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  1. MD13

    Quick rant thread.

    Found it for $40US shipping on ECS. Thanks though Harper.
  2. MD13

    Quick rant thread.

    US shipping costs... Wanted a zhp shift knob. Price $100 US. Cost of shipping $200 US...
  3. ^ I live just around the corner. Had to do a double take when driving past yesterday afternoon 🙂
  4. MD13

    Too low

    Got the cluster repaired and re-installed it this afternoon. I've been driving it on occasion with the donor cluster and was worried the mileage would be off at next WOF but it seems to have autocorrected 🙂 Only off thing is it appears to think it's -20C outside. Hopefully that comes right with some driving also. Recommend Robinson's Instruments in Onehunga.
  5. Finally got my e39 cluster repaired. Little bit of a mission... My auto electrician said they don't do that sort of thing and recommended ASCO Instruments in Manukau. But I called them and spoke to Jun and he didn't want to know. Stated if it was broken there was no way to fix it and I would need to buy a new cluster and have it coded. His reasoning was all the plastics would be brittle and trying to take it apart would just break it more... So I called Bellar's and got Kevin's wife(?). She said try google. Eventually found Robinson's Instruments in Onehunga. Paul on the phone wasn't sure they could repair it but at least was willing to look. I dropped it off and two weeks later job was done. Installed it today and am happy with the result.
  6. MD13

    Forum History

    I found this site while searching for e30 info about 20 years ago - pretty sure I bought an e30 door from Driftit. Some great build threads at the time... Tony (I think?) merging an e30 and an e46. Red with flared arches. A 4 door e30 with a super charger - think it was a sc14? Was a guy ( Crunchy?) with a boasted e34 Hybrid's lovely e30 with a S52 swap.
  7. MD13

    Too low

    3rd failed attempt at this cluster repair. Time to give up and pay a professional 😞 Recommendations for an expert? I would prefer Auckland if possible.
  8. Thread necro... Is Kerry still around or someone similar in Auckland? e39 cluster repair required...
  9. What transmission fluid can I use for my manual e39? I don't see anything other than atf...
  10. Gotta love the marketing 🙂 335
  11. Very sad 😪 Hopefully some nice person restores it!
  12. e46 m3 Interesting from a market value perspective.
  13. Wow! At least that FB coupe has a manual gearbox... Unsure where these people are finding their price tags.
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