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  1. Ems

    325i Manaul 1989

    http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=190377991 start=reserve=$1500 or a cheeky wee $2200 buy now me car for sale if anyone is interested... poor wee thing wish i was more mechanically minded & knew what to do! much appreciation ems xx
  2. Ems

    Cheap E30 parts

    i am sorry fellow bm-ers
  3. Ems


    Ahem... cough cough.. gets out of boot and dusts self off... I rang the lovely Ray from Bavarian motors last night and he will give me a new lock barrel and his buddy ernst will re-code the lock to fit my key for the grand sum of $50 and a box of chockies... No, no anal chocolate jokes please! Thankyou all for your support... i shall pop by more often Emma! go the gurls xx
  4. Ems


    You wee beauties! Am on the hunt now for a new barrel . . . in the mean time, i shall continue on the rear-entry
  5. Ems


    Hello, im new here and female. but don't hold that against me. I have reccently bought the best car ever however she seems to have a habit of locking me out. It is a ruby-red 1988 318i and her name is ruby. She has a deadlock on her and then the central locking mechanism. Now, all was going swimingly until reccently when the deadlock would unlock but not the car. After much frustration and pleading with her to open her locks (oooh-eer!) she does, but not without a fight and the chance of the key snapping in the lock is greater everytime. I now lock her through her boot, which is rather comical and i would like to fix her. I have had new keys cut and have sprayed crc in the barrel but all to no avail. Has anybody else had this problem? Does anybody have any solutions that are under $100? Thankyou, from my boisterous car and me xxxx
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