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  1. Now on trademe, https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/bmw/318is/listing/2864557210?bof=eGgC04hz Thanks
  2. Hi guys, Sadly I have to sell my E36IS MS, I was planning on keeping it, unfortunately I have too much on my plate and need to finish other cool projects, like my kitchen and bathroom, and my E30... anyway 1998 E36 318IS Motorsport 218kms Manual Wof and reg till May 2021 Hellrot red $7500ono Its not immaculate by any means I will admit that, however given the rarity and it having goof bones it will tidy up well, i unfortunately just do not have the time at the moment Any questions please just message Located Dunedin
  3. Coincidental that Group A has been my work computer wallpaper for the past couple of years, seems to cheer me up during the day!
  4. Id agree with this, to me it doesnt make sense if you have spent $100k why wouldnt you spend the extra 1% to get a cert plate and then its legal and able to be sold in theory easier
  5. I recently brought my father a e46 touring 320d in auto, ill admit i was hesitant being auto. After the first drive id prefer it over a manual, auto suits modern diesels so much better and alot easier to drive. Its also a diesel touring so its not really a sports car anyway, and if it was id imagine the auto would actually be quicker in the diesel option.
  6. Sorted. Thanks guys for the reply. If I was further north I would be grabbing the 8.5s but unfortunately freight would kill them
  7. Think i have sorted this, going to look at a set of 17x7.5" local. Will advise tonight, thanks for the help! Will be another IS saved and back road legal all going well!
  8. Thanks, would prefer to find 7.5" to match the set, otherwise would have the 8.5 on front and 7.5 on the rear, seems abit backwards unfortunately, Thanks Cam
  9. Hi guys, After a single 17x7.5 style 32 for a E36 318is im restoring. Thanks
  10. Hi guys, Putting a M20 flywheel on my M52, therefore single mass. I have found varying info on the bolts required, going to get new ones. Are the M12x28 flex plate ones the right ones to order again? Or should I be looking for another length? Thanks
  11. Motors been sump swapped, oil nut tacked, front and rear seals done Z3 steering rack which ill hopefully install this week Have a pair of M3 evo LCAs on their way, will look at suspension options in next month and swap the front over, along with motor etc in
  12. Hi Guys, After a M50b25 inlet manifold to swap onto my M52b28 to get it running. If anyone has one or the whole kit id be keen on it, P.S i have done the research on the loss of torque etc, Thanks Cam
  13. Its in the for sale section
  14. Sorry would only be after a E36, did see your one for sale though! Looks tidy!
  15. Plenty of info online about these swaps, E30 wiki r3vlimited Google in general Theres also a project swap on here that Modz is doing under the project area with the same motor One thing to be wary is if this is your first project swap, that it might look cheap on the surface but it often snowballs, so you have to be prepared for that. Youll also probably want to sort suspension, wheels, brakes, diff out at the same time. The motor is the cheap part,
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