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  1. Thanks for the info mate appreciate it
  2. Hey mate, been looking for this thread, I’m wanting to change the paddles on my 07 LCI to left for downshift and right for up, did you take the wheel off to do it? Did you have any more in sight please? wondering if it’s a job I could tackle myself (bare in mind only know the basics) thanks
  3. Has anyone ever used Fuchs oils before? Any good? Looking to change my diff oil and it is half the price of the Castrol syntrax 75w90
  4. Hey everyone. I’ve got the LCI 130 n52k, with the plastic valve cover, getting the rocker cover gasket replaced I’m just wondering if anyone can tell me if I have the steel bolts or the aluminium bolts that will need replacing? Cheers
  5. Hi everyone, Selling my 208 wheels if anybody is keen as I’ve just put some 461s on my 130 They are in alright condition they have a little kerb rash as pictured but are tidy for the money After $300 Located in Queenstown, happy to post at buyers expense
  6. Hey, I’m having an issue with my 130i, the audio cuts out intermittently when using radio and aux, sometimes it doesn’t do it at all and then other days it does it heaps. It’s a 2007 ccc idrive, I’ve read it could be the mulf but I don’t have Bluetooth and I’m not to technically savvy to be honest. Has anyone had this issue with their 130 and found a fix? Cheers
  7. Hi. Does anyone know of someone in the Queenstown or Southland area that can expand my fm radio frequency from Japanese to NZ? Just bought a 130i that only goes upto 90, It seems the closest place according to google is chch. Cheers
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