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  1. Highly agree with this. The market dictates the price. inflation plus e30 tax is a real thing
  2. Saw a couple Mtech 2s go for far more than 50k.. that 64k one on trademe and another at 65k
  3. I have a brand new DPF delete pipe and used Egr delete kit for a 123d 120d 118d or 320d for sale. I drove 50ks on the egr delete kit before my vehicle was written off after $250 for the dpf delete pipe and $60 for the egr delete kit. pick up in Glenfield or can deliver if need be around Auckland contact 02102916373
  4. I owned 7 dc2 ITRS and I am now kicking myself selling them at 9 to 11k lol
  5. thats clean but damn the price, we must be sitting on gold mines with our cars..... lol
  6. It's actually such a beautiful example. I have a 535i and if mine was in this condition i'd be asking 20 plus for it. This is gorgeous. 14 is a fair price!
  7. my favourite mtech 1 in NZ. just cos of the work that the kid has put into it. we've done a full suspension refresh on it. New control arms in the front, new bilsteins and H&R springs. rear subframe out, new bushes, rear diff bush, everything that would need doing he has done. it's so beautiful to drive. New tie rod and rack ends too. the suspension and steering feels so good. plus its soo bloody clean 😍😍😍
  8. couple of beauties in my shop this morning. 😍😍😍 this Avus blue e36 is a stunner but the tech 1 is it for me

    E23 parts

    still after e23 pfl parts. Message me or contact me on 02102916373
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