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    BMW 2002 Turbo

    When it's weekdays it's almost only me all the time bro. I'm okay. Have a concussion and some whiplash but I'll survive.
  2. As the title states. I'm after either a e82 123d (hopeful), e90 320d,330d,335d or a e60 530d or 535d for sale. Not fussed on high kms if there's good service history. NZ new preferred. Ideally something that can do 900 plus ks on a tank of diesel. Let me know what's out there or what you have. My daily is potentially going to be written off. Can travel the North or south island for the right deal. Contact 02102916373 SJ

    BMW 2002 Turbo

    Kyu this thing is gorgeous but I had a very bad accident yesterday. Need to look for a new daily diesel potentially

    BMW 2002 Turbo

    brb going to remortgage my house
  5. I have no more room for any more cars 8 bmws are a bit much apparently
  6. I know of a whole manual e34 535i for sale, very cheap but is a parts car. In wellington
  7. I was supplied a 260 but for an m20 which I will use elsewhere
  8. After an e28 Manual Gearbox, 260 or 265, just after the box at this stage with holes for crank and reference sensors. I have purchased a manual conversion but the wrong box was supplied. Contact 02102916373
  9. old owner of this vehicle ran into some personal issues. I won't go into detail but he sold it cheap to pay off some debts and never got around to certing it. It has had extensive fabrication on the rear guards etc to fit those wheels and was painted and put into storage. I struggle to see why it wouldn't get a cert as I had a very close look at it whilst it was being painted. It will probably need some minor things. Such a shame. The old owner did spent a sh*t tonne of money on it.
  10. as the title states, after a good condition box. Have cash waiting. Give me a call or text on 02102916373, happy to pay for freight if out of Auckland or pickup if within travelling distance
  11. Agree with you man. I love the tech 2 tourings for sure. The tech 1 vert is receiving a full back to bare metal respray and colour change, full interior retrim, new roof, freshly built motor, basically a restoration. Only thing that won't be factory will be the suspension and wheels. EDIT : And exhaust which I opted for a full Scorpion stainless system to go with my BTB stainless headers. Suspension is going to piss off a few purists but I got the airlift performance 3p3h kit only because I want to be able to raise and lower it accordingly dependent on the road I am driving on. I have also refreshed the rear subframe with super pro poly bushes and put in adjustable bolts for the trailing arms with poly bushes, new control arms for the front, new control arm bushes, everything will either be replaced or refurbished. Show room condition is the aim
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