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  1. Nice s4, is it a good example?
  2. No regrets, the nice ones i enjoyed and allowed me to move to the next car (about 12 or 13 E30s, most immaculate nz new cars with a couple of less good ones... Perhaps the Alpina c2 2.7 with suspected 325i motor; for the pittance I sold her for I could have kept and these days had prof restored and sourced a 2.7.
  3. hi, 

    oke36 , i  have rear acuator £20

     and just a drivers hellrot wing mirror wiv  glass, £45 and post, 

     ok thanks

  4. hi, ok yes got ther acuator on the rear door  £  20. 

      the mirror on got the the drivers wiv glass £40 and post, 

  5. nath

    1998 Alpina B3

    Thanks and you're right- how great would A green be?!
  6. nath

    1998 Alpina B3

    It's been a while since I've owned a BMW, been in company cars for a while with a urs6 and mgbgt to play with. Anyway picked this up a while back and have been returning her to spec- hence my advert seeking standard hellrot wing mirrors and an Alpina rear spoiler instead of the m3 items. She is a 3.2 Switchtronic, which is basically a tuned 5 speed zf auto with buttons on back of the steering wheel, Effectively always driving in sport mode, then using the 's' position as manual mode(normal s function is not available)
  7. One ratty E28 on the motorway this morning at Greenlane with another ratty E28 on a trailer!
  8. As above, in NZ for a sedan, cheers nathan
  9. Excellent condition, painted hellrot/bright red $100 Located Auckland Viaduct
  10. Just measured mine...
  11. Hi guys I did an engine oil change on the m52 (Alpina 3.2L) and about 9.5L came out. Based on the 328i, there should be 6.5L in there. The sump has the 328 part number, there doesnt appEar to be any engine oil cooler. Filling with 6.5L, the level is about 10-15mm below the low mark (low-high range=~15mm). The dipstick tube is fully seated and correct 328i, but the dipstick itself googles most easily as e39 528i but is part of a moosh of superseded parts and numbers which sometimes show 328i. Used realoem etc etc. is anyone able to shine light on the situation for me? All international forum postings have people reciting the prayer-book's 6.5L. cheers
  12. Hi guys wtb: 1x rear side door e36 sedan lock actuator only Pair of e36 standard wing mirrors in hellrot, could swap for my current m3 style Auckland based ta
  13. Removed gross AC rear roof spoiler
  14. If I hadn't added a car only this week, I'd buy the E30 tomorrow. leichtbau you do not need another 2.7
  15. Thanks for that, I have been out of the BMW thing for a long time, will BMW/dealers respond to a serious in-person request for the build sheet? I'm serious to make sure this car is trim-correct. Or what are the paid services? Happy to pay. Cheers
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