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    Botany Motor Worx Ltd

    Thanks Glenn for helping me get my BMW 330i M-Sport - I still love the car. Now to find another reputable BMW specialist who can do my next service. Not keen on going to a BMW dealer if I can avoid it. Recommendations?
  2. KiwiTT

    BMW Recall

    http://www.fox32chicago.com/news/local/bmw-recalls-14m-vehicles-due-to-risk-of-under-hood-fires BMW is recalling more than 1.4 million cars and SUVs in two U.S. recalls due to the risk of fires under the hood. The biggest recall includes over 740,000 328i, 328xi, 328i xDrive, 525i, 525xi, 528i, 528xi, 530i, 530xi, X3 3.0si, X3 xDrive30i, X5 xDrive30i, Z4 3.0i, Z4 3.0si and Z4 sDrive30i vehicles from 2007-2011. Also included is the 2008-2011 128i. Documents posted Friday by the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration show that a heater for the positive crankcase ventilation valve can overheat and cause the valve to melt, increasing the risk of a fire even when the vehicle is not in use. No injuries have been reported. Dealers will replace the heater. The second recall covers nearly 673,000 cars including the 323i, 325i, 325xi, 328i, 328xi, 330i, 330xi, 335i, 335xi and M3 from the 2006-2011 model years. Also covered are the 2007-2011 328i xDrive, 335i xDrive and 335is, and the 2009-2011 335d. Wiring for the heating and air conditioning system can overheat and cause connectors to melt, also increasing the fire risk, even when vehicles are unattended. Four drivers reported injuries. Dealers will replace the wiring and connectors. Both recalls begin Dec. 18.
  3. KiwiTT

    Letter from BMW Group

    It is great that BMW are still contacting and supporting drivers of these now really old cars.
  4. KiwiTT

    The long road to the BMW 330i

    I thought the LCI 3-Litre N53 engines would be more unreliable due to the Direct Injection does not work well with our high sulphur content fuels - http://www.unixnerd.demon.co.uk/n52.html
  5. Why I chose the BMW 330i, is a complicated story. It began before I even had a license, when I used to compile car statistics and sort them by performance figures. One brand always stood out from the rest - BMW. The 3 series BMW is everything a compact sports sedan should be. However, they are and always have been more expensive than the competition, both to buy and to own. However, most of them have tried to emulate it. Over the years, their competing designs had forced them to compromise a lot, leading to most now being front wheel drive, but cheaper too. However, BMW has always tried to stay true to form as the "Ultimate Driving Machine", meaning its costs have remained higher, not just in $$$ paid but also in packaging to retain rear wheel drive. Our first car, was also rear wheel drive; a 1978 Mitsubishi Galant 2000 GSL. I remember the owners of the supermarket where I had my first job had brand new gold coloured models of the same car. We bought ours in 1987 and my first car after I got my drivers licence at age 25! and still had it when we got married in 1990 and when we returned to Auckland from Wellington in 1994. Despite being underpowered, I loved how it drove with its rear wheel drive as we travelled up and down the country to visit our Auckland based families. However, like other manufacturers future Galants became front wheel drive and so too did we buy our next two Galants (1987 Galant 2000 Super Saloon and 1990 Galant GTi-16v) were also. When the time came to buy another car after paying off our mortgage, I wanted to get a good car that would last the distance. I selected the 1996 Mitsubishi Galant VR-4 Type-S Ralliart Edition in August 2003. This was seen as a car that emulated the BMW in the looks department from the rear quarter, but was also a high performance car. I also joined Club VR-4 and helped set up the NZ Club. I considered this car one of the best Sports Sedans in the world - "An executive EVO". The technical sophistication, four wheel, Active Yaw Control, Active Differential, Twin-Turbos, etc. was a techie's dream come true. Yet despite all that, it could also safely carry 4-5 people. I had spent, over the last 13 years, more than purchase price to keep it serviced and well maintained. Over the last 18 months, I have been considering a replacement was required as the car was beginning to show its age with parts starting to break, and I was not looking forward to spending more money on it to keep it going. Even my mechanic said I should be starting to look at a replacement, knowing full well he may lose some business. So what to replace it with. The only product from the Mitsubishi family we could consider, would be the NZ Lancer or Japanese Galant Fortis, being the current sedans they had. Looking carefully and thoroughly at their product range the Lancer VR-X with the 2.4 Litre or even the Lancer Ralliart were definitely in consideration. What keeps putting me off was the styling, it looked too high, its front was like the ugly Audi and it seemed more bulky in shape over all with a big 'bum' at the rear. All this placed against the Mitsubishi as a replacement. Finally, like a last throw of the dice, they released the Lancer GTi-2.4. I really gave this a lot of consideration as it would have been a brand new car, but would also come with a 10 year warranty! However, it still had the faults I outlined above. In addition, weighing against it was the fact the Renault-Nissan has now taken control of Mitsubishi, so this was very likely the last compact sedan they would have which is now a nearly 10 year-old design. So I started browsing for other brands and models, e.g. Ford, Mazda and even Subaru. In an age when everybody seems to be buying SUVs (over 53% in last statistics), and even BMW and Mercedes makes them too, the family sedan seems a dying breed. I have never liked SUVs, but can understand their practicality for todays active families and hence why they are so popular. I kept browsing the dealer who sold us the Galant VR-4 I loved so much to see what other cars they had and was drawn to the BMW 3-series. A good long conversation with my brother also helped with this choice. So eventually my wife and I took a BMW 323i for a test drive. We drove it to my parents who despite initially saying "Nah", when it was seen in the flesh saying "Nice car". My wife said I looked like a little boy in a toy shop when I was driving it. The test drive, told me a lot about the BMW 3-series car and how it felt to drive and I needed to consider a lot more to make are really good decision. I am now entering a new phase of my life, with me being made redundant from my current job, I still look forward with optimism to the opportunities the new year and beyond will bring - helping people with computers and possibly more study as well. Therefore, I am more convinced than ever that the BMW 3-series was what I should be considering as our next car. The BMW 323i that I test drove was a detuned 2.5 litre, aimed more at economy versus performance and was in the middle $15-20,000 price range we wanted. This fact was quite noticeable in the test drive when accelerating and trying to take opportunities like entering roundabouts. So I felt I needed to consider a more powerful variant. But which one would that be. Of the 3-series range that I was considering there was a 325i, 330i, and 335i. The 335i would be the pick of the bunch if performance was the only consideration, but price was closer to the vincity of a brand new Mitsubishi Lancer GTi-2.4 I was mentioned earlier. So that left the 325i and the 330i. I was even offered a 325i station wagon at the lower end of our price range, however I do not like station wagons as they are a lot like SUVs in their utility. I wanted a sedan! After again looking at the dealers website I noticed a silver 2006 BMW 330i, which is fully optioned and with the M-Sport kit as well. I knew then that this was the car I wanted to have. But I still have some concerns about potential repairs that may be needed over the long-term. So I contacted an independent BMW specialist and had a long conversation and discussed the opportunity for them to do a full pre-purchase inspection. This conversation also highlighted the fact that the 335i was more problematic than 325i or a 330i, due to its twin turbos and more complexity. The check has identified a number of issues that the dealer has agreed to fix before selling me the car. I hope to get it early next week. This check, along with a four year warranty, should assure us of long life out of the car if we keep up the servicing like I did with the Galant VR-4. The cost is at the top end of our price range and with the warranty and the iDrive conversion to NZ takes us slightly above. A semi-retired gentleman finally gets to own the 3-series he has always desired. A BMW 330i M-Sport edition.
  6. KiwiTT

