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  1. You could try Casey at CNC automotive in behind the old Roslyn Mill. Probably your best bet
  2. Cheers. Will give it a smoke test in the weekend and try a mates maf
  3. Repaired the lower bumper on the e39 and glued some broken bits back together to get the fog light back in and pointing in the right direction now. Brakes weren’t looking too flash so got the front rotors skimmed, cleaned all of them up and gave the calipers a paint ready for when the new wheels go on 😁 Cleaned up all the interior so is looking a lot nicer, and decided to take it for a drive… Was running like a dream for about 20mins then all of a sudden check engine light was on and was missing like MFer! Tried to nurse it home but by the time I got to the bottom of the big hill/mountain it could barely pull away from the intersection. So turned it around and ditched it at a mates. Had it scanned and only came up with activation map cooling and missfire in cylinders 2,4,5,6Plugs didn’t look too flash so got a new set but no Change. Same with another set of coils. Hmmmmmmm
  4. Howdy, need a few bits to get this car back on the road. Late 2000’s build, 2001 registered facelift sedan. abs has fault 48:right rear valve failure. Assume this will be the module not the pump? So need a good working module to suit. and side mirrors are the bigger auto folding/Memory type, 14 wire. Need both heated mirror glasses, and the drivers inner frame as per pic. cheers
  5. Got the newly acquired e39 running and driving again! After an oil change, radiator top up, replaced the seized fuel pump and new filter, drained the old fuel out and got some fresh stuff in it fired right up! Did find an air leak pretty quickly, but fixed that easily enough and took it for a test drive and runs like a dream. Gave it a good wash in the weekend to clean all the moss and spiders off and out of the door jams, and is in need of a good cut and polish. took it for a wof today, and just need to sort the abs issue, which is a code 48, faulty valve, rear right, brake shudder, which I’m guessing rotors need skimmed/replaced, broken side mirror to replace, and sort the fog light that points skywards due to an Ill fitted bumper trim. Not bad for sitting for 7 years! Needs a few other bits to tidy it up like dash cluster bulbs replaced, passenger mirror glass is all foggy, and was going to swap the stereo over for an android based one that looks almost identical to the old one, but has a heap of other features that will actually work, unlike the tv and navigation is currently has. Oh and maybe upgrade the 16s to something more exciting…
  6. Acquired a 2001 530i a week ago that has been sitting for 7 years due to an abs fault that had never got round to being fixed. I thought old mate would of started the car every once in a while but no. Tried once about a year ago but to no avail. So have started down the rabbit hole into getting it going this weekend. First was to replace oil and filter. Was about half a litre of water came out first, and because the failed start a year ago, was water all through the oiling system and filter housing. I cleaned out all the gunk I could and put some oil into the filter housing to flush out what I could. After going through a few bits I tried to start it with no luck. After some digging found the fuel pump had seized. So have a new one on order and a fuel filter from fcp since it was cheap enough, and that should be here next week to give it another crack. I really only got it for the m54 if the rest wasn’t salvageable, and to put it in either the compact or the e30, but seems a waste to scrap the car with only 110k on it, and is a pretty tidy car, and my first 5 series, so would be nice to have one for a bit. But we’ll shall see what the abs issue is going to be
  7. It was the best of times, it was the blurst of times?
  8. 1. Any e36 pedal box will work 2. The only wiring required is to wire the auto trans selector to think it’s in neutral or park so you can start it if you’re not reflashing the ecu, And for the reverse switch, but is super easy and many how-to’s around. I did have issues with rev hang and stalling when cold pulling up to an intersection, which was solved with a manual ecu. 3, No fab work required. From memory there are two different types of clutch masters with different fittings on them for the hard line, so be weary of that if replacing with new. There’s a 4 cylinder and 6 cylinder shift linkage, the 6 being 20mm-ish shorter, but can cut and weld the 4, or just get a DSSR. Also need the front half of the drive shaft as is a different length to the auto, and I think is different between a getrag 220 and the zf, the zf being the stronger box correct to a 328i, but 220 is more common being fitted to the 325i and down. Are also two different sized guibos (driveshaft couplers) so check for the right one of getting a new one. Oh, and some 4 cylinder drive shafts have a balancer on the front which fowls the shifter linkage and needs removed. think that’s about it. Definitely worth doing looking at the price of manual big 6 e36s currently, and even better if going from a horrid jatco auto!
  9. Ideally after the chrome to complete the look, but may have to give up the dream for the black out look
  10. Is that why people want moon beams for them? Think they have the last set in existence! funnily enough I smashed up a set of the “jdm” black headlights only a month ago.
  11. As per title, after some cheap chrome headlights and tail lights to suit a coupe, closer to free the better since all the Facebook offers have been more than what they are new!
  12. So it’s not a 120d like previously claimed! I did do a quick carjam to see what it actually was. Welcome to the club!
  13. I’ve got one off a manual 92 if that’s what you’re in need of.
  14. Was my old daily. Good to see it’s been looked after and improved. were just 8s on it
  15. I have the same setup, so any questions fire away. I can’t take the credit for putting it all together, that was another member. I just dropped it into my compact
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