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  1. Oh damn this has the same setup and same braided lines it seems too, I may just be an idiot and this is completely stock... So does how does this affect it? How can I find more info on this system of idling? Does it affect what parts I need to buy or is everything else the same as other M20s with the ICV and differently positioned distributor?
  2. So...this could be a newbie question as it could be an old but completely normal thing, idk 😂... Last week I bought an e30, I have already done a few things to it appearance wise but the previous owner had said they didn't know when the timing belt was last done, I knew it needed to be done. Today after a week of owning it I thought I'd buy a kit and watch videos to see if it's something I could handle or not. I also decided to see if I could diagnose a smaller issue of a high idle only when in Park. When watching these videos and then trying to clean the ICV I realized, I don't have one... and my M20 is quite different to most I'm seeing in videos. 1) My distributor is not on the front of the engine, it's sort of underneath the intake boot. 2) I don't have an ICV. 3) I have some sort of idle screw setup that I can only imagine keeps the throttle slightly ajar, I haven't seen this setup in any video or picture. 4) Some hoses and the intake boot need replacing as they have cracks that have been 'repaired' with what appears to be super glue... I realized when buying it that some of the lines are braided, I now realize these lines are the ones I would expect to see an ICV attached to... Does this point to an ICV delete? I should point out that I don't see the cable that the ICV would plug into, not saying it's not there but I'm not seeing it. I'll add some photos... My main questions are: A) If this is stock (the idle screw thing doesn't look custom or janky), will I just be able to buy a timing kit or do I have an odd setup that is old and possibly needs different than most m20s parts? B ) If it's an ICV delete what does this mean for my car, how will it affect it, etc? C ) Where can I get those hoses I need to replace? Thanks in advance.
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