    The long road to the BMW 330i

    An Update: Now at the 6 months point, and I still feel happy to own my BMW 330i M-Sport. Just a few things of Note: 1) Switching to 'Sport Mode' makes it like a whole different car, the responsiveness is awesome, However, even in 'normal' it is more than adequate 2) Fuel economy, for short while I worried about it, but as I just use about $100 every 2-3 weeks with Mobil Supreme+ 98, it is not really that expensive for the joy of driving it. 3) Still have not taken out for a really long open-road cruise in the country, but feel it will perform well when it does and have not yet enabled or used cruise control 4) Noticed a little safety feature the other day, when the temperature outside dropped from 5 C to 3 C at little dashboard warning light came on alerting me to the possibility of 'black ice' - Nice! 5) It is still a great looking car stock, with its M-sport kit, and I still have not decided whether I will put on "M-sport badges" on the grill and on the rear boot lid. 6) Changed the Japanese Import tyres to new Bridgestones and it felt a whole lot better, especially in the wet. Next up, will be it's first service in about October with Glenn in Botany Motor Worx and subsequent WoF, which I suspect it will pass.
  7. ... a BMW rebadged as something it is not! ... Saw an obvious BMW 320i rebadged as a M3 ... I just could not stop smiling at the stupidity ... One of the reasons I am still hesitant to put M badges on my car despite it having lots of M-sport equipment.
  8. I have been reading that some cars electronics will break down long before the mechanical and body issues will come to light. How reliable are BMW electronics on average.
  9. KiwiTT

    Best Run Flats

    Well I have the RE050As on and the car feels much more composed. Now to see how they will feel in the wet. Probably helped that the wheels were balanced and also had a wheel alignment which showed it was significantly out. Also comes with lifetime puncture warranty, so I will get a new tyre if I get a puncture, until they are worn out. As I do about 7,500km per year ... it will take ages for them to wear out.
  10. KiwiTT

    Best Run Flats

    As I have the full M-sport package, I suspect this applies; - "The Potenza RE050A II RFT (Run-Flat Tire) is Bridgestone's Max Performance Summer run-flat tire developed exclusively for selected BMW 3 Series cabriolets, coupes and sedans equipped with BMW's optional sport packages. " - https://www.tirerack.com/tires/tires.jsp?tireMake=Bridgestone&tireModel=Potenza+RE050A+II+RFT Yeah ... the way insurance companies work ... if they can find a way to not to pay out, they will. So not really worth the risk
  11. KiwiTT

