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  1. The E46 is much easier and cheaper to maintain and generally more reliable. The E90 is a bit more comfortable and safer. Being mechanically capable, you can pretty much DIY everything on an E46. Repairs on the E90 is much more difficult with lots of complexities with electronic systems and expensive parts. E.g Electric Water pump, vanos solenoids or ledge seals, sump gaskets. Even the washer pump on the E90 is difficult to replace! Also, general maintenance is more expensive as well as the E90 requires a runflat tyres, BMW battery + Coding the IBS I've owned plenty of both...and I have sold all my E90 and E92s and gone back to older models.
  2. That sounds like quite a drastic improvement! Keen to see the before and after photos when you get a chance.
  3. Keen to see what kinda of improvements you get. I've been thinking about getting the same work done on my diesels as well.
  4. Bit of a long shot, but any have a Montreal Blue boot lid for a E36 sedan? Needs to be in good condition.
  5. Hi, I'm looking for a digital climate control unit for my E36. For some reason a few buttons on mine have stopped working. Let me know if you got one for sale.
  6. Thanks Doug - by sensors you're referring to the wheel speed sensors?
  7. Hi Team, My elderly neighbour came around the other day asking for some help on his 2002 525i E39. Hes got a yellow ABS light, Traction Control Triangle (ASC) and a check engine light on. He tells me that the ABS light goes off after ~30 minutes of driving. I gave it a scan on INPA and it looks like his car has a vacuum leak that's causing the CEL. So the CEL is probably a separate issue. However, I'm not sure what's causing the ABS and Traction Control light to come on as I cant connect to the ABS/Traction control module. I was wonder if a faulty ABS module would cause this? I heard failures on the flexible PCB within the ABS unit is quite common. Are they any other tests I can do to diagnose the problem? Thanks, Andrew
  8. I ended up fitting the TRE-340 in tank. It was a bit of a mission since the opening of the fuel tank is very small and the TRE pump was quite bit bigger than the original transfer pump. Took a while to come up with a bracket design that I can get into the fuel tank. After many iterations, I've come up with a bracket design that is able to clamp the pump into the factory fitting. Photo below is is not of the final design - I'll keep that secret for now To power the pump I ran some higher gauge wiring from the external pump to the new in tank pump. The original wiring that powered the transfer pump is too thin and isn't suitable for running 6A. Secondly, I discovered that the original transfer pump is only powered when cranking anyway, so it would never have worked without running the extra wiring. I also replaced the fuel line with a smaller diameter one rated for 50 PSI. To fit it, I turned a custom brass reducer so I can join that to the factory nipple. Definitely took longer that I thought, but happy that its all working good now Feel free to PM me if you're looking to do the same on your e30.
  9. I have done so on my E36 and E46 (very similar design) but I've got access to a shop press and lathe so its not that difficult. I think it'll be very hard to do a good job without the right tools in this case. To press out the old bushing, you'll need something that matches the diameter of the bushing (preferably a tiny bit under). Otherwise *maybe* you could push out the old one with the new one whilst having the lollipop sit on a spacer so it theres room for the old one to come out. It typically takes around 2-3 tonnes for remove.
  10. Hi Team, I'm wanting to fit a car seat into my e46 sedan, but when I went to install it I discovered that there is no mounting point for the isofix top tether. After a bit of goggling, it turns out that there is a mounting point but the brackets are not fitted. https://www.e46fanatics.com/threads/retrofit-isofix-top-tether-anchor-points-diy.975965/ So I was wondering if anyone here has done this retrofit? Where did you get the parts from? Thanks in advance
  11. Hey Lucan - mines a bit of a strange setup because mine is a 89 facelift model and its got the larger 63L tank. But for some odd reason it still uses the old 2 pump system. I think being an S.A built E30, they're a bit odd. I've custom designed and fabricated a bracket to secure the pump and I've got a solution for connecting to the outlet without the reducer. But haven't had got around to changing the fuel line to a smaller diameter - I will see if I can it without dropping the tank. Will take some photos and update once I've made more progress. Hit me up if you need my custom bracket
  12. Recently my E30's been cutting out randomly due to my fuel pumps failing. Despite being a 89' model - my E30 appears to be on the 2 pump setup, with an in-tank pump and an external pump to provide line pressure. I've done a bit of reading on the UK forums, and swapping to a single pump setup seems to be way to go. I've picked up a TRE-340 which is commonly recommended for the job. The plan is to swap the in-tank pump with the new pump and replace the external pump with a bypass. Has anyone done this to their E30? Is it necessary to upgrade the fuel line going from from the in-tank pump to the external pump? What other modifications did you have to do?
  13. Probably doesn't help, but I have a 17 x 8.
  14. I was wondering if you could share how much this costed? I'm interested in getting my 330d tuned as well!
  15. I'll add to this. Here are the problems I found. 1. Big exhaust leak (likely from the turbo) evident by all teh carbon on the left side of engine bay but not crackly sounds (so probably not a cracked manifold?) 2. Battery is low (possibly due to alternator issue) 3. Oil level light came on (Maybe due to battery low) 4. Traction control light and yellow brake light came on (maybe also due to battery low) 5. Waterpump losing water, but doesn't seem to be overheating. 6. Steering wheel very worn. 7. RUCs are behind by around $350 It'll make a great project for someone with the time. But may cost a bit if it needs a new turbo. Good luck to all bidders!
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