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  1. Here's my M44B19 out of a Jap import '99 318ti: EDIT: I also have a picture of this engine side by side with an M44B19 removed from a NZ New 1997 318is with the crank sensor in the same location. M42B18 (vane type AFM + metal thermostat housing) run from the crank pulley.
  2. What information are you looking for specifically? I believe the M42 crank sensor runs off the crank pulley on the front of the engine (M44 CPS was moved to run off the flywheel). Remove the bolt holding it in, follow the wire to the plug. If you can't get to the plug under the manifold, it takes 3 bolts to undo the top of the manifold. You may take off the throttle cable if you feel its in the way or you can flip the manifold and lay it on top of the engine. Refit all components in reverse order. I don't think there's much more to it.
  3. Last time I went to Zebra i picked two racks from E46 compacts, used one and sold the other for cheap (quick sale) and so this mod didn't cost me anything. It took me 20 minutes to pull the first rack, and 8 to pull the second (already knew which tools required and how to get at the bolts).
  4. I was visiting my sister in UK about 10 years ago - we went out on a bender and in one pub i started talking to someone. The conversation literally went like this: Me: "So what do you do?" Him: "Oh I'm an engineer for BMW and Mercedes, specialising in suspension design. What do you do?" Me: "I'm a mechan...:" Him: "I'M SO SORRY - THEY TELL US TO DO THINGS A CERTAIN WAY. My brother in law is also a mechanic and he constantly complains what a pain in the arse german suspension setups are to work on."
  5. Murphy's law: if you bought it, you're probably not going to use it. If you didn't buy it, you'll be kicking yourself. Personally, i purchased a mechanical warranty for my X3 when i bought it 6 years ago due to being scared of all the electronics. I didn't end up using it at all. Keep in mind that mechanical warranties often do not cover any serviceable items - e.g. leaking shock absorbers, leaking gaskets, etc...
  6. Statek

    2000 E36 318ti

    I had an M44 E36 compact - albeit manual with a 4.44 LSD (which means ~4500rpm at 100kph), and it did around 10l/100km with spirited driving, combined city/highway. I know manual vs auto, and the lower diff ratio both make a difference, but this might give you an idea.
  7. You could go for a LTW replica since it might get broken 🙃
  8. ...and with that I might deal with it weeping for a little while longer 😂 Thanks for the offer dude, I'll be in touch if I get brave enough!
  9. Great info! How many hours of labour is it? I'm not looking forward to doing this on the ground in my garage...
  10. Nice! I'm (very slowly) putting in a M54B30 into my E36 wagon too - might be racking your brain for info at some stage
  11. Well... this was an interesting find. To read more about it, google "BMW Goldfish" (or Goldfisch if you want to do the hard work).
  12. I disagree. My wife's daily is a fully (or near fully) specced '06 X3 E83 with M-Sport package (including sports suspension settings). While it's only the piddly M54B25 and lacks grunt, it weighs a couple of ton and still handles like its on rails when going around corners. I wouldn't bother taking it out on track, but it still puts a massive grin when going through the twisties. I'm sure the M40i is built exactly for that - daily duties and the occasional squirt. In regards to its size and shape, I wouldn't say it's pointless because there are reasons why people might opt for a taller car than a station wagon, e.g. back problems, but still don't want the X5 which is much more expensive and considerably larger. FWIW, I personally think the X6 is a stupid shape because you lose the cargo space, but i'm sure there are people who see the appeal of it and love having the option to get what they like.
  13. I apologise in advance for the nausea caused when looking at this
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