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  1. Do you think I should have them replaced? The driveshaft is rust free with ~165,000km on it so i'm hoping that the joints are fine and all they have to do is replace the front section tube. I feel like having the U joints replaced too would double my quote
  2. ADL put me in contact with Driveshaft NZ in Penrose. I went in today and Wayne gave me a ballpark estimate of $500 or so for them to take the driveshaft out, lengthen, and balance it for me. I'll get the car towed there next week Thanks again for the suggestions everyone
  3. I'm using a 5 speed M10 box for mine. Research shows I should be able to use a 320i manual driveshaft without modification, but i've got sick of trying to track one down. What did you do for your driveshaft? A 1UZ E30 sounds mental! He sounds like the guy I should go to, but Albany is a little too far to be convenient for me. Thanks for the input Thank you for the suggestions people. I feel like the ball is rolling. Hopefully i'll get to spend the summer driving my E30 again
  4. Thanks for the recommendation. I sent them an enquiry last night and Matt got back to me pretty quick saying they could get it done for me. ADL isn't too far away from home either which helps
  5. I wasn't sure where to post this... I'm trying to finish up my E30 M30 swap and I need some exhaust and driveline work done. I was thinking about having Woolf Mufflers in Mt Eden do the exhaust as they're not too far away and well reviewed on Google Can anyone recommend some shops? Preferably Auckland Central (I'm in Epsom) More specifically I need *Probably a full exhaust *Medium case diff installed (tried myself with little luck) *Existing 320i auto driveshaft made to fit (probably needs new front half fabricated?) *Clutch hard line shaped and installed
  6. Yeah, I think i'll get someone to make the front half so that it matches the length of a manual 320i shaft. Now I just need to find someone to do it!
  7. Bump, still looking for a 320i manual driveshaft. If anyone knows of an alternative please chime in. I believe I could get the front half (gearbox to central support bearing) custom made to fit to my exisiting 320i auto driveshaft, is that right?
  8. 51mm struts sorted thanks to Graham. Just looking for the 320i manual driveshaft now.
  9. Looking for a couple bits for my engine swap. First, a driveshaft from a manual 320i E30 (should measure around 1526mm) Also looking for a pair of 51mm strut housings to fit my Koni shocks
  10. Accumulating parts for my E30 M30 swap. I'm looking for a few more bits including a used M10 flywheel, a used E28 535i radiator, and a kit to wire my battery to the rear of my car. Cheers
  11. Simmie

    WTB an M30b35 or M30b34

    Engine found
  12. Simmie

    WTB an M30b35 or M30b34

    I have already sourced a gearbox with an M30 bolt pattern as well as a few other parts for the swap. I may end up having to buy a parts car as you suggested. Although, it would be pretty expensive venture for me as I don't have the time to part the car out and I don't think an E34 535i without an engine will sell for much.