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  1. Statek

    WTB: m50b25 intake manifold and fuel rail

    Sorted one via facebook.
  2. Hey guys, looking for an m50b25 intake mani and fuel rail for my friend who's doing a supercharger mod on his E46 330i vert. Prefer Auckland, but can pay shipping if nothing closer is found. Cheers!
  3. Statek

    FS: BMW 550i M 2006

    Hi guys, one of my mates is selling his pride and joy: https://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=1896432957&rsqid=ba7c024e5ebf45b489c4f12c500a23cc It's a NZ NEW 2006 E60 550i M with full service history. Click on the link to find out more, but I pasted the blurb below:
  4. Statek

    Notchy Getrag 220 manual transmission

    Could be shifter bushes - does the gear lever feel 'sloppy' or 'direct'?
  5. Statek


    Purple or blue, the car had my head turning every single bloody time I saw it 😍 I love sleeper wagons 🔥🔥🔥
  6. Statek


    I used to see a purple one doing school runs in Mt Eden a few years ago now.
  7. Statek

    M44B19 misfire at idle - SOLVED

    You were right Glenn, that's done it! Copy pasta from http://www.318ti.org/forum/showthread.php?t=21403 Interestingly enough, when you take off the rocker cover it looks like only the exhaust camshaft is adjustable, but that's due to the camshaft sensor pickup wheel being installed on top of the intake camshaft sprocket - both camshafts can in fact be adjusted. All in all it took about 30 minutes to do, and the car is SO much smoother when idling. I'm still surprised that this is what it took, have all M44s came out of the factory with this issue?
  8. Statek

    Budget E36 Compact gravel car

    Haven't really done much to the car during winter, but finally got a chance to take it out and do some skids. It was a wet day at the Motorkhana held by HCMC at Waikaraka Park, but it sure helped getting around those cones. The LSD really changed the way the car drives - so much more forward momentum than the locked diff, and getting it sideways and keeping it there was very predictable. 10/10 After the first 2 tests I was surprised to find that I was leading, but made a couple of mistakes on the 3rd course, and then the 4th course suited the faster cars, so ended up 7th overall, with 2nd in class (it's an M44, so it puts me in the 1800cc+ class). Very happy with result 😎
  9. Statek

    Rudolph the Red Ti

    Looking good Kyu! Are you doing the resprays yourself?
  10. Statek

    96 e36 318is Auto Runabout - Tga - 217x km's - $1200

    It's interesting that people still say things like this. Rego becomes the new owners responsibility from the date of the ownership change going through. The invoice for money owing for the expired period up until date of ownership change will be sent to the previous owner. Just FYI. GLWS, I'd probably consider purchasing this if I had room.
  11. Statek

    M44B19 misfire at idle - SOLVED

    Thanks Glenn, I have read quite a few posts about this mod. It's an option, I was a bit iffy about doing anything to the timing due to the cars low mileage - surely it hasn't been like this from factory? In a couple of weeks, once I've replaced the blower fan on my friends Mini and clutch on my sister's Corolla, I might attempt adjusting the timing. My 318ti has a similar feeling idle, but it's done 260kms and the idle doesn't bother me since it lives near the redline when it's being driven. Might experiment with this car first.
  12. Statek

    M44B19 misfire at idle - SOLVED

    Yep, replaced those too ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  13. Statek

    M TOY M3

    This is the sort of stuff you normally should go back and discuss with the business who performed the job. Did you approach Ray about it? I've seen several cars done by him and they're all done to a high standard.
  14. Statek

    M44B19 misfire at idle - SOLVED

    Yes Sorry, I've done quite a few things in the last few months and no longer remember them all. I'll add that to my previous post.
  15. Statek

    M44B19 misfire at idle - SOLVED

    Kept trying to sort the issue out. - Scanned ECU - no codes, diagnostics didn't show anything interesting - Replaced DISA - Swapped cam sensor with one from another vehicle - Unplugging the O2 sensor didn't change anything, so replaced the O2 sensor with a new Denso sensor (only around $40US, so worth a shot) I've had several friends use the car, and nobody noticed anything wrong, so I'm beginning to think I'm being overly sensitive. If it keeps bothering me, I'll attempt the timing, but I'm overly busy at work recently and don't really have time/desire to mess around with it.