    Best Run Flats

    I have decided to go with the Bridgestone RE050A RFT as these are the ones that BMW specify, and as I have a 4 year Autosure warranty, and should I develop a suspension fault in those 4 years (the likely life of my tyres - I do about 7,500km a year), they won't have an 'out' because I have non-OEM tyres.
  12. KiwiTT

    Best Run Flats

    The other thing I have thought is from what I have read is that the suspension has been calibrated for the RFT stiffer sidewalls. This is what I read also in the BMW 3 Series development book. “Suspension system designed for run-flat tires Benefit • Optimum riding comfort The relatively stiff sidewalls and greater weight of run-flat tires call for specific suspension tuning. On vehicles where both regular and run-flat tires are offered, riding comfort may be somewhat compromised with the run-flats. Because the new 3 Series is engineered “from the ground up” for run-flat tires, its suspension is optimally calibrated for them. This means that riding comfort is optimum; in other words, the new 3’s ride” So I may notice other issues if I change from the OEM setup. 330i_Book.pdf
  13. KiwiTT

    Best Run Flats

    I have got a quote for Pirelli P Zero - BMW fit for the same price as above - $1650, but I can also get Bridgestone OEM RE0050A RFTs for $1247 (currently 4 tyres for the price of 3) special until 17 March. Is it worth the extra $400?
  14. KiwiTT

    Best Run Flats

    I am noticing a few times now with this wet weather at 50km/h speeds that I am getting the DTC warning light flashing a few times per day with driving on wet roads. I don't really feel confident driving them in the wet because of that, so am considering changing my tyres well before the tread depth requirement. They may still have the original tyres that they were important with from Japan, so I am not sure the age and tyre rubber can 'age' I believe, so having new tyres with more grip might better sooner rather than later. I still want to go with RFT anyhow, so I have read some reviews and Pirelli or Bridgestone mat be the better option. And leaning towards Bridgestone as they seem to be more readily available. http://www.bridgestonetyrecentre.co.nz/tyre/t290/Passenger/ Online reviews seem to indicate that they are quite a poor option. The Pirelli's seem harder to get ? Requested a quote from - http://www.tyrepower.co.nz/
  15. KiwiTT

    New member - seeking advice

    I did consider a 335i, but was put off by the more potential problems they may have and do have and the extra power would hardly be used in most everyday driving. I did consider a 323i, but for an extra $3,000 I could get a 330i which I did. The E90 first generation 330i is probably a better bet. The Facelift 330i LCI have the Direct Injection motor N53 which is not good for our high sulphur fuels.
  16. KiwiTT

    8m 47s Nurburgring in a E90 330i

    When you consider that it is under a minute slower than some pretty exotic cars - it is very impressive - https://nurburgringlaptimes.com/lap-times-top-100/
  17. I knew this car is good, but did not realise it was this good!
  18. See link http://f30.bimmerpost.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1350255
  19. KiwiTT

    What's worse than de-badged BMW

    I think too many cars are de-badged. Are people ashamed of the car model they got or something? My two previous cars I like the fact it was called a GTi-16v or a VR-4. The latter, I even added a "Ralliart" badge as it had all the Ralliart options with it and why I considered adding the M-Sport badge to my current BMW. It is like they are pretending its something when it is not. Fair enough if it is a real "Q-Car" like a M5 or something and you want to surprise the observer, but a lowly spec car, it just does not make sense except for false pretence.
  20. KiwiTT

    Top 10 BMW's

    Z8 - Droooooolllll
  21. KiwiTT

    Top 10 BMW's

    Well here are my top BMWs in no particular order My 2006 BMW 330i Sedan would of course be in there for so many reasons. The List M5 - the first real Q-Car and its successors carried on that theme M3 - the great little sports sedan that took the world by storm with its little 2.3 then even rarer 2.5 M635 CSI - the BMW 6 coupe with the engine of the M1 850 CSI - the big true successor to the 635 CSI M2 - a return to the little sports sedan 335i - Hard-top convertible - I still admire the styling of this 1-Series-M - a forerunner to the M2 M4 - another successor to the M635 CSI M3 CSL - the successor to the legendary 3.0 CSL 3.0 CSL - no list is complete with out this car 2002tii - the original little sports sedan M1 - the one that started it all I may have left some others, but there is an obvious reason why we like BMW - "The Ultimate Driving Machine"
  22. AMI - $20K value - $70 per month
  23. My average has now dropped below 13L/100km. I think my right foot is broken ... LOL!
  24. All I have been doing is low speed 50k driving around town so far and am averaging 15L/100km ... I need a friendly oil sheik who can supply me with some cheap fuel ... LOL!
  25. KiwiTT

    e90 330i

    I have been told that oil burners need a lot of regular long distance runs, else their systems start to 'gum up' or whatever else and if you only do lots of short commutes, a petrol is a better bet. Friends of mine have traded there brand new diesels in on petrol cars because of that.