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  1. I wonder if there is some chance there is a complete NOS one from any of the online retailers?
  2. Thanks! Yup there is two with M-pars in chch. The other is one is lower and has 400ks+, mine is ticking over ~145k.
  3. Interesting point on the temps, nothing noticeable. Was not really a consideration, I just wanted it to look stock without the flaky discoloured paint.
  4. The HPC coating is great, durable, and looks ok once installed, but it was a drama to get them done. Oil kept leaking out of them in the oven and took many goes for HP to get the oil burnt off. The factory paint hides all the casting defects, which the HPC coating does not. If I was to do it again, I would get them stripped, then spend a few hours sanding / polishing out the casting marks and corrosion as much as possible before getting them coated. Reality is 90% of them are hidden under covers anyway.
  5. Yup one of 3. @justin_540is has the other one in Christchurch (ex Simon). Would be cool to get them all together one day.
  6. Wow, 10 Years on, and still shines up ok. Just had a major 25th birthday and is the best its ever been in my ownership, I would say it drives pretty much like new. All new suspension and steering, including Bilstein's. Lots of servicing, all leaks fixed, hpc coated cam covers, diff seals, subframe bushes, etc, the list really does just go on and on. FCP have been great!
  7. 1614 Views and no opinions?!? After being in hibernation for some time while undergoing a major 25 year service it was then time to get the exterior tickled up. I decided to go to CCV Car Grooming for an exterior detail which ended up being a 2 stage on the bonnet, roof and boot, elsewhere just a single pass. Buffed up pretty well for an old girl.
  8. SRacin

    E34 540iS

    Nice! Its small club!
  9. Doing a few tidy ups and after the following parts; Engine Cover Support Stands Engine Cover Insulation Panel (below cover) Cam Cover Washers x3 Passenger Side Head Light cover panel (attaches to radiator support panel) Clips that hole in the plastic panel at the bottom of the windscreen. Rectangular with a center pin. ASC Cable clip
  10. The 540i6 is a totally different beast with a diff swap. The stock 2.93 feels lazy and a 3.45 transforms the grin factor.
  11. Looking to borrow e34 rear subframe Bush tool so I dont burn the car in frustration. Cheers
  12. Looking to get the Technoviolet back to its vibrant former self and looking for recommendations for where to take it when lock-down allows in Christchurch. I found an old thread about CCV but nothing in the last few years about them, and their prices seem right up there. What would one expect to pay for a full exterior detail and "paint correction" or whatever it is called to tidy up little scratches / swirls etc from 20 years of life? Cheers
  13. Hi All, No longer have the E53, however have all the factory sound system from a NZ new 4.8is X5. This includes the head unit, amplifier, and radio boxes, bluetooth box, navigation dvd box, cd changer etc. Are these of any use to anyone? $50 Also have a brand new front brake caliper clip as one went AWOL and I brought a pair just in case. $10 In Christchurch, will ship.
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