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  1. As others have said there needs to be a final goal in mind when doing modifications otherwise your piddling into the wind so to speak! With the the 5 stud it needs to be worth it/what you really want. I done mine the E36 m3 way, this costs alot and as @nick496 mentioned some can't be brought new anymore. This is the knuckles, the rest can. With this swap you gain bigger brakes and the wheel options. My plan is to do the odd track day so this was worth it for this, and I have several sets of wheels to choose from. If you only plan on one set of wheels and they come on 4x100 it's not really worth the swap for the swap (several thousand). There's a few things in my build thread showing it but if you need more info feel free to PM me to get more details. The adjustable suspension also needs to be thought about long term. If your just wanting to lower it and never going to adjust it then some good springs and shocks will have better results.
  2. Was looking for the parts listed but haven't had much luck unfortunately so have decided on a different look. Cars not for sale, unless you think of a number and triple it. I do actually have a coupe for sale, that needs abit of panel work. Needs re registered but is very tidy in other areas, no rust etc. Feel free to message me about that one if you wish
  3. Free listings on trademe has brought out all the goods!
  4. https://www.trademe.co.nz/3143175667 This seems like good buying. Nice tidy package. Alot of goodies as such. Couldn't build one for that price
  5. All of the above should work hopefully to remove them, For the future just a couple of things you may or may not know, especially with axle bolts i found, 1. Make sure all the grime etc is out of the socket so to allen can actually go all the way in and minimize rounding off, alot of axle bolts i find have the first 5mm rounded as people haven't done this 2. Give the allan or socket a tap/impact, ensures again its all the way in and the shock can also help unseize
  6. It really depends on what the end goal is aswell. Things like gearbox also pay part of the question, auto vs manual, then again 4cyl vs 6cyl. Getrag vs ZF Coupe vs Sedan also plays a part, if you just want it for the E30 style/look an auto sedan nicely lowered has the same look, Or even a E30 vs E36, if you want it to go faster and not too worried on the E30 look an E36 would be an easier option and cheaper, was a nice white E36 coupe on trademe last week for $15k ish? An E30 wouldnt be able to be built this cheap to that spec, Don't want to beat down on it, but i often find the end goal and working back is how i build projects. Hence me finding the motor i wanted, then buying the car to put it in once one came up
  7. @Olaf is on the money, if you do plan on swapping in a b25 then the chassis doesnt really matter as youll be upgrading most things. Also as mentioned they aren't cheap, nor is it a cheap way to do it. Sometimes if the end goal is desired to be a factory car its cheaper and easier in the long run to do that from the start. I done a quick talley up a few months ago on what i could remember spending on my project and nearly fell off my chair, its not a cheap process but done correctly is worth it in the long run, I started off with the 318 and converted to m52, basically i just went looking for a chassis as i had the motor before the car so ended up with a 318 as generally speaking this are cheaper than the 6cyl
  8. Perfect, thanks for the clarifications. Had tried google but was proving difficult to easily distinguish, Will see what i can dig up locally and then look further north, freight be the thing as a large consignment and fragile!
  9. Sorry, new to E46 as a whole. Is there a pfl msport? Or are all msport as such the same? Just need to know what to keep an eye out for
  10. Does anyone know if the FL and Pfl msport bumpers have the same fitment? With the rear I was possibly thinking of keeping the stock bumper as is, as I don't think msport would allow me to keep towbar aswell? This also alloys me to find an easier to find msport sedan kit and only need the front and skirts
  11. Yea i am new to the E46 chassis as such, but so far its not too bad! Had noticed it has a nice steering wheel with button controls and a few other things i cant seem to see on other tourings around so good the hear this one had a few options! Will msport kit it in the long run eventually, just waiting for one to come up down here
  12. Southerner


    Not a chance! Although the black E36 M3 that was recently on here did make my mind flutter briefly! I just have another coupe thats dead rego unfortunately, realistically is abit of work to some extent and being other end of the country would blow its value as such out of the water, 15k is a realistic budget to get a tidy one, can then build up some nice things on it. Sort of the way i went with mine, purchased the full poverty pack as was intending of pulling it all out anyway
  13. Southerner


    Whats your budget @Ghost Chip?
  14. Brief history on my automotive needs is that I like to have a daily vehicle, particularly a wagon/touring, even better a diesel. This was my previous one ( I've actually had two), despite the look they are awesome, super cheap to run and minimal maintenance Super stylish! Anyway, this next touring was actually spotted by fellow member and good friend @euroriffic who knew I was on the look out for an e36 touring and suggested this. I actually told my father who brought it and then he actually owned it for 6 months as I said I was to own it if he ever sold. Alas, it sat around and I finally got to grab it! NZ new, 320d, touring, 210kms, goes pretty good! First job was a wof, cracked brake hose, swapped over and legal! Completely pulled it to bits, First week of ownership and day 1 of new wof Removed intake to remove swirls and someone had beat me to it, although used the factory plates and resin the hole, I brought a kit from X8R Ltd in Europe. Also cleaned the EGR Replaced glow plugs while I was in there. Plan is to put in new/refreshed suspension and OEM 18inch wheels I currently have sitting other end of the country 🙄 Other than that will drive around the countryside and keep working on my E30.
  15. https://www.trademe.co.nz/3082704918 This one has valuations of $15k, be interesting to see its final sell value
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