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  1. Statek

    M44B19 misfire at idle

    Yep, replaced those too ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. Statek

    M TOY M3

    This is the sort of stuff you normally should go back and discuss with the business who performed the job. Did you approach Ray about it? I've seen several cars done by him and they're all done to a high standard.
  3. Statek

    M44B19 misfire at idle

    Yes Sorry, I've done quite a few things in the last few months and no longer remember them all. I'll add that to my previous post.
  4. Statek

    M44B19 misfire at idle

    Kept trying to sort the issue out. - Scanned ECU - no codes, diagnostics didn't show anything interesting - Replaced DISA - Swapped cam sensor with one from another vehicle - Unplugging the O2 sensor didn't change anything, so replaced the O2 sensor with a new Denso sensor (only around $40US, so worth a shot) I've had several friends use the car, and nobody noticed anything wrong, so I'm beginning to think I'm being overly sensitive. If it keeps bothering me, I'll attempt the timing, but I'm overly busy at work recently and don't really have time/desire to mess around with it.
  5. Statek

    E36 328i coupe 'track' project

    What did you do about the seat-belt stalks? As the original stalks are mounted to the seats, you need a cert if you wanted to mount them anywhere else.
  6. Statek

    2001 318Ci

    Big Money Woes?
  7. Statek

    My new car - yet another e36 328i

    +1 for Beisan Systems
  8. Statek

    M44B19 misfire at idle

    It's an idea. The automatic gearbox will compensate for the lack of torque...
  9. Statek

    M44B19 misfire at idle

    Try www.partsouq.com for parts next time. I've ordered quite a few bits from them, some genuine and some aftermarket, almost always cheapest on the market. The genuine BMW DISA valve from these guys, including shipping would end up around $380.
  10. Statek

    M44B19 misfire at idle

    While waiting for the o-rings to arrive, I've been thinking (dangerous!). I was still very suspicious of the DISA valve so I pulled it out - easy enough. Checked visually - it has a little play on where the lever holds the flap, but nothing terrible. Applying vacuum to (read: sucking) the little hole under the solenoid closes the flap. However, manually closing the flap and looking through the hole at the diaphragm I noticed that only around 3/4 of the rubber diaphragm move with the lever, and the rest remains attached to the housing. Looks like I may have found the problem. I can't seem to find a rebuild kit for the M44 DISA valve... anyone have any leads? I might pop up to pick-a-part on the weekend and pull them until I find a good one, as I don't really want to spend $400 on one just to find out it doesn't fix the issue.
  11. Statek

    M44B19 misfire at idle

    Hmm... didn't think something like this would develop before the engine even hit 60,000kms. Good to know it's common though. I'll look into it, thanks!
  12. Statek

    M44B19 misfire at idle

    Further checked: - PCV hose - Injector hoses - Cleaned MAF (no change), swapped MAF with 2 spares (no difference) - Checked DISA valve while manifold is off - looks ok, closes and opens when applying vacuum as expected I'm not ruling out worn engine mounts for some of the vibration, but the engine definitely has a misfire at idle. While the manifold is off, I've noticed the number 3 and 4 injectors have wet spots around the top. I'm pretty sure that leaking injectors could cause this misfire, although I'm not sure why it's only affected at idle. Thinking about it, it would also be increasing fuel consumption... Hmm.. Looks like I'm going to need some new o-rings, and continue tracking this down afterwards (although fingers crossed this might be the cause).
  13. Statek

    M44B19 misfire at idle

    Yes, both cold and hot, although it is more noticeable when it warms up and the revs drop further. I'll look into that. Yeah, the more BMWs I acquire, the more I think i'll have to look at making a smoke machine for myself
  14. Statek

    M44B19 misfire at idle

    Thanks for the leads Brent, I'll check those things and see what I find. If nothing comes of it, then I'll get in touch to arrange a scan. Cheers!
  15. Statek

    M44B19 misfire at idle

    Hi guys, I've got a 1998 Z3 which has a weird misfire at idle. It feels absolutely fine while driving, but it vibrates at idle. It's been slowly getting worse, or at least more noticeable. The revs at idle are at around 650rpm, which seems ok. If you stand by the exhaust pipe, you can hear it misfiring maybe once every few seconds though. What I've done so far: - New spark plugs - New PCV valve - Cleaned throttle body - Cleaned IAC valve - Visually checked for vacuum leaks - all hoses are like new, the car has <60,000kms - Replaced the coil with one from another car Cleaning the throttle seemed to help a little, but definitely still has the intermittent miss. My 318ti has a similar issue, but that car is a 'race-car-in-progress' so (A) the shaking doesn't bother me there, and (B) it doesn't tend to sit on idle for much of its life. Any pointers as to what to look for? Cheers, Kris. p.s. Not sure if related, but it tends to get around 10L/100km (or 10km/L if you prefer), which seems a bit high for a 1.9 which doesn't get driven all that hard.