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  1. Monday after a meeting I was getting onto the motorway when "bong" this error came up. The car went into limp mode, quite a bit of engine shake. Limped to Auckland City BMW, got a rental car organized through my American Express roadside assist benefit and proceeded to wait for BMW to quote repair. These result in anything from coils, fuel pumps, injectors, transmission...you name it. Luckily it was only the no 8 cylinder ignition coil that needed replacing, but while the car was there BMW also found leaking turbo coolant lines as well as a cracked rear differential mount. Fun and games, but Dylan (my service advisor) only phone me with the news after he received approval from Autosure to carry out the work 🙂 Picked the car up yesterday, cost me $1500 in excesses (3 claims because they are all unrelated) for around $5000 of work. The rear diff mounting is particularly labour intensive since you pretty much disassemble the entire rear suspension to get to it. Moral of the story, don't underestimate the value of warranties...
  2. hugo_nz

    Windscreen glass restore

    The kind you buy at New World. Just regular old steel wool...
  3. hugo_nz

    Windscreen glass restore

    Washing the 6-er this morning I noticed the windscreen was looking rather tired. Water spots all over and the entire surface was dull. The wiper area was a tad better but it was all rather sad looking. After a quick search on Google I used the following to restore the windscreen: Meguiar's SkratchX 2.0 and some steel wool. Now, it's difficult to show just how bloody effective it is but believe me, the windscreen looks good as new. Firm circular motions all across the windscreen and a good clean afterwards and finish off with a layer of RainX. Off topic: Moving inside the house I figured it might work on shower glass too and yup, it does. Shower glass is good as new now after several unsuccessful attempts with shower witch and other chemical cleaners.
  4. hugo_nz

