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  1. Beaut thanks- ill be in touch
  2. As per title, I have a 3.15 and want a 3.46 which my car was built with. E36 328i auto 3.46 please. Ideally a swap or trade for my 3.15 Auckland based
  3. Not quite today, but removed rear spoiler and m3 mirrors and clear lights back to original spec recently:
  4. Really nice wine coloured e38 740iL on the bridge after work today, extremely tidy and looked the part in the twilight traffic.
  5. nath

    1998 Alpina B3

    Feels like a snow plough too- absolutely awful to drive anywhere with any semblance of speed bump, driveway lip or incline
  6. nath

    1998 Alpina B3

    The sides are red, that's black plasti-dip.. She just looks like a big red whale with them colour coded I reckon. As you know I do have the mtech door mouldings but I'm not convinced about fitting them to a car which I'm keen to make original.
  7. nath

    1998 Alpina B3

    Swapped all clear lights for amber, and m3 mirrors for standard in an attempt to creep towards assumed originality. I'm not totally sold on the new look of lights so far. Thing is, were the upgraded items put on by Alpina? By dealer? By owner when near new? Hard to say what constitutes originality. The zender/msport rear spoiler is going- as soon as I can get it off or find a replacement red bootlid!
  8. What is a marmite boot spoiler??!!
  9. Exactly what does locked away mean- driven once a year or so I guess? I have two very humble excellent condition low km modern classic cars and keep them locked away. One rego on hold and the other up to date and does get driven once a month or so. It keeps her out there and lubed up, but not so much that she gets stone chips or other damage from UV etc. My old henna e30 is starting to look attractive again to me, and i see is still for sale...
  10. https://www.trademe.co.nz/trade-me-motors/car-parts-accessories/bmw/suspension/auction-3026285515.htm Give me your amber facelift e36 sedan indicators/wing mirrors and you may have this Auckland
  11. 135d is nice, but Ray I'm just waiting for BMW/ALPINA E30 0266 to emerge...
  12. Post#2: Removed horrible '98LPNA' europlates from the e36 and got standard issue, chanced the first two letters as my initials!
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