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  1. Bought another one, updated my signature, realised I have problem 😅
  2. Currently rocking a GTX 1070 and I7 4770, will definitely be looking at an AMD Zen3 CPU for my next build and probably Big Navi. @Olaf I’ve dealt with enough Macs in my time to know that’s not the case, unless of course, you apply more money to the affected area... which fixes any and all issues
  3. @Autoglym @Aaron Muir and Ronnie (forgot your username sorry). As well as me, but my M30 isn’t in the car yet hah
  4. Interesting how an R32 is now more expensive than a 130i, though on par with a 135i
  5. Any idea if this is going to be the standard price going forward or an introductory special?
  6. I fail to see how this is worth more than the sum of its parts? A handful of alpina bolt ons, custom exhaust and an engine rebuild...? Where’s the alpina steering wheel and interior, body kit, other fruit and of course one of their signature colours and pin striping?
  7. Have shipped plenty of things Personally depot to depot with mainfreight, normally quite straightforward. Have also had lots of pallets delivered around Wellington by them for work. If you can get it onto a pallet, mainfreight should have no issues delivering it to your mechanic.
  8. It should be, though I’ll wait for smarter people than me to comment, I’ve not looked at this swap in a long time so am little rusty. Have a read of this, should help you with 99% of what you need to know: https://www.e30zone.net/e30wiki/index.php/Engine_Swap_-_M5x
  9. Any particular reason you’re after a 260? The bellhousing on the M20 is different to an M50 and will be rotated by about 10 degrees, meaning your shifter and crossmember will need modification to work. Plus e30 tax applies to a 260 whereas an e36/46 gearbox should in theory be easier and cheaper to find. (E.g. a 220, 250, various ZF gearboxes and a 240 from an e30 with M40)
  10. Could quite feasibly create an ISO/Zip of sone portable virtualisation software With a preconfigured VM on. E.g. burn this ISO to a disk or extract this zip to a USB stick, then run XYZ. Though sharing a VM with windows installed in it could be questionable legality wise (even if it’s unlicensed). The advantage of a VM rather some instructions and installers for you host OS is you could have a 32bit OS (assuming that’s better for what we’re trying to achieve given that was the standard in 2000...) with all the multitude of tweaks completed to get the software working. Though again, pass through could be interesting. As @M3AN pointed out a VM will take significantly more hard drive space than just installing it normally. @wrs a cloud based VM sounds like absolute hell in terms of getting USB to talk to it and would potentially require more configuration than it’s worth at the client end.
  11. Suspect finding a way to make it run on Windows 10 might be simpler for the general audience? As the pass through settings will likely be different depending on what your virtualisation software is. Didn’t someone recently post a link to an installer on here? Which guest OS were you thinking anyway? XP, 7 or 10?
  12. Good call. It’s pretty nice gear, and I would use more of it if I didn’t have an excess of cisco gear to get through
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