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Ok so its got a few ks (143k) , a blacked out luxury line but with some high specs

Not my taste but seen it done before

If this is the market think I'll keep mine despite lack of use

Is fuel consumption becoming an issue re price of cars?


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 I think all cars that aren't considered practical are suffering at the moment. We are still seeing some good movement on new cars where I work but its a different market compared to a 435i. 

That one you have linked is a pretty poor ad so not surprised it hasn't shifted

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This NZ new one is nice with lower millage, has had 6k knocked off the price. I think I would look here for a representation as to a good one is worth. 


As Gareth touched on, cars are not selling, and especially sports cars, it seems people are buying on quantity vs performance. 

Also, who is the demographic for the "personal luxury sports segment" that the 4 series falls into?


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