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  1. I'm speaking from experience as I used to work for VINZ between high school and uni. The person responsible for entering the car into the system has to check the VIN/chassis number, colour, body shape, etc before putting it in the system. In case of Japanese cars, the computer then spits out a VIN number and that same person has to make a tag and rivet it to the vehicle. Guesses should not come into it - it's just laziness, I think.
  2. It's not the dealer that decides how the car is entered into the LTNZ system, but the poorly paid souls in compliance when the car enters the country. I guess some people just don't care enough...
  3. That's definitely some good knowledge gained, both for yourself and others who will read your post. Stink news about Wayne and Air Flo
  4. Front and rear struts still available?
  5. Car looks real good Chris!
  6. I'll be in touch after I return from Europe and recover the hole-in-wallet my wife's shopping might cause.
  7. Interesting. I also found that the headlights on my compact are rubbish at night. What makes the sedan lights so much better? Different reflector type? Also, is there a significant size or weight difference?
  8. This is definitely an M42. From the pictures I can't see anything obvious, but Brent is probably right, in that it sounds like an air leak causing your trouble. Did it idle well before you started the job?
  9. It's not always as simple as reading a code and replacing the faulty part. Most of the time codes don't pinpoint the faulty item, all they say is that, for example, the O2 sensor is returning incorrect values. This could be a faulty O2 sensor, catalytic converter, leak in the exhaust, faulty ECU.. list goes on. Best of luck getting it sorted Treone, hope it doesn't end up costing an arm and a leg!
  10. Chucked everything together under the bonnet (including the unnecessary plastic bits - they'll come off later again), just enough of the interior to go for a test drive, and completed the first run around the block. Slight idle hunting to sort out - but drives well and is really, really peppy in comparison with the auto. Could also have something to do with the 4.44 diff Top speed in 2nd is 60kmh! Perfect for gravel.
  11. That looks so much better!
  12. Hey Malcolm. Got any info on the solid conversion kit you bought? I may be interested if it suits..
  13. Got some time in the garage in the last week, as well as this weekend, so managed to place the engine and gearbox back in the car, assembled as much as I needed for the crucial first start. Manual shifter looks right at home Spent most of today figuring out why it's not cranking. I had initially planned to keep the auto ECU in place for the first start to ensure engine runs, and then swap to the manual ECU, replace the EWS box, ignition barrel and locks. Unfortunately, it was a no go. I couldn't be bothered bypassing the auto park/neutral switch, so just went ahead and switched over to the manual ECU, plugged in the ignition chip receiver with key, and then realised that the donor car had EWS II while the compact has EWS 3D. A little googling later, found a wiring diagram and switched all the EWS wires over to the right terminals in the plug, spliced some together, slightly cut the plug to fit and cranked again. This time - success! Sort of. Car was cranking but not starting. I could smell fuel so I pulled a plug wire and checked for spark - got spark. Ran over the basics in my head, checked all the plugs on the engine, and had a eureka moment when I thought that maybe my supply/return fuel hoses are backwards. Switched them over (got a nice splash of fuel in my mouth, mmmm...) and voila! Car runs, sounds very nice without the exhaust lol. Neighbours might not appreciate, so I didn't keep it running for too long. Can't stop grinning, the worst is over. All that's left is to actually put the car back together, replace the leaking clutch slave (couldn't get one on Saturday) and I may be able to take it for a drive before next weekend! Then I can finally start thinking about the fun stuff...
  14. Hey guys, I've been scouring lots of beemer forums, and found a tiny bit of info and would like someone to confirm (or educate me). I'm building a budget gravel basher, and want to stiffen up the front (my suspension has 260ks and is a touch soft). I don't want to upgrade to coilovers (yet), and i've read that a good way to upgrade the front is to use E36 M3 front shocks with lowering springs (as my compact is 4cyl, therefore lighter in the front). The lowering springs will keep the compact at stock height, and the front will be nice and stiff. There's a set of M3 front shocks, offset mounts, sway bar and links which just popped up on Trademe (, so I'm wondering if anyone knows something about this? Is there a different way of achieving this? My compact is of the m-sport variety, so maybe some new inserts will sort it out? Cheers, Kris