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  1. BimmerShaun

    M50B30 stroker kit

    Chasing a 3 litre stroker kit, preferably just the crank + rods and pistons but happy with a whole engine with a rooted head or similar. Located in Christchurch. I can only find complete running engines for circa 2 grand which is a tad cost prohibitive. @HELLBM are out of stroker kits at the moment. I did find an m54b30 from an e46 330i with 40000kms on it though. DME to exhaust manifold for $1900. I dont think it's quite what I'm after though
  2. BimmerShaun

    E36 Clutch Problem

    On a side note, how'd you get your m50b30 together? Did you build it yourself? I'm trying to build one myself but I'm finding m54b30s a tad hard to come by and slightly cost prohibitive.
  3. BimmerShaun

    Another e36 - My 328 Beater

    You don't happen to have any of those cool interiors for a sedan?
  4. BimmerShaun

    Another e36 - My 328 Beater

    They are soooooo nice. Wish my local pick-a-part had that sort of stuff laying around
  5. BimmerShaun

    Another e36 - My 328 Beater

    Glad I could help!
  6. BimmerShaun

    S54 wanted

    I assume you have the engine out of the car? Why not get the journal reground with new appropriately sized bearings? Want? Yes! Haha, nah I'm just trying to see what people want for one that needs a little work. I'd think 4-5k?
  7. BimmerShaun

    S54 wanted

    What's the condition of your old engine? It's not seized is it? And what's your plans with it?
  8. BimmerShaun

    Many M50/M52 parts

    Sorry for the late reply. I do actually. I had both an m50 and m52 and pretty sure it's the m52 I have left.
  9. BimmerShaun

    Many M50/M52 parts

    bumpy bump
  10. BimmerShaun

    17 inch wheels

  11. BimmerShaun

    Xtrons Android Headunits

    It's literally just the plug that goes into the back of the factory head unit, couldn't be easier. All factory controls (steering wheel etc.) work like normal. However I think there are a couple of other wires that need splicing, can't remember what for. Ihad an absolute blonde moment and spliced into the wrong wire and that completely messed with the body control module. I had the dash not working, hazards coming on, sunroof not working etc. It was hilarious. Not!
  12. BimmerShaun

    17 inch wheels

    That's what my research showed. As well as a 19 inch version on the e46 m3, but it's hard to find info on if those are the same "style" or a different one. They are a great fit for an e36 and a good looking replica, with all the right logo indents in the right spots. Not wide enough for what I want.
  13. BimmerShaun

    17 inch wheels

    Style 67 wheels 17x7.5 Et38 The guy I bought these from says they are original equipment, but they aren't made by bbs so I'm not so sure. Very light curbing on a few of them and one centre cap is missing. SOLD
  14. BimmerShaun

    Many M50/M52 parts

    Feel free to shoot me an offer for anything, I'm just spitballing with the prices
  15. BimmerShaun

    Xtrons Android Headunits

    I had an Avin, it failed in about a year, cost an absolute buttload and like Jacko said it's old hardware and OS. I then changed to an Eonon for about half the price and it had much better specs and newer Android. Operation was much faster then the Avin as well