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Found 20 results

  1. Hey guys, looking to Start partIng out an e34 and just wanting to see if anyone can confirm what style wheels these are. They are BBS 17x8 and 17x9.
  2. In need of 4 34 hole 16 inch bbs rs barrels anything considered!
  3. Very rare set of wheels, originally an option for e31 8 series. Front 8Jx17H2 IS10 Rear 9Jx17H2 IS19 Mad lip Will polish up nicely once rattle can paint has been stripped (P.O.) Centres absent. Small inconsequential hairline crack welded for piece of mind, spun by local tyre shop who can provide report for buyer. Happy to ship at buyers risk/expense. I can’t stress how unusual these wheels are, looking to simply recover costs. Wife says too many wheels....... asking $1200
  4. I’ve got two sets of BBS RC wheels, 090 (style 5s) and 304. The 090’s have minimal curbing and the plan is to polish the lips, clean the centres (paint if needed), tidy the hardware (probably plate them) and eventually BBS RS style centre caps. However I’m not sure what tool(s) I’ll need to remove the bolts. I’m also assuming they can be reused. The 304’s on the other hand have been rattle can’d black by the PO to hide a fair amount of curbing. Finish wise I was thinking paint strip and repaint in another colour and get some new BBS centre caps (rather than mangled BMW badges like they currently have). The curbing will need to be addressed, what’s the best procedure for this? Pay someone (e.g. wheel magician), bog them, special wheel repair stuff(?) or get a mate to weld them and then file it down. I’ll post some pictures tonight.
  5. Cheap as chips, tyres not bad. https://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=1517857102&ed=true
  6. M M

