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  1. Surprised a Mod hasnt shut this thread down already...... I for one am getting tired of the private messages and emails about warnings about this thread This garbage is why forums are dying and I dont come on here much anymore, less often post. Hope everyone is well Thread closed.
  2. thanks for sharing. Miss my calypso V12 swapped touring. that dark blue is very nice tho
  3. _ethrty-Andy_

    M20 Headers

    wow thats very tempting.......
  4. $8-10 a liter is normal price. thats why 320i arent very economical, because they burn more oil than they do petrol
  5. Driving back to Wellington from Auckland in a couple days. not fussed if sport or non-sport bumper. must be silver otherwise will just fix up and repaint what i already have. anything available ? text preferred, 0273079322 edit: whoops its the right front im looking for
  6. i think they are on my car. They are specific to M3 and need the king pin and all.
  7. I always find it funny when people get excited about tax refunds. If you'd like a bigger refund in 2021, you can pay me $30 a week for no reason, and ill give you back $1500 or so after a year.... Ill get to use your money interest free in the mean time!
  8. yep, two more days in quarentine in auckland and then im free. I see you are back too now! when did you move home ?
  9. Thanks for that. I have an X5 M62, E30 M20 and E30 M52 all needing oil and filter changes waiting for me in when i get back to the Hutt!
  10. it will have no mechanical lock (thats what you are overcoming when you do it) and will back out. im sure your one experience of one car is better tho.
  11. Up until January this year, I used to work at a ZF authorised repairer in Toronto. We did do the seals frequently, but is not included in a standard service, and a full fluid exchange is never recommended. The filter is built into the pan, and are one time use. once you crack the drain plug, it cannot be done back up again. if the oil coming out smells like burnt caramel or has excessive flakes around the magnet then dont waste your oil and seals, you are about to be rebilding the whole thing anyway.
  12. farkin awesome mate, i cant wait to see it in the flesh at this years E30 Megameet in Ohakune, if not sooner!!
  13. i got mine from Mag and Turbo in the Hutt many years ago, but id imagine any mag and turbo branch would have them. You do need to go to a non-hex head though, eg a locknut style. Also, worth noting that they should not be aluminium, especially so if your car is going to be subsequently certified.
  14. its a brake disk Glenn. there is no BMW specific procedure compared to any other mass produced vehicle.
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