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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, hopefully somebody can help. Bought a 135i 2 weeks ago, 2010 N54 Coupe, originally registered in Japan and was imported in 2013 where it had a CIC conversion, not entirely sure what version but has 3D Maps, doesnt appear to have bluetooth although there is a phone button on the wheel, theres a USB port in the glovebox too. My iphone charges when connected but nothing comes up on the iDrive screen, also downloaded the BMW connect app and could not see a connection. Looked in the boot and looks like they installed the harness for the Combox but never bothered fitting one. Do i just need to get a combox and everything will work? Will i need to code anything afterwards, or perform an iDrive update?
  2. Just wondering if anyone else has hit this issue with an iDrive unit failing to boot reliably. Had my car in getting a door trim/switch panel replaced and this involved the whole door panel off and disconnecting a bunch of things. When I got it back the iDrive was just coming up to the BMW logo and then flicking off later on. It is intermittent - about 15% of the time it does start up and run OK. Have done the reset/CTL_ALT_DEL using the 2 disc-player eject keys and the volume on/off button but that doesn't help. The garage is not a euro specialist but does regularly work on BMWs and the diags were reporting issues or absence of low-voltage signals - and didn't know what this meant in terms of a solution. Have it booked into Jeff Gray to get it diagnosed and/or replaced. Thank heavens I have an Autosure Extreme Cover warranty!!! Anybody seen this issue? Unfortunately if it gets replaced (with a replacement Japan-spec unit) I'm expecting to lose the NZ localisation for the radio and GPS nav system
  3. Does anyone know if it is possible to swap out the mini disk player in a E90 CCC unit with a CD player from another unit? The CD/MD and DVD drives are replacable components. The unit needs a nav conversion, but as far as I'm aware when changing nav (or radio for that matter) on these E90 CCC units doesn't require any hardware (just coding and pulling out jap HDD nav in boot), so if I pay someone to get it converted they won't be replacing the in-dash CCC unit (and hence getting a CD player instead of MD). Please correct me if I'm wrong! ​Anyone in the know's help appreciated!