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  1. Ludo

    E30 Wanted

    Seen that one Sammo, looks great unfortunately out of budget though.
  2. Ludo

    E30 Wanted

    Gotta be something around fellas! Left notes on 7 now but none wanting to sell.
  3. I wouldn't worry about high kms on a diesel caddy either
  4. I had the 2007 Caddy 1. 9tdi, and I honestly couldn't recommend one enough.
  5. Alright lads, New member here based in Christchurch, moved to New Zealand in February. Left Ireland in 2016 then having spent almost 4 years in Sydney, the partner and I got an opportunity to be relocated here! No Beemers yet in the house, currently have the our 2010 TT and my work vehicle, but chasing an E30 for the weekends ?? Lewis
  6. Ludo

    E30 Wanted

    Yeah I get you. Suppose there's two prices really, the asking price and what it eventually sells for aswell.
  7. Ludo

    E30 Wanted

    Wouldn't be white by anychance would it? Currently way over budget though. The prices are all over the place for these lol seen a worked coupe in August go for like 10.5k and now auto sedan 318s are asking mad money lol
  8. I've had a heap of Hondas in the last ten years, used to run an Irish owners club back in the day lol mix of dc2rs, ep3s, turbo EP2 lol A friend had a white kswapped dc2r with a rotrex pushing 380bhp, when that thing got traction absolutely nothing would sit with it. Think I may have a video off it somewhere... All my Honda fandom went out the window once I discovered RWD cars lol
  9. My EK I built back home, with a DC5 Type R K20a motor and box. Went like a scalded cat. 250bhp and weighed around a ton. K20 swapped cars didn't really have a big price tag in Ireland 6 years or so ago. Ended up breaking it for parts instead of selling it. But if I had 3 wishes, 1 would be for a drive in it again. I daily'd this thing for a year by the way ?
  10. Ludo

    E30 Wanted

    If I knew it was a decent example I wouldn't mind where it is, it's just the hassle of flying to Auckland to view something that turns out to be rotten or something you know? Or if it was to break down on the drive to Christchurch. Maybe I can post on this forum to see if anybody knows of the cars and if its worth travelling too see. ??
  11. The 1.9 tdi caddys are a cracking van. Runs on the sniff off an oily rag, low maintenance, decent room and comfort in the front.
  12. Ludo

    E30 Wanted

    That's the one. Got my heart set on a coupe, and somthing closer to home aswell.
  13. Ludo

    E30 Wanted

    Seen a cheap sedan on that page yesterday in Auckland for 1500 bucks or so! Needed work but cheap all the same! Got a newer vehicle also, so in no rush. Just after a weekend toy I can fiddle at on my days off
  14. Ludo

    E30 Wanted

    Cheers for the reply Sammo! Yeah I have asked on the owners pages, but thought I'd ask here incase any members have one tucked away. I've left a few notes on cars I've spotted around Christchurch, but no luck yet.
  15. Ludo

    E30 Wanted

    Also, what's with the huge price discrepancies between Marketplace and Trademe? Do the trademe vehicles actually sell? I moved here from Ireland in February, so still trying to gauge prices in New Zealand.
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