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  1. LoganC

    WTB wheels.

    Sadly no, he wouldn't do that!
  2. LoganC

    WTB wheels.

    I do love 32's and 66's, but a friend of mine has a set of both and I prefer to be different.
  3. LoganC

    WTB wheels.

    After a set of low offset 17's for A E36. OEM or Genuine wheels preferred. Cheers.
  4. Thanks guys! M3AN, everything done has been under my ownership and everything I can do myself has been done by me!
  5. Hey there, would you be willing to ship these?
  6. Hey there everyone! My names Logan, I'm from Christchurch. This is my E36 which has been my project ever since I bought it back in November 2017. After reading the forums from time to time thought I'd join the group! Anyway here a few photos of the 22 year old, not everyone's cup of tea but hey it makes me happy! VID_20190215_193318.mp4
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