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95 750il - Unable to read DME (INPA)

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Hi All,

I had no clue which thread to actually put this under, anyway long story short

I have a 95 750il (M73B54) if i remember correctly, The engine decided to take a nose dive after ironically after i rebuilt the starter as the inside bushes had given out.
After some checking of sensors manually, no matter what i did the car would go into "failsafe mode" and not keep running, So got myself a cable and found the INPA software.

Now here is my problem, i am able to read the EWS and other installed devices but not the DME i get a communication fault. i have had a look around and found that there seems to be two versions of the DME installed in the cars DME404 (pre 1/95) and later DME (cant remember version).

My problem now is i don't have any clue which version my INPA has and have been unable to source the older "ipo" file which i believe might be needed to read DME to check fuel sensors etc.

Please correct me if im wrong, or have any suggestions. I have considered taking to a shop but no-one local has software to read it that i've found.
I am based in Manawatu and its not worth my money to transport it to somewhere like Palmerston north to have it looked at.

Thanks anyone who reads this and have a good day



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Not sure if this helps but my INPA install apparently supports:

ENTRY=DME5212R,DME 5.2 for M73 right,
ENTRY=DME5212L,DME 5.2 for M73 left,
ENTRY=DME521R,DME 5.21 for M73 right MJ 98,
ENTRY=DME521L,DME 5.21 for M73 left  MJ 98,
ENTRY=DME521R2,DME 5.21 for M73 right MJ 99,
ENTRY=DME521L2,DME 5.21 for M73 left  MJ 99,

(I didn't know they had a separate computer for each bank?)

So I assume yours is a DME 5.2 but I have no specific IPO for that (whereas I do for the others). They may be backwards compatible though.

Do you have any DME521*.IPO files at all (in ..\INPA\SGDAT\)?

Did you also install DIS? If so, do you have any luck connecting with that?


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When you get the com's fault when trying to connect to the DME, it often gives you some small type message that tells you which DME is installed.  Its then a matter of finding a model with the same DME as per the message.

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