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  1. For sale. My 335i, that has had the following: VRSF Inlet Pipe VRSF Down Pipe 5 inch intercooler Alloy Charge Pipe Hybrid Turbo charger Custom tuned by Twisted Tuning for NPD100+ Fuel (BP 98 is also ok). Coils and 1 Step Colder plugs Valve Cover and Gasket High Pressure Fuel Pump 2 years ago. Transmission and Diff serviced. Has run 11.988 1/4 Mile at 119mph (At a Drag Strip with Timeslip) Video of it running 11.988 1/4 mile. https://youtu.be/5_1FZIZZT8k?t=139 I have owned this car for almost 3 years and have had no serious issues, servicing is up to date. Its been a very good vehicle over the 3 years I have owned it. I have no use for this car anymore as I have moved into a 135i with N54 engine which I have made stupid fast, this car is pretty fast though, but I got an F20 116i as a economical alternative for a daily driver. That said this car can easily average 7.4L/100k on a road trip.
  2. 500whp + , limited by fuel system at this point
  3. Yeah, stock downpipes on those Stage 1 runs, only mod was charge pipe at the time.
  4. As I am a geek, I did some dragy runs and virtual dynos with my 2008 135i when I purchased it. Firstly with stock ECU Map it ran 13.4 1/4 mile. With Stage 1 it ran 12.93 1/4 mile. With Stage 1+ it ran 12.75 1/4 mile. So this gives you an idea of the difference Stock to stage 1 and stage 1+ makes on these cars. I didn't run stage 2 OTS tunes to test, as I went full send and upgraded turbos etc. But to get an idea of some serious power, here is stock vs 17T turbos with inlets etc. Quarter mile not tested officially, its too fast to test without a drag day, but its a lot faster than my 11 second 335i.
  5. Nice cars, I have several friends with these M135i's. One has a Pure Stage 2 turbo, another a TTE550 turbo and the last one stock turbo. These ones are crazy fast. The stock turbo one still ran 12.14 1/4 mile, pretty decent with the EWG turbo these cars.
  6. Yeah, its a lot of fun. Its currently awaiting LCI tail lights and Ferodo DS2500 Brake Pads.
  7. Yeah this platform is awesome value
  8. Yeah, this car goes rather well, its up for sale now as I've moved on to my even faster 135i build. Dragy is an APP but it also uses a hardware device to function.
  9. Thanks bud, its also up for sale
  10. Here is my totally stock looking BMW 335i , with the N55 engine. Video of it running 11.988 1/4 mile, time slip in pics. https://youtu.be/5_1FZIZZT8k?t=139 Mods: VRSF Downpipe, intercooler, hybrid turbo, custom tune.
  11. charles28

    2008 BMW 135i

    Its been a long time since I posted on here. My BMW 135i with 17T Turbos I posted some vids in the video section. Mods: VRSF Downpipes VRSF Inlets VIV 17T 11 Blade Turbos Walbro 450 LPFP Snow Performance Water Meth 5 inch Intercooler
  12. Not logged in for a while, but have a modded 135i with some vids to share. Vs B58 Supra stage 2 tuned on e30 ethanol mix https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OOyhD5VhMUU Vs R32 GTR Skyline https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=24jSVcYPyUg Vs JDM and a 335i https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H5WgWnqrNe4
  13. hmm guy I talk to with a 135i has a pen mark too, just on one side. so seems like it might be a normal thing.
  14. A friend just had a PPI done on this car and they mentioned these marks on the left and right chassis rails. Are these normal factory markings? My identical model car doesn't seem to have them, but its also black rather than white and would be hard to see.
  15. I reckon try a 2009 ish Audi S3, will be similar to what you're used to in a much more refined package. Mmm whoops this is bimmersport not vask.org.nz ummmm 335i
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