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  1. Had a general fiddle to see if something has changed causing the power steering-esque groan since having susp worked on. Found this beauty:
  2. Interesting. Maybe the casual fitment of these (the control arms are standard non-M3) is in line with the replica ACS rear window spoiler and fake Alpina grille badge which were on it when I purchased... Just fluff that the owner bought online perhaps. *EDIT*: Apparently the B3 3.2 came with offset bushes Anyway, Upon closer inspection the toe was way out. bringing that back to zero has eliminated rubbing and given around 10+mm clearance full lock(8" front rim width). Now to convince my WOF guys that no witchcraft has been performed... Unfortunately his opinion is that you would need a huge adjustment in the rack to achieve this- despite the opposite being true.
  3. Thanks guys that gives me something to base my checks on. A few notes and admissions: The new front tyres are 225 (should be 235) and as a consequence of sidewall availabilities they ARE a whistle larger diameter. So naturally that will be contributing to rub, but doesn't explain it fully with no rub on the left. The car has offset control arm bushings with BMW part numbers. It is an Alpina B3, but would have 328i gear not M3 I'd have thought? Unsure if these would contribute to rubbing. Control arms have been replaced. I'll have a look this eve perhaps to see if a simple case of re-centering the rack me resolve the issue, despite the tyre sizes?
  4. Hi guys I took the E36 in for a Wof today and they noticed rubbing in the wheel well. The wheels turn to the right all the way to hitting the well. Not to the left. No issues with short travel to the left though. Is it possible that limiters/stops have broken/worn out? The car has 90 miles. It may be just now that I'm focused on it, but It seems like now I can hear/feel a bit of power steering pump or rack noise. The car is mint in other respects, certainly not a sloppy girl. cheers!
  5. Roger that. They were standard on the B3 3.2 but mine seems to have the 328i unit, perhaps from frontal damage.
  6. As pictured, I'm after the plastic top cowl from an E36 M3. cheers nath
  7. Long ish press release but interesting read, sometimes need to read between the lines (I get the feeling Alpina dont like electric). Alpina sold to BMW Group
  8. Ah, so the steering wheel wants refinishing and the stickers removing, doesn't look tired? Appears same condition or better than the Dakar and Fiji equivalents which have been selling high. Has the side airbag non-delaminating door card inserts too.
  9. Last night on a motorway detour up Onewa Rd, saw a nice red Mtech2 E30 followed by what sounded like a fire-breathing e36 coupe.. although there was some rice around too so the sound may not have been bmw.
  10. Nice Technoviolet E36 M3 with non-original wing and wheels in Onehunga yesterday
  11. It 'would' be, but that's not really the case. E30 purchases and other such value increases of low level cars are driven purely by the NZ real estate market and interest rates. Watch sales slow as NZX shares continue their downward trend and mortgage rates continue to rise. Not to say that prices will drop, but sales volumes do slow. At a stretch you could say that houses/mortgage rates have introduced a new 'investor' to the car market.
  12. Should have added- all 1989, 635 photo is at Herne Bay
  13. Few pics from Kura of BMWs in the '80s
  14. Ahah yes! Took her out on a sunny evening for a walk to mission bay for a burger
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