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  1. They look great Rod! What tyre size are you going for?
  2. Great write up, well done! Thanks for sharing. How are you enjoying the Xtrons? Do you know if the unit is compatible with the factory HK set up? My E46 Touring has Wide screen Nav and Harman Kardon but i read in a few places that some of these new units don't work with the factory HK setup.
  3. What a thread, and well done for sticking with it and getting it all sorted! Like you say the cost will get absorbed by your enjoyment over the next few years. Enjoy your hard work!
  4. Great work, love the attention to detail! Looking forward to seeing what unit you go for.
  5. Bump - Would anyone have any of these mats? Cheers
  6. Hi all, Would anyone have a set, or just a drivers mat to fit a BMW E30, like the ones shown below? They are original equipment mats, like a rope / wicker / rough material. I would consider any colour. Thanks
  7. Good work, what sort of power are you hoping for? Was it fueling issues that affected the turbos?
  8. Nice work, car looks great. Enjoy all your hard work! PS - I'd be trying a different tyre size to sort out the rubbing.
  9. Hi Neil, so the NZ new M325i only had the ‘standard’ G260? I can remember the difference in the ‘boxes was quite noticeable when driving.
  10. What is everyone's opinion on the differences between a UK 325i Sport and a NZ new M325i? I am from the UK and assumed the Sport was essentially the same as a NZ M325i - just a name difference? and as stated the best way to tell is a black headliner.
  11. Hi all, I am looking for a M20 engine rocker cover to display on my garage wall. Anyone have any going cheap in and around Christchurch? Cheers
  12. Bump- Anyone got any rear seats for sale? Cheers
  13. Thanks for the offer Jon, I will see what else is available before i go down that route as its the complete seat that i really need. Cheers
  14. Hi, I am after a set of E30 Rear seats (backrest & bench) for a coupe, but will consider from a 4 door, in the facelift silver cloth. So 1988 onwards. Must be in good condition. Thanks
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