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  1. Hi, i've recently purchased a set of these rims, and was wondering on what type of tires I'd be wanting to put them on. Could anyone give me some advise on preferably what brand or type of tires i'd want to put them on? A set of tires that are priced well for it's performance. Thanks
  2. Third Party only carries no agreed value, it sounds like you have Third Party Fire and Theft, in which the agreed value would only be applicable in the event of a fire or a theft. From what you've mention Kyu, the payout by AA Insurance would only be at market value.
  3. Oh interesting to know, might have to do some research on that myself then. Thanks for clearing it up
  4. You would probably have to order it from the dealership, the transponder in the key is tied to the car. Not sure how much they are for the 1 series, but for an E46 I think it was around $450, that's with the locking remote. If you wanted a spare key just to be able to start the car, get a quote for a valet key, it will open the door and start the engine, but it won't lock / unlock the boot or glove box, and also doesn't have the remote features. When I got a valet key for my car (E46) it was $180, ordered via Team McMillan. I am be possibly wrong in regards with info for your car, but maybe some of the other members may be able to shed some light on this.
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