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  1. https://youtu.be/GSWAogtizw0
  2. Quick clean and spray before installing. Couldn't fit such a quality set without making it a tad tidy. Just a quickone for now... Panel and paint after the cert. Really enjoyed this stage of the build. Jap stance soon ay😅 Front way too lower than the rears.
  3. Ooook....we shall knight thee...Mr VQ
  4. What a build!!😍🤓. Awesome work there man. Smooth engine. Not a fan of any Japo...but respect their refinements & strenghts with power figures. Admire your precise way brru. Keep it up. Let me know if you need anything. You fitted a regulator valve with the fuel pump...?
  5. Why...what you building homs
  6. Opened the LsBeemas present now..... Always wanted good brand for the coil overs...and...
  7. 🏋️‍♂️ VID-20200918-WA0003.mp4
  8. Rears....uhhh...abit ok...Lights too big. But therest...😍😍😍💪
  9. Will shift the fuel filter under the car when I pull the engine out after first cert inspection to access pipes. Also will make heat shields. Got aome 160 farenheit.. 72' thermostats...wanting 78s...doing some research on high Ls operating temps.. [08/04, 01:20] Jason: Operating temperatures have been a great debate for years..... So lets look at it this way. Why does GM run these cars at 200-220 degrees? They wear less there? The engines heat allow it to swell to deliver the acceptable tolerance. When you run your motor cooler/tighter you are going to wear parts quicker. How hot does nascar run their motors lap after lap? Is it because they can only control it but so much or is there power and longevity there? Just food for thought Exactly... and I strongly agree. It's not like it costs GM "more" to put a lower temp thermostat - there's a reason GM likes their engines running between 190 to 225. Heck, a stock c7 thermostat is what, 190F? They're trying to get away with the highest possible temperature for fluidity, before obvious engine life reduction - this temperature range is what they believe results in the greatest balance of engine longevity, and performance. Reply [08/04, 01:20] Jason: The key rationale behind a higher ECT is engine efficiency and emissions. Yes, component wear and performance are considerations as well - but the biggest factor is efficiency. Higher coolant temp means a smaller difference in temp between cylinder (during combustion) and the water jacket - which means less heat transfer from combustion to coolant - which means better thermal efficiency and better emissions. This improves fuel economy and reduces how much precious metals must be put into the catalyst in order to meet emissions regulations. There are arguments to be made that all things equal (aside from coolant temp), that an engine operating @ 200F will experience less wear than the same engine @ 160F, but it depends a lot on the component tolerances. You'll always make a handful more power running cooler, because the air will be heated less by engine components, and will therefore be more dense. When I did engine development work on the dyno, when we wanted to post the absolute highest power number we could without "cheating" (pressurizing the test cell a little, or putting the exhaust suckers really close to the header collectors, etc etc), we would get the oil temp up to 250-260, and pull the coolant temp down to 150-160. This was always worth some power.
  10. https://www.motor1.com/news/499307/bmw-5-series-giant-grille/
  11. Tested and hesitation sorted!!🤗🤗🤗 Fuel filter added, shifted fpr, alls cooler. No flat spot or cutting off. She runs smoother and idles normal after heating up. Will tidy up. BCs looking like a strong possibility 😎😎
  12. Will pull out the motor nd trans in 2 weeks. Priced cam kit. Starting the research for porting and polishing. Sourcing the tools. Stock 260kw. Aiming for 380. https://youtu.be/9GeQCY7vyZI
  13. https://www.autoevolution.com/news/bmw-ev-unofficial-sketch-shows-possible-life-after-m4-grille-158768.html 🤔
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