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  1. Cheers @curryinahurry, says you cannot receive messages unfortunately.
  2. Hi, as stated after a Business CD unit (one that can take an aux cable) to swap out for NZ new cassette type unit. What’s out there? Cheers
  3. Doing some digging on the VIN of my E46 330i: WBAET56090NH45575 N suggests a build at the South African plant. Anyone care to confirm this is likely the case? And was this typical for the early 2000's NZ new E46's to be sourced from SA? Thanks
  4. Bridgestone Potenza RE002 225 45 17 all with plenty of tread left. Style 96 - 17x8 5x120 ET47 - kerbing on 3 and coating is starting to fail in some places. $200 - can deliver in the Christchurch area.
  5. I rechecked my install and found the shock wasn't seated down in the clamp as far as it could go. The image below shows a witness line on the shock of where it sat previously. I've gained a further 5mm + of drop. We'll see how things settle out from here. (Re the old Sachs shock, buggered if I can extend it out further than where it currently is. It still compresses and returns back fine but only to the point shown in the photo above)
  6. Thanks all for the feedback on this. Gives me confidence that I haven’t got the wrong parts. @Eagle correct I don’t want to have to swap out the B4s for another part/variant if I don’t have to. I’ll look to double check my install to see if something isn’t set right.
  7. Yeah I measured after a short drive. I'll get a measure on the sway bars but I'm 99% sure they are stock at 23.5mm. It did seem to sit lower than stock using the 'eyeometer' against other E46 sedans. I'll do a google and see what that throws up. Can't get over the difference here though - Now I'm curious about the springs and if they are a stock 'sport' springs - I'll investigate the coloured banding
  8. Yeah I'm pretty sure they are original as the number shown matches on RealOEM below: No signs of lowering by any previous owner. I'll do more digging on the original Sachs but I can't see these Bilsteins settling with the original springs by 30mm.
  9. Hi all, Just purchased new front Bilstein B4's for 2002 NZ new 330i E46. I purchased these from Demon Tweeks UK: for vehicles with 'standard suspension' (not sports suspension). I've installed the first one and the car now sits much higher the previously by about 30mm. The shaft length is considerable longer on the Bilstein than the old Sachs. Have I bought the wrong shocks? Should I have bought: I don't have option S226A listed when I do a Vin decode (NH45575). The OEM shocks are Sachs 6Z Sports - were the NZ new 330i's fitted with a different 'sports' suspension at the time? Thanks
  10. I purchased an m sport steering wheel for my E46 and it came with the (assumed) original Takata airbag. Obviously I’m going to re-use the airbag I have that was swapped in as part of the recall. What are my options for getting rid of the airbag I don’t need?
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