    15x7 Style 5s 5x120

    15x7 Style 5 wheels 5x120. Set of four. All in good condition. Only three center caps. $250. Pickup from Panmure or Papakura.
  7. Hey guys. I've found another project car, so up for sale is my beautiful E39 540i Msport on genuine BBS wheels. This car has an amazing history of maintenance and receipts totalling $25k+ Car has done 188,000kms, this will go up as its my daily. Major things that have been replaced/repaired are: - The tiptronic trans has been rebuilt - $5k receipt - Cooling system has been replaced - $2k receipt ** Timing chain tensioner has been replaced - this is an important one, not many E39's for sale out there that have had this taken care of. - Belts have been done within the past couple of years. It's very tidy inside and out and drives beautifully. The leather is in great condition. Has the factory head unit but has had after market speakers, amp and sub installed, sounds very good. All windows work, sunroof works perfectly and the rear pop up blind works great too. A previous owner has installed an oil catch can and deleted the rear muffler, the car sounds lovely with a few pops and crackles on decel, but not obnoxious. Things that I would look into if I were to keep the car are: - Very slow oil leak - I think this is coming from around where the oil catch can has been installed, if not it's probably a seal. The amount of oil is very little. 3.9k ONO. Test drives are welcome and encouraged. Car is located in Glenfield. --- Note: car will come on BBS wheels in the first image. Cheers.
  8. Hey guys, Currently selling my 2007 335i. Listed at $22,999 Located on North Shore, Auckland. http://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-1374424090.htm Cheers, Julian
  9. I've got a set of BBS CHR's and currently they're in black with slight curbing rash and basically I'm after getting that fixed aswel as getting them made silver and I was wanting to know where you guys would recommend getting this done and what method you would go of painting them. The black ones are what I have currently, and the other is what I want them to look like and I'm happy to take them anywhere between Taupo and Auckland
  10. Sooooo, lucked into a set of Pitlane's for my e28 only to find the following: existing nuts are too short, and, the cavity where the head of the wrench would go in to tighten nuts is too narrow to accomodate the wrench.......... such a noob. cheers!
  11. Hi guys, I remember reading about one of the members on here offering a service doing some amazing work refurbishing tired rims. Cant find the thread, though. help!
  12. Have an unfinished project i could be interested in a trade for: -m20b25 e30 coupe or convertible - interested in e36 coupe too (must be 6cyl manual ) This e30 is tidy inside and out. Would sell both wheels and e30 separately, however would consider a deal for the lot for a tidy example of the above^^ The e30 has no wof or reg. Automatic and runs. Has some nice msport parts too (s wheel & boot lip) Car doesn't get used and shits in the shed. Have done the rocker cover gasket and also replaced with new spark plugs since I've owned it. Has an amazing sound system and clean interior, with sunroof too. The BBs rs are genuine, not some cheap reps. Have taken some time to build these. they are 16x8.5 and 16x9.5 look so good under the guards. 4x108 but are flat backed so came be re drilled to any pcd. Located in Pukekohe/Auckland $5.7k ono for e30 $3.3k ono for wheels, can through in some 2nd hand tyres for them too. 205/45/16 txt 0211884308 for a faster reply.
  13. new parts car just in today at BM WORLD LTD 89 E30 318i M40 5spd manual leather recaro seats really nice sweet sounding M40B18 engine leather recaro seats bumpers dash mat 5spd manual kit 3 good doors guards lights diff 2 15" alloys 4 tyres boot spoiler email directly please brent@bmworld.co.nz 021433600
  14. Hi, i've recently purchased a set of these rims, and was wondering on what type of tires I'd be wanting to put them on. Could anyone give me some advise on preferably what brand or type of tires i'd want to put them on? A set of tires that are priced well for it's performance. Thanks
  15. Want to buy 18"/19" inch wheels 5x120 Wanting something bigger than 8" wide After 3 Piece BBS/Rotiform/Work/AC etc or something really nice 1 or 2 piece To fit e24/e28 so preferably needs to be less than 20p Cheers!
  16. Happy new year everybody. Have a set of 5 of the wheels, 6 centre caps and 4 Potenza RE002 225/50R16s that are about 2/3rd worn. The wheels are ET20 and were OE on E39s, but I have been running them comfortably for the last couple of years on my E28 with hub spacers. The paint on a couple the wheels is damaged where some idiot prior to me was running external wheel weights (who does this?) and one is curbed. Can't vouch for their straightness, but it was good enough for my application. Understand the caps fit a couple of different BBS wheels. Happy to look at selling a set, just tyres, just caps, just wheels or whatever. All reasonable offers considered. Having just re read the forum selling protocol, I'll add that indicatively I'd be happy with $200 for the tyres and $200 for the wheels.
  17. Happy new year everybody. Finally, after a year of patiently waiting for me wife to OK the budget, I have been able to buy rubber for the BBS RN I have had sitting in the garage and put them on our E28 :-) To finish the job off I need to fit centre caps. As is apparantly normal, all four stock BBS centre caps that came with the wheels have broken clips and are in various stages of edge delamination as one would expect from 90s vintage plastic. After doing a bit of research it appears I may have 4 options: 1) glue in the existing caps with something like urethane... after all the rest of the car is hardly perfect 2) buy BMW 70mm emblem stickers (PN 36136758569?), replace BBS logos, glue in 3) buy replacement new BBS 09.24.258 caps 4) buy new BMW caps that fit (not sure these exist, PN?) I'd love opinions from the crowd on which option and whether I can get these in NZ or should order in from somewhere offshore please. Cheers.
  18. Recently became the proud new owner of a particular brilliantrot e30 e318is (+turbo). When I bought it, the diff was making noise, the clutch was (and still is) slipping due to a cheap replacement, the short shift lever was grinding on the driveshaft and it failed a warrant due to the missing highbeam. I've since fixed (or had fixed) all but the clutch and just on the hunt for a decent road clutch that'll take the power it's putting out. I believe the motor was done by Kayne Barrie (or one of his apprentices) in '03 and has been through a few owners in and around Auckland. Here for the knowledge and the know-how that graces these forums and hopefully attend a few meets. Sorry for the shitty quality I-phone photos.
  19. As per the title I'm after a bootlip / mtech spoiler for my '90 e30 318is and a set of genuine or replica 16 or 17in bbs rs wheels with a 4x100 pattern to fit the same car. Will pay cash but can do trades for wheels too.I'm in Auckland but happy to pay shipping. W.H.Y?
  20. Another painful exercise... Up for sale are the set of BBS RS 003's I custom built. Literally took me years to research, source and build these so someone is going to get a really, really sweet set of rims here! I split the rims myself however they were professionally repaired, re-painted in BMW Alpine White and put back together by the team at Elite Wheels here in Christchurch. Here is the build thread for those interested: http://bimmersport.co.nz/topic/28571-need-your-help/page-8 Trade Me Link: http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=667104771 $3,995 Not really negotiable on price at this stage as I'm sure someone overseas would snag these if I can't sell here... Such a rare set and I've already covered all the expenses, just waiting for someone to grab em and chuck them on their car!
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