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  1. Hi gang, So after my stint with the android screen replacement, and the subsequent discovery that (a) it was not suited to the convertible owing to extreme glare and (b) I managed to crack my original iDrive screen, I decided to embark on an NBT retrofit. My insurance is kind enough to pick up the tab since I put the claim through them and the NBT retrofit costs half of what just a replacement CIC screen costs. Why NBT and not EVO? This was a tough decision, but ultimately I chose to go with NBT since EVO would mean losing my HUD. There would also be some issues with regards to the screen since a modified F15 screen would be supplied. The NBT kit would allow me to retain the HUD, but I was unhappy with being supplied the older-looking display (plastic frames with no glass). Bimmer Retrofit were unable to source an LCI display (they didn't even know you got those). Here's a rundown of the screens: Notice how the NBT EVO screen shape is just slightly different. Either way, even when comparing these to, say, an X5's NBT display it's clear that no other model's display would fit given how wide the original CIC display trim was designed to be. The mounting is also different to most every other BMW (two screws on the bottom, two screws on the back plate and two screws along the top) So, I managed to find a supplier who sells the glass LCI screens brand new, and mine arrived today. US$299 is a steal: I hooked it up to our F15 X5 to make sure it works, and it does. 100%. I'll keep this thread updated with the retrofit progress. LINK to display supplier.
  2. hugo_nz

    Changed sparkplugs...comments on old ones?

    This is the culprit. The new plug I installed on cylinder 8 seems to be faulty. Swapped plugs and coils between 7 and 8 and the misfire followed to no 7 along with lumpy acceleration just before the car went into limp. Put one of the better looking old plugs back and presto, no limp, no misfire and no my lumpy acceleration. I also checked the injectors with an endoscope today. All of them are index 09. I re-entered all their adaption values in ISTA and did a cylinder purge. Immediately noticed how the smell of the exhaust gas went from fuel-rich to smelling no worse than water vapour.
  3. Hi Folks, Finally received the socket required to change the plugs on the 6er. Did it this morning, and it was a fairly quick and painless job. Old plugs don't look great, and right after I put everything back together took the car for a drive and had a misfire on cylinder 8. Now, my car has been having some random misfire issues which is why I decided to swap out the plugs and coils. Only injectors left to check (will use an endoscope to check the index numbers). ISTA did also report that the fuel pressure on bank one did not pass the diagnostic test, but the cylinder specific tests did not show any issues with the injectors :confused2 Anyway, photo of the old plugs below. Viewer link for full resolution: https://ibb.co/QKF3NGy Grateful for any feedback. H
  4. hugo_nz


    E60 would use a Dension Gateway 500s-bt if you have a CD changer.
  5. hugo_nz

    Wrapped interior wood

    Thanks for the comments folks. I think the gloss wood has a place in certain types of cars. I am not a fan of brushed aluminium and even less of piano black. My other option was carbon fiber (which I now subsequently have 2x1.5m worth of lying in my office)
  6. hugo_nz

    Wrapped interior wood

    I have been slowly warming up to the idea of open-pore, non-glassy wood trim in cars. It looks super great in the X5, and I am kind-of over the glossy wood idea on premium sports cars. So, I found a black wood grain textured vinyl and proceeded to wrap the 6-er's wood trim. Not my first time doing a wrap, but first time using a heat gun whilst wrapping and boy does it make a world of difference. The Vinyl is super easy to mold around curves and corners. Anyway, pics attached. Let me know what you think 🙂
  7. hugo_nz

    My 6-er is getting a big brother/sister

    Holy shitballs. I just looked at the historic prices. It was like $500k new in SGD (or around $600k NZD)
  8. hugo_nz

    My 6-er is getting a big brother/sister

    Yup imported. And not surprising given that the Design Pure lines were $7000 options (7 seat models). The B&O sound option was $10k. Whoever ordered this car new was rolling in it. A quick calculation puts the NZ New equivalent at $210,000.
  9. hugo_nz

    My 6-er is getting a big brother/sister

    Z...actually lol. But nah, maybe $60 each a week in fuel for our regular kind of day to day driving.
  10. hugo_nz

    My 6-er is getting a big brother/sister

    Here it is folks! Pretty awesome ride and I love the fact that it handles like a sports car with the practicality of a SUV!
  11. hugo_nz

