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  1. Exactly what does locked away mean- driven once a year or so I guess? I have two very humble excellent condition low km modern classic cars and keep them locked away. One rego on hold and the other up to date and does get driven once a month or so. It keeps her out there and lubed up, but not so much that she gets stone chips or other damage from UV etc. My old henna e30 is starting to look attractive again to me, and i see is still for sale...
  2. https://www.trademe.co.nz/trade-me-motors/car-parts-accessories/bmw/suspension/auction-3026285515.htm Give me your amber facelift e36 sedan indicators/wing mirrors and you may have this Auckland
  3. When car rego fees changed 5 to 10 years ago i was laughing all the way to the bank that my 20 year old C4 audi urs6 was in the lowest cost/ safest category because there aren't enough of them around to crash!
  4. 135d is nice, but Ray I'm just waiting for BMW/ALPINA E30 0266 to emerge...
  5. Post#2: Removed horrible '98LPNA' europlates from the e36 and got standard issue, chanced the first two letters as my initials!
  6. Fingers crossed repaired the bad business rds radio reception in my e36 due to bad/non existent antenna amplifier earth. Will take for a quick run today to test. Also brought her back from cbd storage to my house finally. Left the urS6 there, chances are ill swap again as i like the S6 so much!
  7. I also had great service from him on my 1996 Audi front seat which at 140km has more wear than usual on side bolster. A touch too grippy but look great. I haven't used the car in 6 months so can't comment on the resistance to wear and tear.
  8. What bloody stupid photos- when will people learn that advert photos need to be neutral, representative and well lit? Childish shots along the car's flanks never scream 'well priced deal'.
  9. Done and done. Fantastic thanks Andrew- tanks tested perfectly.
  10. Im based in Remuera, boat hauled at Milford but tanks are as good as already on my ute. Considering I went to Tuakau twice for these, anything's local!
  11. Bump updated, now looking for all bog standard items to swap
  12. Hi guys Favour sought. I had the fuel tanks from my boat stolen during haulout for engine replacement. I managed to find a tank builder who after a litany of errors and f ups produced two 4mm t6 ali fuel tanks. To make double sure, i pressure yested them myself and found two pinhole leaks in two welds. In a timely manner, is anyone in auckland able to zap these pinholes up for me? The builder is on holiday. The tanks are not large, 170L each can fit in my ute. Beers or similar available for you 🙂 cheers nathan
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