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  1. LsBeema

    LsBm2 Build

    Made a spray booth in the workshop, when will I learn not to do all in-house!! Anyway, extraction and heated... Alpine White. Have a design for the rollcage. Quick patchup on rear guards. Will spray the exterior after the cert. Much more tidy platform to start on. Getting pipes and plates ready for mounting on the rotisserie.
  2. LsBeema

    LsBm2 Build

    Making the rotisserie with a dual purpose of being the L98 startup cradle, when its not in use. Also, I just want to hear that V8 warm mee guts during winter. I did have some heating issues after lowering the radiator for the 4 inch Intake mod is the first build, so running it up here all setup will help.
  3. LsBeema

    LsBm2 Build

    Nah brru, kept him a Colour I always liked.
  4. LsBeema

    LsBm2 Build

    Ready to prep for painting the Interior and engine bay.
  5. LsBeema

    LsBm2 Build

    Time poor to explain brruh. https://vt.tiktok.com/ZSFTFUNN3/
  6. Thanks man. I managed to get a set. Now, just need time to fit them.
  7. LsBeema

    LsBm2 Build

    20240406_120610.mp4 20240406_120839.mp4 20240406_123956.mp4
  8. LsBeema

    LsBm2 Build

  9. LsBeema

    LsBm2 Build

    Removed race m54b30 engine and box, brakes, replaced suspension, water-based.
  10. Yo man, thanks for that. I couldn't even look at cars for abit, and with running the workshop ...ay...took months man. Next ones going to be even more Crazy!!!
  11. Thanks man. It was a Friday morning, just got my coffee, just rained, took off 1st 2nd 3rd cruised around 50kph, and an Asian dude runs the stop sign. I couldn't avoid, after hitting him I jumped out FURIOUS!!! The sleeping African Beast was going to beat the living crap out of the guy.. After hearing me scream at him while approaching, he opened one eye, and then shuts it and acts like he is passed out. The people from houses came out and that's when I banged his door and walked away. It was a nightmare man. Finally she was mechanically complete, justa respray left. Annnyway....it broke me. I had to pick myself up with having to run the workshop. My passion was dead for like 6 months. Dealing with his insurance company bla bla bla. Moving forward brru...
  12. Thanks Brru, it was tough man.
  13. For All thee Hardcores...if you know...you know.
  14. Bought the motor ages ago, plans to build a unit for polishing wheels.. time is the precious issue!!!
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