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  1. Owned an n54 (e92) for 5 years/50km (still in the family and running perfectly). Not one fault in my ownership. Was my daily and I absolutely loved it. I’ve also had a couple of BMW’s with the N52 3.0i motor. N52 is okay, but I got bored quickly and I definitely can’t get over the looks of the hatch. I tried both platforms when I was looking (135i and 335i) and felt the 335i was a little nicer to ride in. Both are great performers though. There’s lots you can read about online in terms of what goes wrong, but heaps of knowledge on how to remediate.
  2. Spotted this lovely Carrera at Coffee and Cars on the weekend. Tow bar rated for a bike rack. Makes even more sense if you have the roof down and need somewhere for your bike.
  3. str8_6

    Black Car Care

    Put a layer of the Turtle Wax Ceramic Black on the daily. Definitely made a big difference when I used the polishing machine on the bonnet. Early days, but I’d recommend on a black car. Would not recommend a black car as a daily 😒 Tempted to do another coat and apply a ceramic coat over it to help it last.
  4. Pre-facelift or facelift, either way you look at it, it’s still an M5. Stunning example
  5. Prays he’s getting his actual wheels refurbished and only has one car to use with these as loners 😂
  6. The e39 M5’s seem to do big mileage overseas and remain reasonable in terms of reliability. Definitely one of the more robust M cars. Keep a set of rear sway bar brackets handy. They seem to snap regularly 😂
  7. I wouldn’t complain 😀
  8. The parts and sales department are outstanding. Really can’t fault them. Novus has been really helpful repairing small chips over the years. Maybe give them a call?
  9. The windscreen cracked on my e39 M5 while changing the seals. If the screen has been changed in the past, the glue to bind the screen can adhere to the seal which makes it impossible to remove without damaging the glass. I would approach a glass company after my experience. Jeff Gray (now Winger) made my situation worse by breaking the passenger side mirror motor and scratching the passenger side paint. When pointed out, the damage was denied. Despite arguing, they initially offered to source parts, until their service manager realised how much the mirror housing on an M5 cost. Needless to say they have never followed through. I can say however, their other departments have always been great to deal with.
  10. I use Castrol 10w60 supercar in the M5. Buy it from Supercheap when on sale. Don’t buy directly from the dealer, they charge an arm and leg for the same product.
  11. If it’s anything like the e39 or e92, it could be the door vapor barrier. To check, pull the door card off and check to see the seal is still bonded all the way around. There will be plenty of detail online on how to remove the door card and how to replace the vapor barrier.
  12. Maybe she’s screening members cars?
  13. str8_6

    E36 M3

    Absolutely stunning interior colour. Much nicer than white or cream.
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