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  1. Turns out the inner rack ends were replaced and some non-OE lock washers have made it on instead of the spacered washers BMW designed. Sorted now thanks to @M3AN gifting me the proper set. Tyres no longer rub Also sorted the other WoF items out: windscreen washer pump, front brake hoses, new wipers all around, both rear fuel hoses, p/s belt. Just need to arrange a recheck.
  2. I've PM'd you Thanks! I'll let you know, pending result of the above
  3. @M3AN, any pointers where i should look for the rack stops in NZ, or are they available ex-overseas only? I've got an issue with wheel rub on my (what I assume is) stock E36 rack.
  4. Finally got my brother-in-laws E46 330i out of the garage and got the E36 in. Time to start addressing WoF issues. First question - why would both front wheels be rubbing on the inside rear at full lock? it's running 205/55/16 with et44 wheels. Wheel alignment looks fine (it's not, but it definitely isn't toeing out so much as to cause this). I chucked a style 68 on to see if it would make a difference, but still rubbing. Googling around, makes me think that the rack may not have steering rack stops? Anyone able to confirm if this might be the cause? (for reference: https://www.turnermotorsport.com/image/suspension/e36_rack_stop.pdf)
  5. I think he means that the lines appear to have been lost in that colour - you can't tell that it has the 'swollen' M3 body. It might just be pics
  6. Grey 👌 Sorry, not sorry 🤗
  7. Sorted the seat adjuster cables - hidden screw directly under the rail. Also sorted the net on the back. Seats still need a good clean, which I'll do before chucking them both in the car.
  8. Yeah man, the plan is to go with the m-sport kit love how they look. You're right - there's not many tourings, and that's why i went with it.
  9. Yep, got it from Brent. Don't hold your breath - this is a long-term project plus I need to squirrel away money without my better half noticing I'll be making a list of parts which need replacing or reconditioning as I find them, then i'll slowly rebuild the car depending on priority or availability of parts. Luckily I found a goldmind of touring parts in the UK. The biggest and scariest job for me will be the body work...
  10. Ebay UK might be a way to go - i find there's a good selection of parts for my e36 touring. Whatever and wherever you order from - make sure it's for a RHD!
  11. On the weekend I found some decent condition front seats to replace those ratty ones. I've never really been for leather, but they were the best seats in all 5 pick-a-part/zebra-u-picks in Auckland, they seem pretty comfy and they'll match the leather door cards. So took a portion of the interior apart to give the car a semi clean before it goes for a WoF this weekend - the car seems to have been pretty unloved so it took a while to get it looking semi decent. I also took the sagging headliner off as i'll be retrimming it in a little while - but at least now i don't have to lean my seats that low to drive it anywhere. I started fitting the new seats into the car when I found that someone had raided the donor car and took the forward/backward sliding adjustment cable out from the driver's seat. Not the biggest deal, because i've got a spare cable in the old seats, but for the life of me I can't figure out how to disassemble the seat controls from the seat to take the old cable off. Does anyone have advice or a link to a guide for forward/backward seat adjustment cable replacement? I can't find anything about these manual seats on the internet...
  12. Thanks, but i'll stick with my spare set of Style 68s for now while I tidy up the car - I'll probably end up getting some shinier spinners later down the line...
  13. It is indeed a great starting point long road ahead!
  14. So since I don't have weekends to do anything fun, but still wanted something to tinker with, I decided on a longer-term tidy up project. Loosely "tidy up", as it will likely take much sweat and blood and probably a bucket load of $$ to bring this unloved wagon back to some sort of respectability. I have a vague idea of how I want this to turnout, but initially it will be a matter of cleaning up, sanitising it and making sure it's road worthy. Rough list of things which need addressing: Exterior: peeling clear coat, few dents, few small rust spots Interior: seats, door trims, roof lining, a really good clean Engine seems healthy, although wanting to upgrade later down the line Mechanical list of things pending WoF Wish me luck!
  15. I'm currently looking for E30 coupe or a wagon as a long term project - but no rush, as I have other priorities for now. I'll PM contact details
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