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  1. I have done so on my E36 and E46 (very similar design) but I've got access to a shop press and lathe so its not that difficult. I think it'll be very hard to do a good job without the right tools in this case. To press out the old bushing, you'll need something that matches the diameter of the bushing (preferably a tiny bit under). Otherwise *maybe* you could push out the old one with the new one whilst having the lollipop sit on a spacer so it theres room for the old one to come out. It typically takes around 2-3 tonnes for remove.
  2. Hi Team, I'm wanting to fit a car seat into my e46 sedan, but when I went to install it I discovered that there is no mounting point for the isofix top tether. After a bit of goggling, it turns out that there is a mounting point but the brackets are not fitted. https://www.e46fanatics.com/threads/retrofit-isofix-top-tether-anchor-points-diy.975965/ So I was wondering if anyone here has done this retrofit? Where did you get the parts from? Thanks in advance
  3. Hey Lucan - mines a bit of a strange setup because mine is a 89 facelift model and its got the larger 63L tank. But for some odd reason it still uses the old 2 pump system. I think being an S.A built E30, they're a bit odd. I've custom designed and fabricated a bracket to secure the pump and I've got a solution for connecting to the outlet without the reducer. But haven't had got around to changing the fuel line to a smaller diameter - I will see if I can it without dropping the tank. Will take some photos and update once I've made more progress. Hit me up if you need my custom bracket
  4. Recently my E30's been cutting out randomly due to my fuel pumps failing. Despite being a 89' model - my E30 appears to be on the 2 pump setup, with an in-tank pump and an external pump to provide line pressure. I've done a bit of reading on the UK forums, and swapping to a single pump setup seems to be way to go. I've picked up a TRE-340 which is commonly recommended for the job. The plan is to swap the in-tank pump with the new pump and replace the external pump with a bypass. Has anyone done this to their E30? Is it necessary to upgrade the fuel line going from from the in-tank pump to the external pump? What other modifications did you have to do?
  5. Probably doesn't help, but I have a 17 x 8.
  6. I was wondering if you could share how much this costed? I'm interested in getting my 330d tuned as well!
  7. I'll add to this. Here are the problems I found. 1. Big exhaust leak (likely from the turbo) evident by all teh carbon on the left side of engine bay but not crackly sounds (so probably not a cracked manifold?) 2. Battery is low (possibly due to alternator issue) 3. Oil level light came on (Maybe due to battery low) 4. Traction control light and yellow brake light came on (maybe also due to battery low) 5. Waterpump losing water, but doesn't seem to be overheating. 6. Steering wheel very worn. 7. RUCs are behind by around $350 It'll make a great project for someone with the time. But may cost a bit if it needs a new turbo. Good luck to all bidders!
  8. I have a steel grey Stahl-grau (400) E46. Mine looks nothing like that!!
  9. @3pedalswhere did you order your tuning chip from? I'm considering doing it for my E46 330d - just not sure if its worthwhile.
  10. With the increase in rainfall I decided it was time to get a new pair of wipers for the E70. Jumped on FCPEuro because NZ dealer prices are just simply not fair. A few days later my box of goodies showed up and much to my disappointment my wipers didn't fit. Who knew wipers LHD and RHD wipers are different anyway?!?! Anyhow, I didn't want my Bosch Aerotwin wipers to go to waste so i decided to design and 3D print some nylon adapters for these wipers. Here are the results - excuse my dodgy paint job. Fits like a glove! If anyone runs into the same problem - hit me up.
  11. I was the second owner of this car.... Loved it to bits back then. Its changed a bit since....
  12. Is that a FC in the garage?
  13. The quality is a bit of an unknown as they don't really specify their materials or manufacturing process. They are "engineered in the UK" but quite possibly made elsewhere. I'm looking at the option below: https://www.turborebuild.co.uk/webshop/prod_3501210-Genuine-Melett-UK-Turbo-CHRA-Garrett-GT2556V-434766000216-4347680011-BMW-530d-E39730d-E38.html This would be a like for like replacement rather than an upgrade. It would be nice to have an upgrade though!
  14. Hi Team, A bit bored in lockdown, so I'm trying to entertainment myself with some BMW maintenance. I'm looking into rebuilding the VGT Turbo in my E46 330D. I believe the stock one is a Garrett GT2556V. I came across a brand from the UK called Melett - they seem to be a good option for those not wanting to bend over for OE whilst not wanting low quality replica parts. They offer a drop-in CHRA cartridge for around $350 shipped. Anyone has experience with these? or know of other good options? Cheers, Andrew
  15. Ok heres the breakdown. For an E70, it comes in pre-facelift and facelift models with the switchover year in 2010. Assuming you're looking for diesel, the preface-lift E70 came in 2 variants of the M57 engine. - 3.0d is single turbo - 3.0sd is twin turbo - 35d is the same as 3.0sd Around 2010 they changed the naming to 30d, 35d, 40d, 50d and this is where it gets a bit muddy. - 30d = N57 single turbo - 40d = N57 twin turbo - 50d = N57 triple turbo!!! The main price difference in the E70s after the engine comes from : - Facelift vs Prefacelifted - Mspec vs standard spec - 5 or 7 seats. - Interior trim (leather, heated, ventilated etc) - Panaramic sunroof - Idrive version - 360 Camera, etc If you are towing, you'll want one with "additional towing capacity" on the options list. This typically means you have air suspension in the rear.
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