    My F12 650i Vert

    Detailed the interior today...she is sooo pretty.
  5. Why BMW sells a quarter-million-dollar car without lumbar support is just beyond me. The sports seats are comfortable enough on short trips, but even an hour-long motorway commute in the morning can become a pain...no pun intended. I have been researching doing a lumbar retrofit using BMW parts. The wiring and install are both super easy, and the lordosis pad and pump cheap enough to get on eBay, BUT the biggest obstacle is the lumbar control switch on the side of the seat. In previous generations, this used to be a separate switch so retrofitting it was easy. Now, however, it is integrated on the main PCB of the switch cluster, meaning you have to either buy a new switch cluster from BMW or find one on eBay. I have not been able to find any sports seat with lumbar switches at all. Only the basic one (like I have) or the full monty for the comfort seats (which interface with the car differently so not an option). Now, there are plenty of manual lumbar pump solutions out there using little hand pumps and what not, but I know myself well enough to admit that this option simply won't do. So, after some searching and negotiation with an overseas manufacturer, I have ordered a lumbar and massage retrofit kit. Comes with: Air Pump Controller 6 air pods for massage 1 lumbar pad 2 wired switches Power connector Installation is a simple two-wire affair using an inline fuse, so no need to tap into the car's fuse relays. The cost of this kit is much less than retrofitting with used BMW parts, let alone new ones. I will update more on the progress once the kit arrives. If it passes muster I am considering importing a bunch of them for resale. In the meantime, fed up with the lack of lumbar support I decided to install some padding today. I used an old yoga matt and installed between the seat cushion and wire-frame (exactly where the lumbar pad would be).
  6. Good to know. ISTA+ recons my front pads are at 26% so will be doing those soon. Will give Sterling a call.
  7. Yes, they are refunding the new bolts, the removal of the stuck one as well as what I paid for the wheel balancing that started all of this.
  8. So the 6-er has been an...interesting car so far. This is the tale of my recent rear brake change... The rear brakes were getting on, with the little orange car showing up every time I start the car. Now, I have driven top-shelf German cars for the longest time and know full well the maintenance cost associated with them, but BMW New Zealand is taking this piss when it comes to part prices. Rear brake pads and a sensor for almost $500, I think not...thank you very much. With the F12 not being all that popular in NZ none of the spares places have any brake pads for them, nor for the F10 it would seem, so I went the eBay route (which I have done plenty of times before). I bought these: EBAY LINK. $250 for front and rear pads...sweet. Then I get a letter from Auckland Transport in the mailbox. "Dear so and so, your next WOF is on us!"...yep, the WOF that was done on my car when I purchased it was done by one of the now-suspended inspectors, and I need to get it re-checked before the end of January 2019. No worries, brake pads are on their way so once that's sorted the car will be good as gold. Shipment "with" pads arrive from the UK...tracking status updated to "shortage" which means that the pads were on the manifest, but not in the cargo. Great, no I have to lodge a claim with eBay. Fine, I'll get a refund, but now my car is screaming "330km to go until the brake light turns red". I consider the BMW route again but decided to reference the HELLA PAGID catalogue for OEM part numbers, and I find them. As luck would have it an Aussie store sells them: LINK for just over a hundy. Order, pay and delivered i 4 days flat. #Winning! Now in the meantime, I had my car's wheel balance and alignment done, after getting the front tyres replaced. This was done by Beaurepairs Takanini. All good, car feels much better afterwards. On Monday I finally get the ISTA+ software working on my Mac (needed to put the electronic park brake into service mode, else you have to disassemble it in order to wind it back for the brake pad job). Ready to rock and roll...let's get the wheels off. Nah, not happening. Bolts are on so tight that my bar won't budge them. Go up to Beaurepairs so they can loosen them...super surprised that they are on so tight. Can't get the one rear locknut off. After trying for 45 minutes they give up...so off to BMW I go. They tell me that the inside shape of locknut is damaged...how? Because Beaurepairs used a rattle gun on the bolts. BMW try for 45 minutes and give up. The bolt is screwed (pun intended) and the lock nut simply slips out when you apply pressure. They recommend getting it drilled out...but the place they use is closed until mid-January. While I was there I picked up 4 new regular wheel bolts to replace the locking ones ($55). On the way home I call Beaurepairs head office and speak to the area manager, who is very apologetic and helpful. She calls me back having found a place that could help me on Friday morning. I call them and explain the situation in detail, nah...beyond their skills. Recommend I go to Pitstop Botany. Call them, and they ask me to bring the car in today (Thursday). Go there this morning and an hour later the bolt is out. They welded a blob onto it in order to get it out, with no damage to the rim ($200). Get home, get the wheels off and replace the pads and sensor. 90 minutes all in. Not a bad effort and floating callipers make it a super easy job. Moral of the story: do not let anyone with a rattle gun near your car if you have lock nuts. -The End-
  9. hugo_nz

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    Yep. The ride comfort is much improved and the steering actually feels lighter. Road noise level is also reduced.
  10. hugo_nz

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    Yep, went for non ROF. I keep a spare in the garage but also took hazard cover on the new ones. Bought them from Beaurepairs on a buy one get one half price offer. $700 for both and $90 for fitting and the hazard cover. Also considering the 050s for my rears. They are $605 each which is still way better then the Maxx GTs at over $800.
  11. hugo_nz

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    Nope they are narrow and wide setup. Fronts are 245/35/20 and rears are 275/30/20.
  12. hugo_nz

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    Had a bit of bad luck with the 6-er lol. First an old dude drove into me last month (minor damage and repaired exceptionally well by German Kollision) and then on Thursday I find out the inner edge of my front tyres are shredded. Two new front tyres fitted yesterday. I went with the newer Dunlop SP Sport Maxx 050 rather than the older Sport Maxx GT ROF.
  13. hugo_nz

    X315 XJL Jag 5.0

    Good to hear. The 5L NA/V8 is surprisingly frugal (that being said, the bi-turbo in my V8 is surprising me as well). The active cruise control is a bit outdated by today's standards. I had an older ACC system on my CLS550 too and it was really only useful on long motorway journeys. By comparison the active cruise control on the new Tiguan for instance is superb working all the way down to zero. Glad that you're enjoying the big cat. I see quite a few of them out and about in Auckland...would be lying if I said I don't still look twice whenever I drive past one. Such a stunning design. Really looking forward to what Jag does for the next generation XJ.
  14. hugo_nz

    SPOTTED! The official thread

    Been spotting quite a few 6-ers recently 🙂