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  1. The H. Behemoth

    M3 front lip e36

    Well, for what its worth, you can import some aftermarket ones from europe, I have private contacts in some large shops, have imported entire new bumpers with lips before for less than what second hand stuff goes for here; not oem, aftermarket but high quality stuff. Can put you through if its any help.
  2. The H. Behemoth

    1999 323ci turbo/sc info wanted

    Yours is not OBDI. Post 1995 / 328/ M52 on wards, you are II. What you got there is likely an variant of the MS41.X ECU, have even seen MS4X ECU's that cant be flashed (Aus Import) in NZ, One of the cars in a local Racing Team I sponsor. Look up realoem and put the last 7 digits of your vin, should tell you your ECU IIRC. http://www.realoem.com/ That and I got well over two dozen tunes and maps here you can have along with a 30+ page installation guide you can try on. But we have had even MS45 (YES) done in the UK. the MS41 is easy enough to do it all yourself, dont pay some bloke to install anything either. Do can do it yourself, But it takes time. And grab yourself an AFR setup off innovatinve while you are at it. Now Deal is that ECU is very easy to do yourself, you can get 95% close, It wont be as good as Dyno tune at the right peoples but if you look into Rom Raider Project and learn it, then you can tune it yourself. Rom Raider: http://www.romraider.com/forum/ Then you can grab some VW K line Cables off ebay and some modifications to it, a decent laptop with Win 7/XP and get to work. I will have some videos up on my channel later how to set those up. Make sure its got the REAL Chip in it, dont buy it locally and watch out if buying from china, We have our sources for everything, Also my good acquaintance in Finland has a free tool, Test-O that allows you to Log the Data on your BMW as you drive and fine tune it, below is a video on how thats done. Some of it is in German, so if you cant read Deutsch, just request on the topic with the right module that worked for you and we will translate it. TestO https://www.bimmerforums.com/forum/showthread.php?1830510-Diagnostic-program-with-realtime-graph-view Now my personal take is, Well what are your goals? If its just a fun little car then save your money, and dont do ARP and MLS if you are going SC14 Route. Your motor will be fine upto 8PSI. Years ago I have pushed upwards on 12 on an Stock M52 but thats me. Anything more than 8 out of the SC14 and it wont be efficient anymore and not only that your trans if its an auto cant handle it, and your MAF will start to exceed its 3000K Limit, See our setups will get you full boost around 3K RPM usually. So the MAF will max out if you want to push it much. Add an 1750ohm resistor in the signal wire (yellow).. Again a good tune is needed. That said as far as engine building goes, if you are dead set on it, then I say unlike USA very few of these motors get properly Built here in ol NZ, (Due to either personal know how, finances, time whatever) and if you are going that deep fella you would not want to stick to a SC14, thats a blower suited for pushing an Stock Engine. See an SC14 and 300HP - 350HP is a Toy. Granted the American Endurance Race car that uses my setup saw well over 400HP and got 3rd Place, but thats already starting with a bigger motor (S52B32 US) and a built one, so the blower is just cherry on top. See, On a built engine what you want there is something that can actually push said 'built engine'. IMHO You want a M122H there. That will stock underdrven mind you put down a bar of boost with an intercooler, and you can actually push an built motor with that as it can easily go over 2 bars or more. It can also be restricted to 9PS if you absolutely want, but why would you want to restrct this beast? Now we currently have an M50TUB30 Stoker Build in NJ at my friend Keith's place, Built, and with that motor and the M122H our goal is midrange, around 500-600. As for Tuning we are using the Ostrich II Emulator, below is a Teaser from last year, first prototype in 2017, we have entered mass production of these this year. Also, for those interested, I made an post here yesterday addressing & correcting some haters, Showcasing our work I think its been moved to make an separate topic named marketing, would it remain there, I do not know. If people who like such projects or can appreciate the work, time etc that goes into these things can look past their differences then I am sure it will remain and even get a proper topic title but as it stands we all know what the deal is and where I am at and if people want to bury the facts and truth then it wont. Either way, regardless of all that, And by all means, look around and see for yourself, and do listen to the newspapers, and actual many in the client base than the few 'haters' who go on. I hope this helps and I hope that other post helps too. I am not much of a forum person, even the bigger international forums, cant make time for, but if you post here and I come across it, i will try to assist you with what I can or least put you in the right direction. Go well now. Warm Regards,
  3. Hello everyone! Its only fair I am allowed to say a word when so much of me is being discussed. All tall words and tales mean nothing, Here is the proof of my work. 3rd Place in American Endurance Races 2017 (3rd Out of 80 Cars) 24Hr Endurance Race: Dyno Pull: 38th Place in Bimmerfest East USA 2017 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Mu7SGnrPoI&t= Bix 7 2018 UK National Kit Car Show Stoneleigh (May Issue) https://www.facebook.com/dmosportscars/ First ever M122H GT500 Blower on a BMW I6. Capable of 13 - 30PSI. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7_klgYGm0zA Pre Production: Dynos from an M54B30 NZ Build only 6 PSI. Literally Hundreds of Clients world wide. Brackets current evolution is V2.1 X (Adds support for Larger Alternators), are powder coated, robots who do welding at the factory who makes parts for BOSH, Yes, thats how big we are now. Never had a Complaint. Also sell plans, if you make it yourself, you are responsible for the quality. I also dont do tuning, that costs more, Have Tuners in UK, EU and USA. Brackets are universal. Ships from UK. Craftsmanship and Quality Guarantied. Quality: How brackets are made: