap over, which had a few issues. Turns out the z3 use a different handbrake cable and hard line on the arms. So had to find some replacements since the original ones wouldn’t work, which slowed things down. So while held up with that I swapped the suspension over to bilstein shocks and springs with reinforcement plates, 328i front calipers and rotors and what brake lines that I could. Luckily the local wreaked had the bits so was able to get the rear end finished, brakes bled and ready for its booked wof on Friday by 12.30 Thursday night. Saturdays job was to strip out everything on the rear and remove the tow bar ready for the autocross. Was a good day out and the car was great to drive finally! Nice and tight. So next one is on the first of November...so figured that was plenty of time to do an engine swap, and on Tuesday night started to strip a few bits ready to come. Finished work early Yesterday afternoon and it was out, taken away, replacement picked up, new poly engine mounts fitted, box bolted on and all in place by 10.30pm. So is now sporting a m52b25 with a sc14 blower bolted on the side running a speedino computer, which you may have seen arron selling not too long ago. So today spent and hour or sorting the loom out, and getting some new fuel lines and heater hoses ready to connect. Hoping to get some time on it tomorrow but will see how i get on for time.
  2. Hi all, on the hunt for a medium case lsd for my compact project. Ideally after a 3.46 ratio chairs
  3. checked the m3’s spark plugs to see if I was running the ngk Pkr7a before buying some new ones if I wasn’t, but I was already. So Thought I might as well check them all out for any issues. Turns out two weren’t even hand tight and were getting some blow by. So thought that was my issue but it was not. Does have some more power though!
  4. I’m also still chasing the issue with mine with the odd hiccup on idle and that weird miss/flat spot on WOT around 2-3k. I Need to do a vacuum leak test first, but the exhaust camshaft sensor, or knock sensors can cause issues without a fault being brought up. So that’s my next step to replace all knock, cam and crank sensors since O2, TPS and MAF have been tried.
  5. Was that the one in ashburton? Looked like a good buy!
  6. Haha Ahhh yes. Photos do it good justice then!
  7. Is a real tidy black one with Vader’s in Invercargill for the same money and less kms on the bmw buy sell page on the book
  8. Looks good! Im about to start down a similar path now too
  9. Happy coincidence I’m afraid. As you mentioned prices are sky rocketing, so would like to replace mine since it’s cracked around the door lock puller upper knobby dealy to get new it looking mint as possable
  10. Got a mint drivers black leather one you wanna part with?
  11. Finally assembled the engine crane I’ve had for almost two years and took the motor out the back of the van destined for the compact. (Watch this space) Started the e30 for the first time in 18 odd months. Fired up first pop being jump started off a Milwaukee drill battery and moved it 1m to place said motor out the way. Got a replacement hatch for the compact and swapped it over so doesnt have a big primer spot over a rusty hole. Then smashed the old one and cut it up so would fit in the wheelie bin 😆 And Drove the M3
  12. Good to know. Is a local guy here in Dunedin that can hopefully sort me out
  13. Think I need to do the same! Sounds like a wise idea to get it valued
  14. Soooooo....keen to sell those centres??? Pleeeeaaaassseee
  15. James is his name . Was in here but haven’t seen him for a while
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