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Exhaust Advice For 130i

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Am currently looking for some advice on what to do with the exhaust on my 130i. It is currently running a stock exhaust system, and I have seen a lot of resonator deletes / Y pipe installs being done with a 135i back box and was wondering if i could just get away with the resonator pipe delete until I find a 135i back box or should I wait till i get the back box and get both done at the same time.

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Mine has a Y pipe, resonator delete and custom backbox and it sounds sweet IMHO. Not too loud until you really stomp on it.

You can do it in stages for sure, won't cost you much more. 135i back boxes might be difficult to find in NZ so you may have to be patient. I think you can also modify the 130i backbox for more efficiency and noise but you'd need to read up on that.

I also think the stock box has a muffler flap, if you keep the box get that flap disabled when you put the Y pipe in.

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