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The Bimmersport Dyno Thread

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40 minutes ago, Z3bra said:

Hi, yep, there's Prestige Motorsport in Seaview, that's where I got mine done.

Cheers mate, I'll give them a ring and see if the price is reasonable.

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Small update:

Went back to the Dyno last week with a new tune.

I am now using MHD+ Multi Map, as having just one full send map isn't that useful, especially this time of the year. 


Map 1: 16psi made 427whp and 577nm (This map is all I need on the street).

Map 2: 21psi made 476whp and 663nm 

Map 3: 26psi Made 565whp and 863nm.


You can however see quite a nasty dip up top especially on the high power map.  (that map was actually 560whp and 808nm).

This is likely a vanos tuning issue, my tuner has sent another revision, but also a result of timing corrections. 

I flash my old tune, which is the grey line on the dyno sheet, however the power still dropped off and has a dangerous amount of torque down low (Bendy Rod zone). 


The car pulled a bit of timing up top which robbed power, the ramp rate on the dyno was 2x more than doing a 4th gear street pull and the load was set to heavy on the Dynapack. 

The timing corrections are a lot better on the street. 





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On 6/27/2024 at 5:24 PM, darren_mk said:

Nice work, How easy is it to change maps?

All I do is hold volume down and channel down buttons on steering wheel for a second and then select map with volume up and down, it's instant, rpm needle changes position so you know which map you selected.

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