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Found 4 results

  1. jeffbebe

    1991 E31 850i

    My new weekender and project. A pretty good starting point... Far better than I hoped for on my modest budget but I got lucky with a vendor desperate to sell before moving overseas. First thing that has to go are those ugly ass 80s exhaust tips, then a few cosmetics (msport bumpers, missing wheel cap, kerbing, etc) and some maintenance... Will start a project log soon. EDIT: Forgot to mention... For some bizarre reason it also has a towbar fitting. F*ck knows why you'd put a tow bar on one of these but someone did... And it I don't plan to keep it.
  2. Right... New project, new thread. So I've picked up a 1991 E31 850i with 83K miles (approx. 134K kms) on the clock. Overall it's in above average condition. It was originally Brilliant Red but the PO had it resprayed Sapphire Black. It sits on 18" staggered M-pars. This is it on the day of purchase: I've got a lot of plans for this car which I'll try and summarise below but the ultimate goal is to completely restore it (including the original colour), upgrade to Msport body kit and convert to S62B50 with manual trans. Short term (0-6 months): Replace the foul 80s tips and overhaul the exhaust system (replacing with RS4 mufflers and resonator, high flow cats and M3 tips) Lower it by 2-3cms at the front and 1-2 at the rear Fit the correct size rear tyres (PO scrimped for sale and put a pair of Champiro 235/35/18s on there instead of 265/40s) Wheel alignment Any required maintenance (suspension, trans service, etc) Remove oversized sub and aftermarket head unit and replace with OE period head unit (and possibly wire in media link for iPod or similar Design and fabricate some cup holders for the centre console tray (essential for weekend driving - gotta have somewhere to put my glass of bubbles while cruising!) Repair headlining (it's not too bad, just a couple of loose bits so hopefully doesn't require replacing) Replace dead console bulbs (so I can actually see the buttons at night) Replace any broken/missing trim, emblems, etc Mid term (6 months - 2 years): Source genuine M-sport front bumper spoiler, rear diffuser and wing mirrors, fit and paint Either retrim leather in Lotus white or source original seat skins and door card leather for resto project (desired interior pic below) Steering wheel retrim Tints - not too dark this time, don't want it to look like an RX7 Dinan gearbox chip Sort a/c prior to summer Refurbish wheels (they're in pretty good shape, just some minor kerbing) Long term (2 years+) S62 and manual conversion Full repaint (back to original colour, see pic below) Target interior: Target exterior: Target gear box: Target power plant:
  3. Inherited some NOS filters. I can use the air filters but not the oil filters, so they're for sale. Perfect if you want genuine West German parts. 11421256402 x2 Fits older M30s (e12, e23, etc) $20 each or $15 each for both ($30) 11421731635 Fits e32 750i(L) Includes washers and O-ring $20
  4. So the 850i from 1989-1994 came with the 5L M70 V12 and a 4 speed ZF 4hp24 gearbox apart from a few rare 6 speed manuals. BMW produced only a very few 850ci's (in fact there were less of these than the coveted 850CSi) from 1994-1997 with the 5.4L M73 engine and a 5 speed tiptronic ZF 5hp30 (and even rarer six speed manual). While a manual conversion is very appealing it's also bloody expensive and I think a GT car really should be an auto. My 4 speed with 3.64 LSD and Wokke chips is great but I can't help thinking how much better (and faster) it would be with the 5 speed tiptronic box which are far easier and cheaper to find than a manual six speed for a V12. Fitment would be no problem but the issue - I anticipate - is going to be communication with the rest of the car since the M70 DMEs and 4hp24 EGS are non-CANBUS but the 5hp30 EGS is CANBUS. Can't find any examples of this being done online so I'm guessing it's not that easy. So my questions are: Any ideas how you could translate DME data to the EGS from an analogue signal (or whatever it is) to CANBUS, and vice versa? Could you run a parallel but independent controller for the transmission? (or would that mean you lose things like cruise control, etc) Would it ultimately be easier (albeit time consuming and expensive) to swap a complete M73 and gearbox?
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