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  1. Bought mine for under $1000, rust free. Owned by an elderly woman for the last 10 years and full service history for that period. Bought some GTA wheels for cheap. Went to a scrapyard where there were a few 156s and came away with bilstein shocks and an aftermarket exhaust for $200. It's treated me very well for what I'm in on it. One day I'll look at dropping a 3L in it in place of the 2.5 but for now it does the job well.
  2. I think I have an alcantara addiction
  3. Good eye. Sure is. Was using it as a daily driver when I had to commute pre-lockdown. V6 Manual, cool little thing and bought it for jelly beans too because they seem to be worth nothing.
  4. Some cool stuff to add here. New alcantara wheel. Went with royal steering wheels from the UK over someone like Cobywheel cause I don't like the way they just wrap over an original. I wanted to retain OEM thickness etc. The other option was one of the European guys on ebay but half of them can't use the stock grey 9002 alcantara and use 9040 which is much darker. I already have 9002 on the gear/handbrake levers and boots, so matching was important. Not to mention the ebay guys are significantly more expensive. Went with black stitching instead of the tri-colour. Not my thing, and I have black stitching everywhere else. Overall fairly impressed given the price. There is some slight bunching at 9 and 3 on the wheel but pretty good. This section in particularly is rough on the cobywheel and was the reason I was looking elsewhere. The cobywheels have loose material hanging off here because they are just wraps. Other than that over the last few weeks I have rebuilt some sedan sliders and mounted the recaros on those instead of coupe sliders. Significantly more travel on the passenger side and makes rear seat access better. Unfortunately I fried my phone and lost the photos but I just cleaned them down and painted them gloss black. I also decided I would have a go regluing my A and C pillars which were sagging (again lost the before photos). I had seen people suggest using a glue stick. I was sceptical but figured if it didn't work I would just replace them anyway. To my surprise, it worked super well and they are still holding pretty firm a few weeks later. We will see if they survive the summer. Replaced the headlight lenses and removed the angel eyes. Photos don't do justice how much of a difference fresh lenses make. Before: After: Replaced all the window seals for fresh ones since the old ones were dry and disintegrated, and a fresh center hood grill as well (lost the before shots but they were knackered). In a happy place with the car for now. Time for a breather.
  5. Tbh probably not 100% necessary. Just a decent health check if you already have a k+dcan cable and want to suffer through bad youtube videos on how to use navigate DIS. No break in. Just drive the tits off it.
  6. The beisan instructions are pretty comprehensive, follow them and you should be sweet as. You don't actually need to replace the exhuast hub given yours hasn't critically failed and the tabs are intact. Once the oil pump disc has the new drilled holes there should be no slop between them, but there's no harm in doing it. Given you are replacing the oil pump disc instead of re-drilling your existing one, do the ISTA/DIS test and pressure test as well since the tolerance between the inner surface of the pump disc and shaft are fairly critical in the oil pressure produced. I think that was a problem with the early beisan discs and likely fine by now though. As for the s62 diaphragm springs, I think the idea is that they slightly reduce axial play in the shaft but I wouldn't bother. I used my stock springs and my vanos unit is silent, seems like beisan doesn't even sell them anymore. The bulk of the power loss will have just been from the flattened seals on the vanos pistons, will feel like a new car when you're done. Fresh seals make a big difference to the low end pick up.
  7. https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/bmw/m3/listing/3353717177?bof=wv9CbNEb One of the new mtexture jap imports. I'm guessing he doesn't have the original drivers seat. "It has the CSL competition partial leather and cloth option" lol
  8. Yours will be an exciting auction. Not many 05's in NZ.
  9. Saw this, nice honest stock example. I like topaz but yeah typically not sought after. The spec is meh, sunroof, prefacelift, headlight washers etc. The problem with stock M3s like this is that none of the major issues will have been addressed. Nice car but 80k is getting into 997 C2S money...
  10. Finished installing the rear seat today. Couple photos post install. I am not much good with a camera and the interior could still use a bit of a wipe down in places, but overall I think it came together beautifully. Still a few bits to do obviously. Missing a few pieces as well. Armrest pads in the back, one isofix cover. A&C Pillars are sagging etc. Eventually I'll do an alcantara wheel as well, but all things I will tackle slowly now that the bulk of it is done. Finally after however many years since some loser retrimmed it, it is back to OEM spec (sort of, excusing the recaros). Love it.
  11. ^ They are very popular wheels. Lightweight, even their non-forged line are strong and popular for track use. I would probably buy directly from apex if I was getting a set though. https://www.apexraceparts.com/
  12. Depends what you mean by okay haha. Needs to have the rear seat removed to get a cert because rear seat access is probably too difficult to pass. Although imo it's not that bad. A previous owner had an aftermarket stereo in it and it was ugly. I pulled it out but the loom had been hacked up. It's fixable and I have a clean oem headunit but I don't often listen to anything when I'm driving so for now there's a factory delete panel.
  13. Today was a good day... Seat brackets showed up unexpectedly despite it looking pretty grim yesterday. No tracking updates and they were meant to hold them aside for me when they found them so I could pick them up. Except I noticed a box at my door at about 12 and sure enough... Everything needs a good clean and a wipe down after installing them but I was too excited and was running out of daylight. Thinking I might build out a small plate to cover the ugly parts of the exposed slider on the side, could help make it look a bit nicer. Have the rear seats and remaining trim pieces all ready to go in tomorrow followed by a good vacuum and clean. Driving impressions are unbelievable. By far the biggest improvement so far. The stock seats are horrendous. I found them uncomfortable and not supportive at all. The recaros couldn't be further on the opposite side of the spectrum. Way more comfortable, like I'm bolted to the car. Rear seat is still accessible but definitely not quite as easy as a folding seat.
  14. Harper

    Quick rant thread.

    Been waiting on my seat brackets for months. Finally available and get shipped, only to get lost by nzcourier on arrival in NZ. Got told over the phone this morning that as of right now, no one knows where the package is... Nice one
  15. Tirerack can ship internationally. Email them for a quote. From memory for my PS4S's their shipping was pretty fair, about ~200USD for the set.
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