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  1. a e34 rear window roller blind, yes iv got one available !
  2. hi, the last picture of comfort upper is grey 0269,

     its 100 nz $   &  postage recorded

  3. hi, not sure if im getting these messages sent to me,,, but yes i still have most,,,,, especially the blue uberkaro, reply here or carlsos@hotmail.co.uk , thanks,
  4. brutus

    E30 OEM Mats

    sorry i havn't a drivers, just the others, but these are known as the horsehair types,, genurally were found from new in the 316/318 models,
  5. hi, iv got one of these ! comes off a 2001 car ,,, pls message me, thanks,
  6. the whole seat goes on 1 code, iv got some stuff of this,,&same grey bolster,, message sent to u , cameras blurry, its not dirty .regards,
  7. the whole seat goes on 1 code, iv got some stuff of this,, message sent to u , regards,
  8. brutus

    M10 AFM p/fl

    iv got m10 air mafs available !
  9. hi, i think the code is the same for the whole seat,,

     i l check tonite, but thinking yes ive a headrest and some fabric, and possibly a door card,, il get back to  later or in a day or so, regards, 

  10. fabric are based on engine type are u 316/318 OR 320 / 325 ? im guessing the 320/ 325 type , yes ? and i check my oem fabrics,
  11. yes iv got roof liner, A pillar trims and visors available . pls pm, thanks,
  12. il check tmrw , i may have a unit,
  13. and iv got uberkaro oem skins too. happy new year all !!
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