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  1. Unrelated but trying to send images
  2. Ok will try that. Thanks for the suggestions.
  3. I thought with it disconnected would run worse though due to unmeasured air?
  4. Forgot to note that car runs fine if MAF sensor is unplugged. Only when plugged in is there a issue.
  5. Will check that. Cheers
  6. My e36 2.8 is stalling when given any throttle and will cut out at idle randomly. Does anyone local (wellington) have a scan tool that they could pop round and scan my car with? It is not obd2, but it is the big circle diagnostic port. Or any ideas on the issue would be great. Tried a 2nd MAF sensor but no different, infact probably worse.
  7. Universals feel ok, and workshop who did center bearing and seperate one who balanced driveshaft didnt note anything. Workshop who fitted center bearing didnt seem to know about preloading it 5mm to front of car, I have and car seems worse? Is that incorrect?
  8. Car has a short shifter kit from a z3, unsure of driveshafts but believe they are factory manual 318ti driveshafts, along with a small case diff, have a medium case ready to go in it, but want to sort the vibration first
  9. Yes, have checked Guibo fitted correctly
  10. 328ti (M52_B28 and getrag 220) I am having trouble with a vibration during heavy torque application (2nd gear typically accelerating from 20kph) Is a heavy vibration that have had for a long time, have had driveshaft balanced, replaced center bearing, securing collar and guibo/flexi ring looks in good condition, what would be wrong? Shakes like it is from center of car under front seats Looking for any tips/experience or any garages/driveshaft experts I can take for a drive to see if can isolate problem as want issue fixed.
  11. Here you go Olaf. Changed wheels since last saw you, just waiting for centre caps to arrive
  12. Cheers andy, so for track use a e30 one would be best once change the flanges? Cause wanting to go lsd but if not viable wont be able to. And thanks Fiat would be fantastic. Can organise to meet up at some stage soon.
  13. Yes car is manual using a getrag 220. If I go to a medium case diff do I need to change drive shafts to a different driveshaft? No idea what driveshaft but either way it is out of balance I believe. Car will be driven just for club cruises and then intermarque series and hill climb events locally, so need something to suit that.
  14. I have a 328ti, have been told its running mostly 318ti rear end, with a 3.29 small case diff. Sounds as if diff is going, and was looking towards options on what to go to, car is planning on being a street legal track car. Also has a vibration under heavy acceleration and damging center bearings, believed all linked so would look at replacing all gear. So what diff/driveshaft etc should I run that would fit my car? Any help greatly appreciated. Cheers
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