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  1. Looking to buy a replacement boot-mounted toolkit or the tools included for my 328. Don’t care about condition. Cheers!
  2. The NZ sun has baked my window and windscreen seals to a brittle mess, also the upper metal trim that runs along the entire drivers side window assembly is rusted to heck. I know all the part numbers so could order new off FCP/ECS/PP but probing to see if there are any local/NZ suppliers of the seals? Thanks in advance
  3. The radiator on my 328i coupe is showing signs of leakage and wear. I know that something to keep a close eye on is the cooling system on these things and with it doing 260xxxkm I though a full refresh is in order. ECS tuning and the like do full refresh kits (OEM or aftermarket) and was wondering if anyone has tried these out or has any recommendations with a way forward. Cheers. https://www.ecstuning.com/b-assembled-by-ecs-parts/cooling-maintenance-kit-level-3/11517527910kt/
  4. Looking for a replacement glove box door (not because of the classic sagging problem; vinyl is coming off and hinges are broken) which would fit my ‘98 E36 Coupe. Would be looking at the upper trim unit (which has the air vents attached) as well if any are around PN: 64228183040
  5. Ah yep. Thanks for picking that up. My bad. Keen for a set of MSport ones. PM’d.
  6. Hi Guys, just thought I’d revive this thread with some more Kerry praise. Sent my E36 MID (8 button) down to him last week and he’s done a great job. Fixed the faded/broken pixels on the screen with a ribbon change. Cost was $115 and $10 for shipping. Great communication with updates and fast turnover A+. PM me for his mobile number.
  7. I actually added these to my watchlist last night... However, I’ve found a style 32 set this afternoon from another user. Thanks anyway! GLWS. Will update when I have them in my possession
  8. 18s are a bit big on the older car. Thanks anyway ??
  9. Thanks but am looking for a full set. Don’t wanna be trapped with only 2...
  10. DRM

    Hoist Wanted!

    Lift. I’ve edited the post. Cheers. Hopefully we find something.
  11. DRM

    Hoist Wanted!

    Hey wonderful Bimmer-people. I’m in search for a hoist (vehicle lift) for use or hire for a half-day to get under the E36 for some much needed maintenance (eng, gearbox, diff oils; coolant flush etc). Any contacts or workshops around Auckland that cater for this? Thanks.
  12. I’ve seen conflicting things about E34 rims fitting an E36 without rubbing... I’ll take any advice though. What are the specs?
  13. Looking for a new/used clock spring for an MTech 2 Wheel. Struggling to find one in stock anymore atm...
  14. A set of genuine 17s would be ideal. Open to other good looking sets for my E36 Coupe.
  15. I was gonna nab them but here you go:
  16. DRM

    WTB: E36 M3 Front Lip

    Thanks mate. I’ll have a hunt but BMW is temptingly convenient.
  17. Second hand or new. Preferably OEM. I’m not trying to make my 328i Coupe an M3 I just like the aesthetic of the front lip that the OEM M3 bumper had. Part Number: 51-11-2-251-767
  18. 1998 328i MSport (facelift) Coupe Looking to restore the old girl and looking for the under-engine plastic belly pan and both L and R brake air ducts. Part Numbers: 51712250643 51718156251 and 51718156252 Had a look at Pelican Parts and ECSTuning for brand new ones but pretty spenny once landed for these hidden parts.
  19. Any curbing marks on the other rims?
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