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  1. Heeeeeeaps of space Mate..hahah..nah great job man. With those header sets helping ay. When the first lockdown kicked in I could only grap the material. What an adventure...loved it. Enjoy this process man...when you hear that sound over and over when she runs...each start up will liven you up abit more. Those Neeesarn V6s sound smooth az. This was the easy side..
  2. Trur brru...sounding pansy ay..😔all you need is a hammer and some Wood🤣🤣
  3. Hard without a workshop man...eish🙄🙄🤯🤯 Hammers and some wood to panel and shape..🤓..annyway..
  4. Assembling the front. Relocated the relocated FPR again for a bigger airbox. Working on the floor...nahhh man. Not for me ay. Miss the hoist. Annnyway...better than not being able to working and enjoying this Beast. Stealth se Gad.....sleepers se moer😎😎 SA lingo... PURPOSE..!!.who cares about hiding.... As long as we dont pose ay...like a wanna be boy racers🤣🤣
  5. Wrapped homs. For the steering shaft mainly. I'd weld some mounting points and fit some shields later. Or maybe coat them. This is only to get the cert.
  6. https://www.motor1.com/news/508005/bmw-m4-csl-spied/ Ooo...... that sound 😏😏😏
  7. Yea man...fully understand...cash homs...most of it going to the house deposit🙄
  8. Went in for 5hrs, fitted headers, loved it, engine and box in, finalising alot, tight fit with header wrap and heat shields, brought the car home. Towed. Ecu down south with programmer for ecu light and fans fault. 😤. Finally time to put the epoxy coat on the coffee table. With some glow in the dark pigment for the cracks. Want to do a river ...
  9. First time rapping...50cent aint gor jack..😎 Not allowed to work...😤😤😤...annnnnnyway...safety first. Polished mee sword eventually with some free time at home..
  10. Part 2 with the headers..Finally got them raised!! 2 driveshaft loop...man my fabricating got to nek level with this project😍😍YOU'LL NEVER KNOW YOUR CAPABILITIES AND WHAT POTENTIAL IS IN YOU UNTIL YOU TRUST YOURSELF AND JUST DO IT!!! New gearbox mount for exhaust clearances Headers wrap Will add more gussets. New list.
  11. Thanks man...but im moving slow. Time poor i tel ya!! Annnyway...at least you'll have heaps of time during the festive to smash.
  12. Hi Beemabrruss...... For sale: 2002 BMW E39 525i 202XXXkm M54b25 engine This sad SAD time has come I have delayed this for 3 years. She parks at home under cover and rarely gets used. One of the Beema has to go to add to the house deposit. I imported a Holden L98 V8 with a T6060 manual gearbox from Australia to give her the power she deserves but just didnt want to upset the way she is... So a Nz new e36 came up, and the LsBeema was born. Anyway... Im an Automotive technician here in Mt Roskill, Auckland Bought the car 8 years ago with 160xxxkm with certed coilovers. Automatic transmission packed up. Manual conversion was done. 523i donor. Regularly well serviced with the engine oil flushed each time. Replaced Air, fuel and cabin filters, iridium spark plugs, drive belts, gearbox & diff oils, wipers blades. Crankcase ventilation valve kit and hoses, oil filter housing gasket. Maf sensor& throttle body cleaned. Expansion tank, radiator cap& hoses, cooling system flushed with new coolant. Pressure tested. Front shocks reconditioned, front lower control arms/bushes, rear lower control arm bushes, rear sway bar links. Cool blue Hella bulbs. Headlight adjuster kit. LED number plate bulbs. Front brake pads with rotors machined. New brake fluid. Rear pads just below half. Handbrake shoes cleaned, inspected and adjusted. Replica AC Schnitzer wheels, resprayed,18×8,5 et13, 245/40 Firestone TZs all round. Hubs cleaned & lubed. Numerous wheel alignments done to get the tyreware at its minimum. Will add more pics of the later in the week. 022 689 5884. Think shes worth 15k...but not to sure ... Wanting 10000 ...open to offers... And please no time wasters or silly comments...OPEN TO OFFERS!!!
  13. https://www.motor1.com/news/522249/bmw-m4-cs-m3-csl/
  14. Finally a stage that I was sooooo looking forward to!!! Raising the exhaust...which meant engine& box out, had to cos of cert faults anyway, modify from headers, but had to fab a new gearbox mount for clearences though, clearances are TOIGHT BRRUS.....AND WHAT A STAGE OF THE BUILD....95% ...loving it!!! Now to silence this beast. Under cover. 20210724_094301.mp4
  15. Hi Bemabrrus... Is there anyone who works for BMW or knows someone who can get me a letter stating that my model was not an Airbag one...? Cert inspector requirements... LWH239
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