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  1. All I do is hold volume down and channel down buttons on steering wheel for a second and then select map with volume up and down, it's instant, rpm needle changes position so you know which map you selected.
  2. Very nice, I think they are about the best M car ever made.
  3. Small update: Went back to the Dyno last week with a new tune. I am now using MHD+ Multi Map, as having just one full send map isn't that useful, especially this time of the year. Map 1: 16psi made 427whp and 577nm (This map is all I need on the street). Map 2: 21psi made 476whp and 663nm Map 3: 26psi Made 565whp and 863nm. You can however see quite a nasty dip up top especially on the high power map. (that map was actually 560whp and 808nm). This is likely a vanos tuning issue, my tuner has sent another revision, but also a result of timing corrections. I flash my old tune, which is the grey line on the dyno sheet, however the power still dropped off and has a dangerous amount of torque down low (Bendy Rod zone). The car pulled a bit of timing up top which robbed power, the ramp rate on the dyno was 2x more than doing a 4th gear street pull and the load was set to heavy on the Dynapack. The timing corrections are a lot better on the street.
  4. Doesn't sound right at all, my 2008 135i modded with 419wkw (double factory power) averages 12-13L/100km in city traffic. You might want to get it checked at the dealer or euro specialist.
  5. Yeah, its a great wee car the 130i Kiwi Car life fella has just sold it and bought an E46 M3 with dodgy SMG that will get manual swap.
  6. He wasn't that interested in power, as he was meant to be comparing a "stock" 135i to his car lol. Was probably around 420whp still though, got an LSD now which has helped it out.
  7. Thanks, the Apex wheels and Le Mans blue help it stand out a bit.
  8. 130i vs 135i Comparison vid. My car was de-tuned for this vid, at his request
  9. charles28

    N54 HPFP

    the new HPFP was a dud. Appears Marelli HPFP is garbage. Although I suspect the one I got was counterfeit as it looks the same as the aliexpress ones other than a Marelli sticker.
  10. charles28

    N54 HPFP

    My HPFP was getting dodgy, error codes and rough running from cold, rail pressure drops even at idle now and then. It could however maintain rail pressure at high rpm, but.not aswell as it should have. Yesterday I replaced it with a marelli magneti branded hpfp, I now have the opposite issue. My cold start, idle and cruise rail pressure looks good. However at wide open throttle the pressure crashes over 5000rpm. See log: https://datazap.me/u/charlesb/rail-pressure-crash-map-1?log=0&data=3-4-21-22 Has anyone used this brand before?
  11. Bmw dealer, mate got them at trade for me, still 4500 bucks
  12. Launch control isn't really needed, you can brake boost launch them pretty well and ones with launch control from the factory only let you do a certain amount of launch control launches anyway. Hennie at HSP Tuning in Auckland could probably help you with some things, he comes down to Christchurch sometimes. First thing you need to upgrade is your plastic charge pipe, it'll break even at stock boost.
  13. No conflicts. MHD is for flashing the ECU tune, XHP the TCU tune, Bimmercode doesn't do either of these, its more about coding
  14. Just get the XHP TCU flash and enable launch control with that.
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