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  1. hi all drove the e30 for the first time in a few weeks today and noticed the the odometer has stopped ticking over. speedo is working fine aswell as all the other gauges. Any help is appreciated thanks
  2. Hey all. Anyone got a set of decent HT leads for a 325i E30?
  3. Thanks mate. But havr allready ordered the parts. Appreciate the help. Hopefully thats what is causing the issues
  4. Testing HT leads and this is what I find. Also onr if the leads is something crazy like 1.3-2Mohms
  5. Ckick test? Can't seem to find that one. Whats involved in doing that
  6. Will check when I get home tomorrow and post results. Thanks
  7. So my baby is packing a sad, throwing a tanty. It's a 87 pfl E30 325 converted to manual with 1.3 ECU upgrade. Currently its missing horribly while accelerating and will miss not so much when cruising along, but will get worse if going up hill. Another issue ive been having is id be driving along fine and then all of a sudden the car would kind of die. So if revs were 2000 they would drop to 500 all of a sudden then about half a second later would jump back up to 2000 causing car to lurch horribly. And it would do this quite often. I disconnected the battery terminal for a couple hours and the problem went away almost. Any thoughts?
  8. so ive got a old 1985 320i e30 that ive removed all the parts needed for the conversion, will they work with my 87 325i? both are 6cyl and prefacelift
  9. Ok so I'm gonna do a manual conversion on my E30 after New Years, I've been looking for a thread on here of someone going through the steps but can't seem to find one. Does anyone know of one? Or should I make one as I go for here? Cheers people
  10. not too sure if this helps but in my auto, there is the switch that allows you to choose S-E-3.2.1 if thats unplugged on mine while the engine is running the starter kicks in dont know if that could be doing something since yours used to be auto
  11. na just a 325i... v8 will go in if engine dies one day though haha
  12. can do, do you have a PO box? or just use your workshop address
  13. i work for a company called installer services in manukau and i can promise we would do a good job... we have a 25 year install warranty on our work
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