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  1. Morning all, I am in the Wellington region, and I am looking to find the owner of this car, I am very keen to find out if they are selling it. The car is often in the northland, rigi area. the car has no registration or WoF I have checked with the council but the car has not been taken.
  2. Hey BMW friends, does anyone have a bmw water bottle they are not using.
  3. Hey all, sorry for for my second request, I am wondering if anyone has a leather Shelly bmw dealer keyring they are selling?
  4. https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-4671905391.htm
  5. They really are. Amazing cars to drive.
  6. Can you please send me some pictures of them. Thank you.
  7. Antony here, new to the forum, not to BMW. I currently have a 2010 116i. Use to have an E46 323ci, 750il 2002. have always loved them. Have so much bmw merchandise
  8. Hi John is the heritage one available
  9. Hey all, does anyone have an original Shelly bmw keyring. I’m looking for one.
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