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  1. Mounts weldin doon🤗🤗🤗 20210120_183206.mp4
  2. Inspect & prep for final welds tomorrow🤗🤗🤗. Aiming for first test drive before 14 Feb....let's see..
  3. Lava matt Heat shield Heat wrap Heat sleeve. Welder buddy coming on 27th to final....
  4. "Yassisss..."😅😅😅 Nah lekker brru...after cam she gonna be one!!!
  5. Ja mai brru...but even my topie tunes parts are rare as boere managers daar. My ou gonna be a super MADHIRR...but that escourt gonna skiet soos a Bliksem...hoor....yerrrrrr😳😳😳
  6. Mounting of gas paddle. Inspection for any header & exhaust leaks. Prep for all final welding.
  7. Soooo...2250-3000 port cam tune or Uh...around 1500 for panel & paint Or...1500-2000 to install E60 M5 diff...or ..ITBs injectors and tune...2000-3000 maybes... Or....1500 for some wider muddha wheels & tyres... or...or..nah...thanks homs...all these would be first
  8. Now where did I get "carbon" from🤯🤪...ok...you got me...give me a price...I'll say no...and we can just get on with our lives..
  9. Homs...you can do it..screenshot and post any pic here. Try it...it works😎😎have faith in your self kuzz.. Nah..all stock ones...the equation looks like drunken alien lingo to me homs. ..im trying to dissect and get deeep into why...then how..then...ok maybe figure out the Massive kidney effect...you got me kuzz...?😂😂
  10. My dad and brother in Sa are almost complete with thier 2-3 year project...well...soon😎 Had a 3.4 Ford V6 in... Now a cobra fully rebuilt cammed 289 stroked +-300cc engine...dynoed 270 kw...revs up like a bike.. had a 3sp auto in the cobra so they fitted a 5 spd manual box in. Fully stripped out....so maybe +-8-900 kgs. Massive diff at rear with 275s 15s to be added Cut and fabricated the whole tunnel and relocating basically every freakin thing..😂😂 They plan to move down here to Nz in a year or so and bring that with.
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