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Found 7 results

  1. Hi guys, I’m new to the forum. just bought a BMW 323i M-sport. I’m wondering can someone recommend some reliable and high quality BMW service/maintenance workshop in Dunedin and Invercargil? Where do you guys service your car? Thanks very much!
  2. According to @BreakMyWindow this is an member's car . ... and it does look very nice in anthracite. 2000 - with 145KMs on it and asking price of $28K ONO. Seems reasonable. Love the 2-tone leather interior.
  3. Finally got an 04 545i, wish me luck. Haven't even laid eyes on it yet as being delivered tomorrow. Looking forward to spending the long weekend getting used to it. Had an E39 523i two cars back and been hanging out for another Beemer but with some grunt since. Keen to keep an eye on here for tips, advice, parts, drives/runs and anything social.
  4. Looking for a boot lid for my e28. It's a 525e - Car is Steel Blue from memory - be good if I could get it in the same - cars paint is not flash so I'm not fussy if the clear coat is poor.
  5. People of the world! I've noticed a bit of a knock on cold start in the morning. It is not audible inside the car once underway and once the engine is warmed up all is quiet. It's hard to pin down where it's coming from in the engine bay... but it is a knock, rather than a tap/valve gear noise, if I'm any judge. Sounds like 1/revolution. The car is an E28 525e, with the ETA 2.7. It's done 208,000kms though the previous owner/s wasn't all that big on maintenance. Starts and pulls well otherwise and there are no warning lights showing beyond the oil change schedule thingo. Any thoughts? Cheers all, Tom
  6. Hi again, I'm getting a balance and alignment done on my 525e E28 before the long drives of summer... Any set-up advice from folk out there before I take it in? It's a standard, unmodified car. Also I'm in Dunedin, any local folk have a favoured tire shop for alignment services? I've already replaced all the control-arm bushes to shut down the infamous 'shimmy' the E28s suffer from. There's still a slight hint of it at 115km/h but it feels more like a wheel balance thing. Cheers all. t
  7. Hi people, I've had my 525e for over 6 months now and apart from a computer failure in the first 24 hours, it's run well. I had the distributor cap off the other day when I replaced the cam belt, tensioner and pump. It was in a bit of a sorry state so I made a note to look into getting a new one... Checked the other day and just about fell over with the $350 ish price! Not sure what I'm asking here but have any of you fine people found cheaper options than this? The car is starting to miss a little and while economy is admirable on the open road it's pretty diabolical on my 25kms to work each day. (OK, yup, it is a heavy 6cyl car! I know...). I feel like it could run better anyway and the cap is a good place to start. Alternatively, has anyone got a good one they might part with? Tom
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