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  1. He could have supplied less information and want more money - exhibit a
  2. Listing now states 187000...
  3. This has been listed at the same price prior to summer.
  4. It does too! Must wear my glasses more often...
  5. Ok. What I was getting at was it has the standard looking BMW black and silver engine covers. No 'M Power', "there might be a s52 under here" type indicator.
  6. Looks like a m54 in the picture though...
  7. I think there is a limit to car security - you want to make it unappealing/hard for the average car thief. But if the thief knows what they're doing or has a car trailer I don't think hundreds of dollars worth of security is going to help. Same with a tracker - are the police actually going to follow this in a timely manner? I've heard lots of stories of people trying to recover goods themselves which could get you in a whole lot of trouble...
  8. High K's might put people off that M325...
  9. 3 in three months?
  10. Lot of speculators wanting silly money for their sedans - 25-40K... Could be very wrong but thought the coupe was the desirable option people were (previously) willing to spend the big bucks on. Only saw this today: Someone call m539
  11. M5 Low/Mid 20's is my guess...
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