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  1. tis but a scratch in the hutt valley
  2. seats are good for the skip. car has been left with an open window or something for years, all the foam has rotted away.
  3. i went and looked at the car when it was first posted, and walked away. Buyer beware, thats not a car you should be buying sight unseen.
  4. the whole thing is stupid from top to toe. under the emmissions trading scheme, New Zealands emissions are capped already, and you already pay your contirubution toward that at the pump. Switching to EVs has the wider effect of freeing up emissions for other industries. there will be no overall decrease in emmissions. The subsidy is supposed to lower emmissions. true for cars, but not overall.
  5. No, its not a facelift. Its a prefacelift with an aftermarket fiberglass replica Mtech2 kit.
  6. btw, ill freely admit the convertible version is not the drivers E30. its a lot heavier, and flexes a lot more too. as Jon says, it is a cruiser
  7. Sort of. all facelift E30 cabbys are 1990 built or later. This means in NZ they are usually registered as 1991 or 1992. early prefacelift cabbies all have lower rear arches than thier coupe and sedan brothers of the same age. the lower arches were then carried through to all facelift E30s. and that tech2 kit is fiberglass. it is not possible to fit tech2 kit onto a prefacelift car. re my manual conversion. yes it is converted because thats my preference, but everything is all OE parts, and i have all of the automatic stuff here to convert the car back if i want to. it can be back to original in 6 hours and noone would ever know. And i have just sold a M20B25 for more than the asking price in that add.
  8. My insurance is up for renewal soon, what do you guys think mine is worth ?? 325i Convertible. Facelift which is very rare for a cabby. Kiwi New Im the third owner other than BMW dealers. 125,000km Calypsorot Metallic - never been repainted or damaged Manual conversion using Getrag 260 Perfect dash. Tartain sport interior F&R, M Tech2 Steering wheel, 370mm type. Map light mirror retrofitted (not available on cabby from new) Tech1 Spoiler Garaged entire life. Only non-OE mods are the wheels and eibach springs, though the originals are still here, as well as the original sport auto and all the bits that go with it. *Edit: also has a "RyanG" lip/splitter fitted under the SE lip. and has a Clarion period correct headunit, with a small under seat all in one subwoofer. all of this edit i completed, in such a way all can be removed without a trace. * New Roof March 2021 Minor pinhole paintless dent repairs completed shortly thereafter after. All new ignition system in 2018 Oil changes yearly, only year missing is 2019 as i was in Canada at the time and car was layed up. Sales brochures and original purchase reciept, as well as all maintenance receipets from new, incl fuel receipts from the second owner. Never been crashed and never had any rust repairs, ever! there would be evidence of it, or at least a reciept to go with the rest of the history, if there was.
  9. I have a not so secret desire to buy a 60s Lincoln Continental , but all this stuff does mean i cant see the value in the $60-80K Sticker price for most of them in NZ. thats a lot of cash to have tied up. as much as i dont like to admit, now is probably the best time to get out of classic cars here in NZ and europe. they have a way to go in the states yet though.
  10. in my experience, it is easy to misalign the vanos on reinstall. there is no "keyway", presumably for balance reasons. it is a 5 min job to pull off, or 15 if your rocker cover and coils are in place. would pay to crack it open and check its all in order. what crank angle sensor are you using ? me and Chris Stoss's racecar has a link in it, there was a bit of faffing around to get a crank angle sensor that was compatable with the Link ECU.
  11. Surprised a Mod hasnt shut this thread down already...... I for one am getting tired of the private messages and emails about warnings about this thread This garbage is why forums are dying and I dont come on here much anymore, less often post. Hope everyone is well Thread closed.
  12. thanks for sharing. Miss my calypso V12 swapped touring. that dark blue is very nice tho
  13. _ethrty-Andy_

    M20 Headers

    wow thats very tempting.......
  14. $8-10 a liter is normal price. thats why 320i arent very economical, because they burn more oil than they do petrol
  15. Driving back to Wellington from Auckland in a couple days. not fussed if sport or non-sport bumper. must be silver otherwise will just fix up and repaint what i already have. anything available ? text preferred, 0273079322 edit: whoops its the right front im looking for
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