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  1. hugo_nz

    650i Roadtrip

    Hello Wellington
  2. hugo_nz

    650i Roadtrip

    Forgot this beauty taken in the Lindis Pass. We could not stop for any photos yesterday sadly. Going to try and get creative in Welly today.
  3. hugo_nz

    650i Roadtrip

    The roads are in excellent nic. From Auckland to Wellington was a breeze and rather unremarkable. Picton to Nelson...yoh...we took the mountain road. Man those turns. My sister in law was in the tiguan and they had to pull over because she was getting car sick. My other sister in law and I were in the 6-er and we were a-ok. Nelson to Franz Josef was picturesque and also uneventful. The thing with the 6-er is that she is a typical grand tourer. Everything about the driving is effortless. Smooth, linear acceleration accompanied by nible steering and a very firm but comfortable ride. Franz Josef to Wanaka was beautiful if a bit wet. Again, the windy roads through the Cardrona Valley were a treat in the 6. Wanaka to Christchurch was boring as. Flat country most the way and rather uneventful. Christchurch to Picton today was a challenge. Lost of roadworks on the coastal highway and at one point I was worried that we were going to be late to the ferry. But, it all worked out in the end.
  4. hugo_nz

    650i Roadtrip

    Stunning drive from Queenstown to Christchurch today with a stop over at Lake Pukaki
  5. hugo_nz

    650i Roadtrip

    Visiting Queenstown and Cardrona today. I think she deserves a valet when we get back to Auckland.
  6. hugo_nz

    650i Roadtrip

  7. hugo_nz

    650i Roadtrip

    Having a blast down south. I did het something that took a wee bit of paint off the lower bumper around the air intake, and picked up a bit of curb rash on the one rim...will just do one big claim and recon when we get back to Auckland. We have both the 6-er and the Tiguan on the road trip, and the 6-er is by far the more comfortable of the two 🙂 Fuel economy aint too bad either at 10l/100km.
  8. hugo_nz

    Newbie to the forum from Auckland

    Welcome! I can help out with the coding 🙂 Away on a roadtrip for two weeks but happy to have a look when I'm back in Auckland.
  9. hugo_nz

    650i Roadtrip

    Hi folks. I'll post some pics of my epic road trip in this thread. Haven't had much time to stop for photos, but here's one to get started 🙂 Taken last night at Cullen Point.
  10. hugo_nz

    X5M razor style key on all F-series

    Yup, that same one. 868mhz is the correct frequency. On f-series remotes the frequency is printed under the blade key.
  11. hugo_nz

    X5M razor style key on all F-series

    Yep, if you were doing this yourself then it would be the case however this one is sold as already modified so you just program it to your car and you're done...
  12. So I hate having cables everywhere and i equally hate a messy centre console storage bin. Having successfully code Apps 6NR and purchased an iPod touch to drive it all my next mession was to find a way to clean up the console. I made some slight modifications to the snap-in adaptor base plate with my dremel, mounted the iPod cable, routed it along all the existing wiring abd out ubder the piece of plastic that houses the snap-in. The result is a much cleaner, less cluttered centre console bin.
  13. I've ordered one and will report back once I receive the key. Pretty awesome. I've been following a thread on another forum about this swap but it involves desoldering chips etc which I know nothing about. Clearly this guy saw a gap and took it and if it works its a pretty cheap way to get a spare key too! https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=...2508091127
  14. hugo_nz

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    I don't actually know... Haven't noticed anything
  15. hugo_nz

    A note on BMW Apps SA6NR

    It's possible with coding. One of the things I've done. I also have 6NR apps working after patching the headunit and creating all my own FSC codes (voice, navi, apps, etc).