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  1. Brief history on my automotive needs is that I like to have a daily vehicle, particularly a wagon/touring, even better a diesel. This was my previous one ( I've actually had two), despite the look they are awesome, super cheap to run and minimal maintenance Super stylish! Anyway, this next touring was actually spotted by fellow member and good friend @euroriffic who knew I was on the look out for an e36 touring and suggested this. I actually told my father who brought it and then he actually owned it for 6 months as I said I was to own it if he ever sold. Alas, it sat around and I finally got to grab it! NZ new, 320d, touring, 210kms, goes pretty good! First job was a wof, cracked brake hose, swapped over and legal! Completely pulled it to bits, First week of ownership and day 1 of new wof Removed intake to remove swirls and someone had beat me to it, although used the factory plates and resin the hole, I brought a kit from X8R Ltd in Europe. Also cleaned the EGR Replaced glow plugs while I was in there. Plan is to put in new/refreshed suspension and OEM 18inch wheels I currently have sitting other end of the country 🙄 Other than that will drive around the countryside and keep working on my E30.
  2. https://www.trademe.co.nz/3082704918 This one has valuations of $15k, be interesting to see its final sell value
  3. No worries, I haven't even looked at it for a second to be honest so don't know exactly what tweaking is required, i have e36 lines off the motor and e30 ones. Ill let you know when I get a chance the closet ones, i wont just be bending them, I try to get things as close to factory/proper as they can be. But yea i would of thought local powersteering guys could come up with something. Possibly with me having a e36 motor and a newer rack it might not be as bad as a standard e30 to new rack?
  4. As per title, after S50 headers for my M52b28 in my e30. Or if anyone has other suggestions I'm all ears.
  5. Thanks @Olaf Don't have the part number sorry but its the one everyone uses, is collapsible/slides and length alters. One thing to note with this and others if watching is about the bearing swap to e30. The bearings are pushed out and installed with the bearing strakes removed, doing this therefore renders nothing holding the bearing captive. The bearing that gets reused is also not exactly the right size, talking microns but it's still not the right size. One option is to put a weld tack on it, however this is not really acceptable for a couple reasons, 1. Your welding a steering component, this will fail cert and puts heat into the steel, in terms of metal strength this also potentially weakens it. It's also heating the bearing which holds grease and any deformation impears on the bearing 2. The knuckle is alloy, bearing steel. You can't weld dissimilar materials, the alloy won't stick to the steel I therefore went to a driveshaft specialist who machined out the housing by a hair, put in a new bearing that suits the uni joint, and put in a lock screw. Please see picture. I think it cost me less than $150 but for the sake of a steering component and passing cert I think its worthwhile. Power steering pipes I assume your talking about? Haven't got that far, is on the list! Is probably a job ill save for when its on a hoist and I don't have to grovel on the ground up and down tweaking! But the rear end is also all bolted together. LSD mounted, 325 axles, suspension. Inner guards have also been undersealed again
  6. They'll fit, just haven't had them on as these were closer at the time. Have some other 17x9s for the rear ill also be using that should sit even better, just waiting on some tyres
  7. All coming out of the woodwork now https://www.trademe.co.nz/3070001422
  8. Owell yet again I have been slacking on the updates Motors in, having a couple of wiring issues which will hopefully get sorted. So far the starter motor isn't working at all so need to see what's going on there Rolled it out for a photo. The front wheel is slightly turned hence the slightly off center position, plus needs an alignment aswell. Rear wheels aren't here to stay Picked up another set of wheels this week for it. 16x7.5 style 15s, will be good for the almost factory bottle cap look
  9. Pricing on this one is like a yo-yo, was down at 18-19kish couple weeks back?
  10. Long shot, but don't ask don't get. Anyone have a mtech 1 spoiler for sale? Prefer genuine, Also after the following while I'm at it, again don't expect anyone to have it. Mtech 2 full kit Thanks Friendly Dunedinite
  11. https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/bmw/listing/3023916419?bof=limFAahL Deposit paid in under 24hours, does look very good though
  12. Might have a motor in this week LSD ready to go in. Had it in last night but had a minute crack on rear housing so had to swap it over, went for a 3.25 ratio. Was going for a 3.46 but car will be more of a road car now E30 325 axles getting regreased, what a fun job trying to get all the ball bearings back in is
  13. Have these down at $300 now
  14. Nuts arrived yesterday Existing setup All bolted up well E36 EVO 96+ LCA, brakes, solid discs, knuckles, powerflex offset bushes
  15. Long time no update, all the way on page 2! Had some issues with steering knuckles, got it sorted and ordered some from UK, assembled with new bearings etc Steering link swapped over to a barina type and Z3 rack installed Have some new nuts coming for ball joints and tie rods, once they arrive will bolt in the suspension and motor and box will go in. Have a m50 manifold and tune to install on motor, will keep the ITBs for a rainy day as such ....more updates soon
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