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  1. his names glen . he had a a white e30 2l coupe that he sold not long ago on bbs and his gilrl friend had that white ac ti you saw at mine. he told me it was a m50 i didnt really have a good look at it
  2. so you know how i knew that car at pic a part i had a little visit for my mate whos girls friend owned the car in his m50 coupe, took it for a little spin. has already had the 5 stud swap on it with the same wheels
  3. standard 318ti spring i had pulled out my coupe compared to whats going in. just waiting on my adjustable top hats to come it fit the fronts in.
  4. went for a strole through picapart the other day to get a bumper for a honda, when i spotted a car i recognized it was a white ac schnitzer e36 318tii knew it lowwerd but i didnt think it would have a set of bilstein adjustable coil overs. so for 170 smackaroos the coupe is getting another up grade. i didnt come out with what i was after though but i think im still better off.
  5. so haven't posted in a while heres just teaser of what transformation of what going to take place with the touring genuine bbs rs 16" off a 5 stud mazda so ill have to get it machined to 5x120 but i did get them for a steel and i have finally found my self a genuine mtech 2 kit to go on
  6. ill get a new phone soon so i can put up some quality photo
  7. heres is another mates e30 south african import 325i i did another manual conversion on this during the summer up in Waiheke island, all new parts too. surprisingly there are a lot of e30 as batch cars up there. jamex spring in this one too
  8. so another manual conversion done for a mate. all new seals, bushes, clutch kit and short shift kit. most of them were genuine parts. tidied up a few other things got it running right. drives so nice makes me jealous. very tidy 325is might i add again.
  9. a friend bought his e30 to me very very tidy IS. a few jobs to do on it this week end ill let you know as progress gets on. first step H&R sport spring with e90 top hats
  10. this came in to my life so the coupe is getting a stroker now too. it has a bbs spoiler that i have not seen before
  11. thanks yeah i know that boy.
  12. they will need a cirt the only way i would know that wouldn't need one is if you get the offset bushes or you can elongate the the hole where top hat bolts to and tack a washer back over top. but these have limitations or you could do both. someone might even do off set top hats?
  13. thanks mate
  14. hi new here, convinced by elijah and andy from wellington to join. first time using a forum thought id start a thread so you can see what im doing and ill probably have a few questions that have already been asked so just point be in the right direction. bit about me, iv done my time as a mechanic have my warrant ticket but have on to bigger thing working on tower cranes my cars e30 touring, mods manuel conversion camber and toe adjustment in rear, black interior mtech seats and wheel e30 coupe, mods manual conversion camber toe adjustment in rear and caster adjustment in the front. 5 stud conversion both are 2L but have m20b27 blocks and 885 heads for both progress will be slow i have a two other projects too. owned a couple of e28 too one is owned by elijah now ennz island bay temata peak in hawes bay acs 16x8 shes a bit rough little bits of rust that need to be fixed here and there caster adjusters thought that they would be better option that the offset bushes