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Found 4 results

  1. I have a full e28 M30 manual conversion which will be available in about 4-6 weeks. Included are the following parts: E34 M30B35 Getrag 260/6 gearbox - does not have holes for the e28 sensors, the but the spaces in the casing are there, the holes just need to be drilled. Includes crossmember for mounting and mounts. E28 manual pedal box with master cylinder, bottle, clutch line. Single mass flywheel with almost new clutch. Matching driveshaft for E28 fitment. This is a full manual conversion kit for E28s, if I missed any parts in the list they will be included, or specified otherwise. This setup was in my car and running without issue. One lady owner, never thrashed. $2200 or make me an offer. I may sell parts individually depending on interest and what is offered. This will all be available in about 4-6 weeks time. More detailed photos will come around then if a sale is not confirmed. Pickup from Onehunga. Can post if buyer arranged shipping.
  2. Hi I'm after some advice. I'm loozing to do a manual conversion on my e28 m535i but trying to find a gearbox has been a real struggle. I'm after a getrag-260 or a 265 I hear the getrag 240 from a m10 would do the job but they seem to be just as rare. I would rather not buy one from overseas if I can avoid it. Does anyone have any recommendations on where I could find one or some other options I could look at? Any info i can get is good info! Cheers guys. Jess
  3. Hi guys. I'm making a hybrid m30. A m30b34 block with a b35 head on it. I'm not sure what head gasket to buy though. The 1.72mm or 2.07mm one. I've tried searching, but I've only been able to find turbo applications (this is stock NA). Thanks
  4. I'm after a single mass M30 flywheel to fit my M30B35. Could make use of a clutch too if someone happens to have one as I'm looking at getting one rebuilt to stronger specs. Can anyone confirm if M30B28 flywheels are the same? I'm in Auckland but beggars can't be choosers and all that.