    Android Screen Replacement

    So the unit is not bad at all. I have made a video talking about the 5 things I love and hate about it. Overall it's a decent piece of kit and yeah, it's a nice way to get Apple Car Play. I removed mine from the 6er because the screen is glossy to the point of being useless with the roof down. Going to be doing an NBT retrofit soon 🙂 Link to the video:
  12. So I decided the NBT and EVO retrofits were both too compromised for me to consider but still wanted a more up to date system. Enter the Android screen replacement. I have been following Avin's progress in releasing theirs for months, but was put off by their final price. So I tracked down the OEM (I believe) who's head-units I have also used in other cars before. I paid just over US$500 for the unit, shipped and landed. Installed this evening and while the install was simple enough their very simplified installation instructions neglect to mention that the iDrive controller needs to be looped in too. Either way, will post my install photos tomorrow and do video review of the unit in the coming days. For now here's a photo of the finished look.
  13. My S.O had a car accident at the beginning for Feb, and the insurance wrote that car off. After many test drives, we narrowed down the choice to three models. F15 X5 Xd50i, Mercedes GLE 250d 4Matic, Jeep Grand Cherokee 3.6 Limited. After much agonizing, we settled on a replacement... the F15 X5 Xdrive 50i 🙂I didn't grab any photos off the dealer website before they took the car down, so these will have to do for now. It's very well spec'd with some highlights being:* Bang and Olufsen Sound* Surround view* Park assist* Exclusive Nappa Mokka (NAMY)* Fineline Pure textured wood* Interior and Exterior Design Pure Experience* Adaptive suspension pack 'Professional'* Comfort seats with memory* Pano roof* 3rd row searing* Ambient lighting* Soft close doors* HUD* Adaptive LED headlights* Individual Exterior Line - Burnished Aluminium He/She (haven't decided yet) is currently wrapped in matte silver, which looks awesome, and all the chrome has been blacked out (apart from the kidney surrounds). Underneath the paint colour is mineral silver metallic A14.On the second test drive, I took my Surface Pro along and hooked the car up to ISTA+ for a full diagnostic, fully expecting the control unit tree to be lit up lit up like Christmas lights. To my joy, there were only 2 errors, and both had to do with the battery needing replacement.The car is currently being prepped and serviced, and I'll collect it after returning from a business trip next week. Right now I have to go and move our garage shelving around to make sure the 5-er and the 6-er fit side-by-side.
  14. hugo_nz

    My 650i just had an awakening

    We'll 99% be taking the X5 home next week 😉
  15. hugo_nz

    My 650i just had an awakening

    So, my S.O was in an accident beginning of Feb, and the insurance has declared the car a total loss (considerable, given that it's only 1.5 years old, and was purchased brand new). So we have been car hunting. We test drove a slew of new cars on the weekend (Grand Cherokee, Jag E-Pace, BMW X3) and overall the Jeep was the most comfortable, the BMW the most engaging, and the Jag the most...well...generic. Not the topic of this post though. Today I test drove two pre-owned cars...a 2011 550i GT and a 2015 X5 50i. Both use the same N63 engine as my 6-er, albeit the N63TU in the X5. I was rather unhappy with the drives because BOTH drove BETTER than my 6-er. It's like the 5 and x5 we running on double-cream, and my 6-er was running on water with metal beads. Not great at all. This evening I hooked her up to ISTA+ and began a 2-hour long diagnostic session. I tested the engine for misfires, rough running, fuel mix, injector performance, fuel pressure, air intake, ignition coil functioning...the works. Finished off with a reset and relearn all adaption functions related to the DME. I also re-calibrated the EDC with new measurements and re-learned the dynamic drive defaults. Waited 15 minutes and took her for a test drive. Holy hell...the difference is night and day. Acceleration is smooth, linear and with zero hesitation. No shaking, no juddering, smooth idle and the ride is considerably more comfortable. Even the exhaust note is improved, from Eco Pro all the way through Sport+. Incredible result, and can't wait to take her on the motorway tomorrow to do some higher-speed testing. Moral of the story, if you have an F series BMW that's not running quite right...get an ESYS cable and run some tests. There's pretty much nothing you can break using ISTA+. ( I have a spare cable and software discs available if anyone is interested. $50)