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  1. mount fan, lower coolant hose needed, power steering hose to adapt or will get one made, mount acc pedal, brake and clucth hoses to fit and bleed...then..πŸš€
  2. Since daar is Bokke hierrrr... Chucked some biltong in the other day brrus...made my own machine...fully acrylic..
  3. Hahah...is mooi ne....
  4. And whos these owens praat van gushesh...
  5. Alot of cheap good cars in Springbok land brru
  6. https://www.gumtree.co.za/a-cars-bakkies/sandton/2003-bmw-m3-coupe-csl-grey-with-85000km-available-now/1006689877790911152620309
  7. https://www.gumtree.co.za/a-cars-bakkies/centurion/bmw-e30-325is-alpine-turbo/1007985903920910424660109 Now thats how E30 M3s should of been manufactured!!!.... Still loved our 333i's though
  8. Cut, smashed, bashed, ground, hit, yanked....and managed to get enough clearance for fan to sit behind...πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€— Used 0.5 of A twin holden fan setup🀯
  9. Mount up with fan tomorrow..might fit fan in front ....will see.
  10. Last Saturday a39e115e62215563b1bda831be80654b.mp4 a39e115e62215563b1bda831be80654b.mp4
  11. To final weld, sort center mounts and add flexis when i find short enough ones... Sourced radiator. 26Γ—19Γ—2,25 " 2020-08-01-185628609.mp4
  12. Link these up tomorrow then the exhaust shes doon!!
  13. Mounting fuel reg, have to shift lower cos thinking about the max space needed for cold air induction. An older holden v8 radiator might fit. Getting brake booster and fluid hoses....then I can bleed the clutch and brakes.... That shifter feels freaking GREAT!! Like one of those you just want to SMASH IT into 2nd....not like i ever plan or intend to...😎 Finally got me a knipex...man the cut smooth az!! Effortlessly!! These 275/35/20s came in for and e60...had to set them up for a pic😍😍
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