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  1. Fantastic - following this project! I'm just starting an M54B30 swap into an E36 touring, and while I'm not tearing the engine down, this is a very interesting write up. Cheers!
  2. I don't dispute the body kit or the car, but there are certain parts of that pic which look dodgy: grainy mirror and interior, but sharp reflections on bonnet (i'll chalk down the grainy looking wheels to sparkly powder coating) something weird about the lights next to the indicator ride height for what looks like an actual race car doesn't seem very functional (mind you, Rocket Bunny kits don't usually go on actual race-cars) no roll cage (probably the not-a-real-race-car point, as above) the paint on the upper valance (between lower lip and kidneys) looks... like its peeling? It just doesn't look like neither a race car or a show car. So what is it? EDIT: ooooh, i'm also going to add: shadow from the mirror vs shadow under the car - could just be down to the curvature of the car though really sharp cut off between front bumper and ground - it must be literally sitting on the ground front lip is sharp, but the ground is unfocused I'm gonna get back to work and stop over-analysing this. But it is bothering me!
  3. Finished cleaning up the headliner, it didn't take long but it was a pretty boring job none-the-less - clockwise order. Now just need to drop it off for my trim guy to do. Also compression tested the M54, and all 6 cylinders are 145-155 psi - note that the compression tester may be questionable - the results being in the same range is what's important here. As a result, I started ordering parts to catch up on some maintenance (read: OIL LEAKS and cooling system) before it is moved into the E36.
  4. This was an automatic daily driver and I wasn't in particular bothered about top end, but the shaking at idle was infuriating. Either way, adjusting the timing slightly has fixed the issue and it remained fixed until I sold the car.
  5. I kind of like this one I see everyday in Parnell - makes me think I could actually consider owning one.
  6. The swap itself is pretty awesome, but his chewing put me off 😕
  7. Long time since update, even though some work has been done. Things are slowing down, as we found out we're pregnant and my wife is currently having a hard time dealing with the nausea - which means I'm running laps around her, providing everything she needs at whatever hour she needs it. As a result, my garage time no longer exists, or at least is split into very brief visits. Changes since last update: Purple rack has made it into the car Style 68 wheels have made it onto the car Some dashboard light bulbs have been replaced, and some have been ordered and are pending replacement I've been trying to decide what's next, whether to focus on the exterior (which is in very poor shape), suspension or engine. It was easy to decide when an E46 with M54B30 came up for sale for a very decent price. Even if the engine will be unusable due to the issues the previous owner highlighted, at least i'll have all the wiring, ECUs and auxiliaries necessary to do the swap. So currently I'm (very slowly) diagnosing the M54B30 - it drove home just fine, but apparently if you add oil above the minimum line it will start smoking from the exhaust. So far I've pulled the coils and plugs out, in an attempt to drain the plug holes from oil - I'll be compression testing it, then seeing whether it actually has issues, or just needs some new gaskets. The spark plug is still in the hole in this picture - it's just covered to the top 😵
  8. I'll be checking that out - I've got a mate with a brand new PCV spare, since he recently went to an M50 manifold. Cheers for the tip @NRJ
  9. Yup, should fit fine. I wonder whether the tyres aren't too wide for it though still, any time on a track is always fun!
  10. Is that a square set Paul? According to http://www.bmwstylewheels.com/bmw/22 the Style 22s only came in 17x7.5. That tyre width is pretty chunky - are the 235s only on the rear or on all 4?
  11. Thanks for bumping this @zero, otherwise I would've missed this I've been chasing P0171 and P0174 on the X3 for a while. I've replaced the intake elbow, and checked bungs at the back of the manifold. I've smoke tested it (home-made smoke test machine) and can't see any smoke escaping. I've done the Vanos seals using Beisan kit. I can reset the codes, and they return after about 50kms of driving (usually while cruising on the motorway at around 2500rpm). I'm sure that car is waiting for me to start hoping that i've resolved the problem before slapping me on the cheek with the engine check light - again 😵 The car also occasionally has a rough idle on first start-up, only for about 5 seconds - I'll probably look at the IAC sometime in the next few weekends (my wife's daily, so difficult having it off the road for any amount of time). Keen to hear if the OP has resolved the problem.
  12. Hey Johnny, I'm very, very interested in the car. I'll PM you my contact details. Cheers
  13. You're probably ok - it's only if you had managed to convince the rotor to come off that way, you would have probably found all the handbrake parts inside the drum. btw, I second the caliper colour choice, looks good 👌
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