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  1. i can check if i have this ,,,,,,
  2. brutus


    , yes these are the silver grey uberkaro sport seats & code 0380. very nice GLWS.
  3. YES. i have the full set in the pouch & brace.
  4. mine arnt the m sport type, cheers all.
  5. i have the pair ducts, and not expensive, & the belly pan,,,, i gotta check,, cheers,
  6. brutus

    E23 parts

    e32, i have, but theres a welsh company in wales have e23 one for about £60
  7. hi, yes i have a LH fog light  £20

     & r  RH door seal £45

    & post,prob £26

     in uk & can send recorded, 


  8. hi, ive only got ones with light cracks, or bad misting,,,,,,,


     also have oem seat fabric& leather parts,

     and some baur parts nxt week, 

     thanks !

  9. any one wanting these houndstooth oem types,,,etc,,,etc,, pls see as i have a few different colours ! thanx
  10. hi, yes i have a pair of 30  black visors,,  £24 pair, 

     and post ,, prob about £15.00


  11. hi, 

    oke36 , i  have rear acuator £20

     and just a drivers hellrot wing mirror wiv  glass, £45 and post, 

     ok thanks

  12. hi, ok yes got ther acuator on the rear door  £  20. 

      the mirror on got the the drivers wiv glass £40 and post, 

  13. £ 83 posted  for a good 15 inch bbs cap 


  14. brutus

    E23 parts

    well. 15inch £80 posted, and yeash i have e32 rearlights etc,,,,
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